Chapter notes: When I wrote Double Take it was my first fanfic, I really had no idea what I was doing, not that I know what I'm doing now, but I've had a little more experience since then. When I look back I have so many regrets about the story, even though a lot of people enjoyed it. I'm really doing this for me, I have wanted to rewrite it for a long time, but I'm hoping people will read and like it a lot more than the first version. I don't have beta, so there will probably be spelling mistakes somewhere.

Basically it's the same plot, I am just changing everything else, I feel like I made a lot of mistakes with how I wrote out Bella and the concept was poorly executed. This Bella is completely different, as are the situations and dialogue. Let's just say that this Bella isn't as nice and forgiving :). Reviews would be great.

I would love it if you would send me your worst memories from school or even the best pranks you ever played on people. They could even end up in the story :)

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Growing up in a small town can be beneficial, being away from the hustle and bustle of big city living, knowing every person in the town and having that close neighborly bond. The schools aren't as cramped, the crime usually consists of drunkenly domestic squabbles over undercooked spaghetti seeing as though serial killers usually refrain from hitting up towns that consist of only 3500 people, and more importantly you get away from the disgusting smog that can hover over the city. Everyone dreams of living in the nice two-story house with the cute little white picket fence, being besties with the people on your block, having the cashier at the local market know you by name. It sounds just peachy keen, the absolute American fucking dream.

Personally, I think people who believe in those last comments have been sucked into an episode of the Cosby Show or Full House. They are delusional and obviously have no concept of the real world, and I'm not talking about the show where they put a few strangers together for a couple months, filming them while they gather STDs and drink their body weight in shots of tequila, although that pretty much represents high school perfectly. If anything growing up in a small town is the worst mistake anyone can make, it's a horrible experience than can haunt a person for years.

Maybe I'm overreacting, I know that I am, but then again if people had to endure all of the crap that I went through they would feel the same way, or at least be able to sympathize. I can't understand why television and film continue to misinterpret reality, especially with schooling. There is no Zac Efron, people don't start singing uplifting songs during lunch about coming together, and everything isn't all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to class. Fucking High School Musical.

A the end of the day the nerdy frizzy haired girl doesn't get the most popular guy in school who also happens to be the star quarterback, hell she doesn't get any guy, unless you count the occasional jackass who fakes flirtation in exchange for English notes. She is treated like shit for having a brain, for wanting to get decent grades and make her parents proud, innocence is not always a good thing. Somehow it became alright to make fun and push around the sensitive girl, the weak one who is too terrified to fight back and speak freely.

I'm not that girl anymore.

"Bella," there was a knock at my door, my mother's head peeking through as she opened it slightly. "Are you ready? We are just about to head to the airport."

The pain was dripping off of each word she spoke, causing the guilt to rise within me even more, I don't know why I even felt that way. I was doing this for her, her and Phil. I wanted my mom to be able to spend that well needed time that newly married couples get, except those couples usually don't have to deal with a seventeen year old girl being in the way. She deserved this after choosing me all of those times before, this was her chance to be happy.

"Yeah, did Phil work out all of the delivery complications?"

"It should be there within the next day or two, all your stuff will be fine, I just feel bad for the men who have to lug around all of those damn books you own," she smiled sadly. "I hope we don't get sued for any back problems that might occur."

"A part of you hopes that happens though, I would have to fly back here and be present for the court date, giving you an opportunity for me to visit," I bit my lip, leaving my crazy mother would be difficult. "I'm going to miss you."

"I'll miss you too, sweetheart," she nodded. "Do you think it's too late to shove a few barbells in the boxes?"

I laughed, walking over to her and throwing my arms around her neck. We had been exchanging many hugs this past week, I've been burning the memories into my mind, remembering these moments. How comforting it feels to have her arms wrapped around me, the way she cries when someone gets voted off of American Idol, her terrified shrieks when I catch her in the kitchen at one in the morning eating leftover chocolate cake, the deep belly laugh that comes out when she sees me fall on my ass, and the mixed scent of vanilla and raspberries that floats behind her when she walks into a room.

"You can still change your mind, it's not too late," she sighed into my hair, squeezing my body closer to her.

"Sorry to say, but I'm set on the decision," I pulled away with a smile. "I'll definitely miss you, I just think it's the right thing for me to do right now, gives me a chance to get to know Charlie a little better before going off to college."

"I know, I know," she picked up my carry-on bag. "We went through the pros and cons a thousand times, but a mother can have hope."

"We should get going," I nodded, she looked at me for a brief moment, before turning on her heels and walking out the door silently. I followed behind, biting back the sigh that wanted to escape. I hope I wasn't making a mistake with this decision.

The ride to the airport was silent, I could barely breathe with all of the tension lingering around the car. Renee couldn't even look in my direction, every so often her shoulders would shake as she sobbed silently. Phil would give me a small smile when our eyes met in the mirror, I would miss him too. He was a great guy, the best thing to happen to my mother, and the only father figure I really had since Charlie and I spoke rarely. We had been financially unstable for so long, he came in with a big heart and buckets filled with money, mom is constantly saying that it was fate. Not that she is in it for the money, they truly loved each other, and he truly loved to spoil us.

When we got to the airport, I almost just told them to turn around, but I couldn't back out of this. Phil and my mom needed to spend time together without a child getting in the way, she would thank me for this later, unless he kills me first, but I had to push that thought out of my head. He was a big con on the list of reasons why I shouldn't move back to Forks, along with his little cronies. It's pathetic that I still think about that, some stupid inner grudge, but they did wreck my childhood.

Mom held me until the man taking the tickets literally had to pry her off because I was holding up the flight. I stayed strong for her, throwing them one last smile, hoping that it came off reassuring, before boarding the plane. I didn't want the last image of my time in California to be of her crying, but the choice was made and I was sticking to it. I would have a good two hour flight to deal with any confusion I had.

"If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it. Oh, oh, oh…"

I continued palming my now sore eyes, attempting to release some of the pain that my ears had been forced through within the past hour, which felt more like twenty long bone crushing hours. It wasn't fucking helping.

The plastic girl, as I had dubbed her, kept mumbling off the lyrics to the song blaring out of her bright pink iPod, which happened to be that god damn Beyoncé song. I glanced to my left, almost snorting at the sight. Her eyes were shut tightly, probably concentrating on the extremely difficult words that Single Ladies had to offer. Riveting lyrics, really, they move me. As she approached the chorus, her left hand began to twitch, while the right pointed at her ring finger.

I groaned into my seat, peeking down at my watch, willing the hands of the clock to move faster. I guess it could have been worse, the girl could still be on her thirty straight minutes of Lady Gaga songs. I had to bite my lip the entire time, to keep from p-p-p-poking my eyes out.

Why couldn't I be put next to a Morrison fan, or even Nirvana? Hell, I would take that prick Kanye West over the bubble gum shit she was singing.

My musical preferences needed to exit my mind frame, there were more important issues that had to be dealt with; Moving for starters. In the next hour the plane would descend, leaving me in the bitter cold that was Washington. Not just anywhere in the lackluster state, but Forks of all places, a small town forever shielded by gray, keeping the sunny underbelly away from making human contact. So much for getting that tan I've always wanted.

There was a bright side though, my mom would be unbelievably happy having all of that extra free time to spend with Phil instead of taking care of me and I would get to see Charlie, who had been out of my life for such a long time.

I closed my eyes, hoping that sleep would take me away from bad pop songs and my worried thoughts.

10 years ago.

"It turned out perfect Bells, you did a great job," dad smiled down at me, holding the model airplane in his hands. "This will be the best thing at show and tell, the kids will be jealous."

I jumped up and down excitedly, my glasses almost slipping off entirely. "Do you really think so daddy?"

"Of course, who else in your class can say that they built an amazing plane like this? No one."

"I didn't build it dad, you did most of the work!" I rolled my eyes.

"Don't say that Bells, you picked out all of the colors and painted it to look nice. You tell your class that, they will think you are the most creative girl in all of Forks, okay?" he pat the top of my head lovingly.

I smiled wide as he placed it in my hands carefully, the plane looking a lot bigger in my tiny ones compared to his. "I'll do that, and I'm going to tell them that I have the best daddy in all of Forks."

He bent down, placing a kiss on my forehead, "I'm such a lucky man to have you in my life kiddo."

"Ew daddy, you got my head all slobbery," I scrunched my nose up in disgust, rubbing at my forehead.

He laughed, "now run into school, but don't trip and drop that."

"I haven't tripped in four whole days!" I smiled, waving him goodbye and walked into the school building.

I took my seat in the front of the room, placing the plane carefully on my desk, and sitting down with a wide grin. I looked around at all the kids to see what they brought, there were beanie babies, seashells, toy monster trucks, and Barbie dolls. I definitely had the best thing out of all of them, which was exciting.

Edward walked in with the exact same plane as me, but in blue instead of red, my hands balled up into angry fists. This wasn't fair, he was such a stupidhead. I can't stand that boy, him and his dumb friends are always stealing my stuff and pushing me around, dad says it's because they are jealous, I say it's because they are dumb-dumbs.

He sat down in the seat next to me, I don't know why the teacher assigned him there, all his lousy friends were in the back. He put it down on his desk, looking over at me, his eyes moving towards my own plane. "What is that?" he growled.

"A plane," I said quietly, looking at the front of the room, wishing the teacher would come in so that he couldn't bug me.

"You can't bring a plane, that's my thing and you're a girl!"

"Girls can have planes, my dad said so," I nodded.

"Your dad is a butthead," he laughed at his own joke. "Now put the plane away, it's ugly anyway, the paint is all streaky and gross, you did it wrong."

"No it's not," I said quietly, biting my lip to keep the tears brimming in my eyes still.

I looked down at it, it looked perfect, daddy even told me that I did a good job. He never lies to me, he's my best friends, best friends are always supposed to tell the truth, it's a rule. Edward was just being a lame boy, he knew mine looked better than his and that just upset him. I kept my eyes forward while Emmett came over and gave Edward a high-five, he whispered something to him, they both looked over at my plane.

He laughed, "that looks bad!"

"That's what I told her, it's ugly," he smirked at me.

"Just like Frizzy!" he laughed, putting his hand in my curly hair and messing it up. "Frizzy Izzy!"

"Please stop," I put my head down, shielding my face with my hair so he didn't see me cry.

"You are such a baby, no wonder you don't have any friends!" he said loudly, the whole class erupted with cruel laughter.

"Class, please take your seats," the teacher walked in, oblivious to what had just occurred, I quickly wiped the tears out of my eyes. "Time for show and tell!"

The class cheered, raising their hands to go first, I put mine up, hoping that she would pick me. "Let me see, who will I pick," she smiled, looking around. "How about…Edward."

"Yes!" he said, standing up with his plane in hand, he started walking towards the front of the room. Out of nowhere he tripped, bumping into my desk, sending my plane to the floor with a smash.

The tears immediately welled up again, spilling down my cheeks, the plane was in a bunch of pieces on the floor, completely broken. I brought my hands to my face, the teacher came over, placing a hand on my back. "It's okay Isabella, it was just an accident, right Edward?"

I looked up and he nodded, "sorry."

I sniffed, the teacher picked up the pieces, placing them on her desk. When her back was turned to the front of the room I looked over at Edward, he smirked devilishly. It wasn't an accident at all, he did it on purpose.

All too soon I was doing an inner cheer as karaoke Barbie and myself parted ways in the terminal, she was met with a tattooed hairier version of Ken. Love is a beautiful thing, emphasis on the sarcasm.

I walked to baggage claim, hoping the memories that had floated back during sleep would go away. It stirred up old bullshit that was unnecessary. When my bags came around, I carefully reached for them, yanking as hard as I could. I might have to start pumping some serious iron while here, my guns were more like those twenty-five cent squirt guns you can by at Rite Aid.

Sitting down on my suitcase, still out of breath from the natural conflict of man versus luggage, I watched the crowd. Eventually an older man caught my eye, well the eighties pornstache caught my eye, the man just sort of came with the territory. There were only two people it could possibly be, it had to be Charlie, since I didn't think Tom Selleck would be awkwardly strolling around the Port Angeles Airport in a police uniform.

I dragged my two bags behind me as I made my way toward him, running over unsuspecting people as I did so, causing them to mutter profanities at me. They're lucky my hands weren't free or else they would have been greeted with two Californian flipping birds.

I cleared my throat, causing him to turn and look at me for the first time in about five years. His eyes widened as he processed my appearance. I looked different, it was inevitable, that's what happens when something gets older. He seemed more surprised than I expected, but it's not like I could have warned him. Somehow 'Hey dad, so my boobs got huge!' didn't seem like an appropriate topic of conversation to bring up during our rare monthly phone chats.


"Yep," I said, popping the 'p'. It was silent for a few moments, he looked at me as if I was a stranger, making the already awkward moment even more uncomfortable. Take a picture, it will last longer.

"You look different," he finally stated.

"Thank you?"

"You're welcome," he let out a small laugh, running a hand through his hair. "You are probably starving kiddo, why don't we grab some food."

He grabbed my bags easily, show off, and took me back to the police cruiser, which was unbelievably embarrassing. Thank god my mom was sending my car up soon, there was no way I would go to school in this thing. People were bound to gawk already. The drive to Forks was filled with comfortable silence, Charlie wasn't one for talking a lot, but I knew there would be small talk eventually, which I was dreading.

I took a hesitant step into the old diner, grease practically floating in the air, a shower would be necessary in the near future. Overall it wasn't the worst place we could be eating, there was of course that enticing offer of bean burritos at the station, with the complimentary view of officer Dave's ass crack. Yummy. Taking one last gulp of clean air, I walked over to an empty booth, sitting down in the semi clean seat.

Charlie sat down across from me, with a groan. "Getting old?"

"What?" he asked.

"When people get older they tend to groan and grunt when they sit, stand, or do any kind of physical activity," I shrugged.

He laughed, "and here I thought I could pull off telling people that I'm in my late twenties."

"I hope you're joking."

"You don't think it would work?"

"It might work on the visually impaired, I mean the mustache alone is about twenty years old," I smirked, earning a laugh from him.

"You've gotten a lot sassier over the years, is it from watching all of those California celebrities? That Paris Hilton girl?"

"How in the world do you know who she is?"

"I Googled it."

"You learned how to use the computer?" I was shocked.

"Ha Ha, for your information they offered computer classes at the station, something about becoming more high tech," he murmured. "I have actually become quite the technology prodigy."

"Dad, you're almost forty, I think prodigy is really stretching it."

"Details, details."

The waitress came over, I ordered what ever sounded the least likely to poison me, which was hard to find with the fat filled mess of a menu offered. Living on the west coast has changed my eating habits, for the healthier. I couldn't say the same about Charlie though, steak and gravy covered mashed potatoes, it was a heart attack on a plate. It would definitely be necessary to start cooking better meals for dinner.

Once the "food" came, I started taking small bites, watching dad shovel death into his mouth, happily. Forks Hospital better have a good cardiologist on staff.

"You really do look different," he said in the middle of our meal. "Even though you were just as beautiful before."

"Thanks," I rolled my eyes. "That's what happens when you age, did you really expect me to look like I was eleven still?"

"No, but it's just drastic. You aren't wearing glasses anymore, your hair looks shiny, you've, um, filled out some…"

"Oh. My. God. You did not just say that?" I sighed into my hands, my face was probably the shade of a tomato. "That is so embarrassing."

"Hey, it's not easy to say either, as a father I don't know whether to be happy about this or get my gun out to chase away the boys who will be flocking your way when you go to school on Monday," he cleared his throat. "I'm sorry that I embarrassed you Bells, it won't happen again."

"Because running around with a shotgun in your hands won't be at all mortifying," I shook my head. "You don't have to worry about me and guys though, not here."

"Are you a lesb-"

"Don't say it!" I yelled, a little louder than I meant to, everyone was staring at us. "No, I am not and I'm starting to think you should just refrain from talking in public while I'm living with you. I might have to make some kind of a speaking contract."

"Teenaged dramatics at it's finest," he smirked. "Now why is it that I don't have to worry, are you planning on becoming a nun?"

"You sound too enthusiastic over that idea," I pointed out. "If you want to know the truth, the guys around town aren't the kind of people I want to get to know, shit neither are the girls for that matter.

"Watch your language."

"Sorry, I forgot you aren't as open-minded about using colorful language as mom, it won't happen again Charlie," I said, throwing my napkin on my plate, showing him that I was finished.

"What did you say?" he asked quickly.

"Um, bad words are a no-no?" I raised an eyebrow.

"No, not that part. What did you call me?"

"Oh that, would you prefer I call you dad or something?" I asked.

"No," he stood up, throwing money down on the table, and walking towards the door. "Whatever you feel comfortable with is fine."

I bit my lip, following him out to the car and getting in. His hands gripped the steering wheel as he drove, his knuckles almost white. I felt guilty, he seemed hurt that I had called him by his name, but he couldn't have just assumed that I would call him daddy after not seeing him for six years. That would just be fake and ridiculous. We drove in a now uncomfortable silence, I was counting down the seconds until we finally made it home.

It was pitch black out by the time we arrived at the house, the only light was the one on the front porch that barely lit the stairs. I got out, jumping slightly when he slammed his car door a little harder than necessary. I grabbed one of my bags while he grabbed the two suitcases I had brought with me, the rest of my stuff would hopefully be here soon, although I was not looking forward to the whole unpacking process.

I walked into the house, making sure that I didn't trip on the front steps, a trip to the emergency room would not have been great right now. I looked around at the living room, breathing in the familiar scent as I took in my surroundings, noticing quickly that nothing had really changed. "New television?" I asked.

"Yeah, Billy Black told me I wasn't hip unless I got a flat screen," he sighed, walking up the stairs, I followed trying not to let out the frustrated groan that was building up.

He opened the door to my bedroom, I walked in behind him, looking around. He had painted the room a pretty shade of purple, there was now a wooden desk in the corner, and he bought a new purple bedspread with darker violet flower details. I was kind of nervous it would still be the Beauty and the Beast one that I had back then, but what he picked was actually nice. I set my bag down on the floor next to the suitcases, sighing.

"You remember where the bathroom is?" he asked finally looking at me, I nodded. "Alright good, I cleared two drawers in there so you could put any stuff you might need. There are clean towels in the closet down the hall."

"Okay, thank you," I smiled.

"Just want you to be familiar with the house," he shrugged.

"Well yeah, but I meant thank you for everything, for letting me come and stay here," I explained. "And for doing all this to my bedroom, it means a lot to me."

"You better get some sleep, you must be exhausted," he laughed as I instantly yawned at his words. "Exactly. Well, unfortunately I have to work tomorrow, one of the guys at the station went on vacation, no one to cover him. Will you be fine by yourself?"

"Yeah," I nodded. "I'll be unpacking mostly, maybe after you get home you could drive me to the grocery store and a mall to pick up a few things?"

"I'll be getting home pretty late, you could just drive yourself."

"You're going to leave the cruiser here? Is that even legal for me to be driving?" I asked, the last thing I needed was to be caught traveling around town in that.

"Your car got delivered earlier, very flashy." I could hear the disgust in his voice, he wasn't into showy things like mom, Charlie was simple that way. I could also sense a hint of jealously, since he wasn't as financially stable as mom and Phil, that didn't matter to me though. I can't believe I didn't even see my car outside, I made a mental note to buy a new light bulb.

"Yeah, the car wasn't my idea."

"Well, enough distraction, you better get some rest," he nodded, walking towards the door. I had a feeling there was more that he wanted to say, but he gave me one last nod, before shutting the door behind him.

I sighed, before going over to my bag and finding a pair of grey sweatpants and a white tank top. I stripped, slipping into the more comfortable clothing, and throwing my hair into a messy bun. Exhaustion finally took over. I needed all the energy I could muster up if I would shopping tomorrow.

I got into the bed, tossing my new comforter over me, I felt instantly relaxed. I sighed into the pillow, memories of me in this same bed played through my mind, crying myself to sleep every night. I used to be so sensitive, the littlest things would set me off, all I remember from my childhood is being depressed all of the time. I am older now, there was no way I would let anyone take advantage of me, the way I looked at it is I will just get through the next year and half by throwing myself into academics and keep away from all of the annoying teenagers, especially them. That was definitely the plan.

I'm not that girl anymore.

Don't worry, I am in the process of writing my other stories too, I just need a small break from them.