Chapter 1

"Your highness!!!" shouted a guard as he rushed through the doors of the library where he and visitors had assembled together to discuss trading between their countries.

"What is it Captain?" Van asked seeing the distress on his face.

"A pillar your highness has been spotted just outside the city." The captain said causing Van and Allen to look at one another.

"Ready my horse!" Van spoke to his captain as he walked over and grabbed his sword.

"Van do you think that is could be Hitomi?" Millerna asked hopeful.

"That's what I'm hoping for Millerna." He said walking out the door Allen following him closely.

They made their way to the site and what they found confused them not only was Hitomi there, there was another girl with her both were unconscious the one girl was covered in cuts and bruises and was lying on top of Hitomi.

Allen took the unfamiliar girl and Van picked up Hitomi wondering what had happened.

When they reached the palace the healer was summoned but Millerna examined Hitomi personally.

"Well how is she Millerna?" Van asked worried.

"She's just fine but the other girl well it's hard to say she was hurt pretty bad." Millerna stated with a worried look on her face.

It wasn't long that evening when Hitomi woke up all wondering what had happened that the pillar had brought her there one again.

Hitomi opened her eyes and looked around as she sat up she knew right away where she was.

"Hitomi your awake what happened to you?" Van asked almost frantic.

Hitomi looked at him as was so happy to see him he had sat down on the edge of her bed and she hugged him tightly as if her life depended on it.

"Oh Van it was horrible…. She cried into his arms then realized that the girl Serena had saved her life.

"Van where is she Where is Serena?" She franticly asked him with terror in her eyes.

"So her name is Serena…?" asked a familiar voice. Hitomi looked to see Allen and Millerna were there along with Dryden.

"She was hurt pretty bad Hitomi I don't know if she will be alright or not." Millerna spoke to her friend.

"Hitomi who is she and what happened?" Van asked her again gaining Hitomi's gaze once more.

"She saved my life… these people from another world came to ours and started attacking…." Hitomi was speaking when she was interrupted.

"I think we know how that feels…" Allen spoke thinking about something.

"Millerna can I see her?" Hitomi asked she was then lead across the hall to the room where Serena was resting Hitomi walked over to her and looked at her puzzled.

"What is it Hitomi?" Van asked her.

"I was wondering why out of all the people there were to save she chose me." Hitomi said worried about her new found friend.

It was then Serena opened her eyes and looked around.

"Because that's what I do Hitomi… it would have been my fault if you got hurt." Serena spoke sitting up everyone shocked at her recovery.

"Serena… your okay….!" Hitomi said giving her a hug. Serena smiled at her and returned the hug.

"How would have been your fault?" Van asked Serena as Hitomi was ending the hug.

"Because… Well… the man that attacked Hitomi was really after me…." Serena said hanging her head.

"Serena… Why would he have been after you?" Hitomi asked confused.

Serena looked around and realized that she wasn't on earth any more she thought to herself… "Where am I?" Everyone was now looking at her for an answer and she didn't know if she should tell them.

"Well…. Are you going to tell us or not?" Dryden spoke up he walked in behind his wife wanting to know himself what was going on. Serena looked at Hitomi for reassurance.

"Serena you're on a planet called Gaea and we are all friends here…" Hitomi told her giving her the reassurance that she needed.

"Did you say Gaea? That's not possible…" Serena said to her then looked at the group of people around her. ("It can't be I was told that the gate way was sealed over a thousand years ago.") Serena thought to herself.

"Well I hate to break it to you but its true." Hitomi said to her. Serena at there thinking about what was going on here when she was about to say something her broach started to react to something where it was reacting to Hitomi or the fact that she was now on a planet that had been forbidden to those who lived on earth.

"I think we need to let her rest now?" Millerna spoke up seeing the girl's confusion about all of this. Millerna then shoved everyone out of the room shutting the door behind her.

"Millerna what are you doing she never answered our questions." Dryden asked his wife.

"If you didn't notice she wasn't going to answer them right now she doesn't know us there for she doesn't trust us my husband dear." Millerna said to his comment folding her arms.

"Millerna is right about that." Van spoke up gaining everyone's attention. "If we are going to get any answers we have to show her that we mean her no harm." Van finished putting his hand on his chin pondering bout Serena.

"Van what are you thinking?" Allen asked as he watched him look at her door with suspicion.

"Nothing really I think for now we should get some rest she's not going any where we can talk again with her tomorrow." He said putting his arm around Hitomi leading her back to her room the others went there own ways as well.

When Serena was sure that everyone was gone from outside the door she got up and walked slowly over to the window doors leading out to a balcony she looked up at the sky and was shocked to see the earth hanging in the sky along side the moon her broach blinked once again reacting to something but again she wasn't sure to what.

Allen was out on his terrace not far from Serena's he looked over and saw her looking up at the sky and he was shocked at what he heard come out of her mouth.

Serena grasped her broach tightly and closed her eyes.

"I can't believe that I'm actually here. After all these years I finally get to see it for myself." Serena spoke smiling when she opened her eyes she looked at the earth it was getting darker this new enemy was now taking over her planet and she was in a world to where all she could do was watch unable to do anything to help. She once again closed her eyes turning slightly away it was then she had a vision flash before her eyes. She saw what remained of her friends back on earth Seiya and his brothers they had transformed to defend the earth it was then a flash of light consumed Sailor Star Fighter/Seiya Serena then fell to the ground tears streaming down her face then she let out at a cry.

"NO! Seiya!!!" Serena screamed as if she were in pain.

Allen knew that everyone would soon enter her room at hearing her cry he quickly ran out his door and in to her room then one bye one the others entered the room.

"Serena! What's wrong? What happened?" Van asked as he made his way to her on her terrace he saw that she was looking up at the mystic moon the tears were like rivers streaming down her cheeks.

"Van what's going on?" Hitomi asked as she entered the seen.

"I'm not sure." He said as Hitomi went to get closer to her.

"Serena…" Hitomi said softly placing a hand on her shoulder.

"My friends…. They need me and I can't help them…" Serena spoke choking up.

"Because you're here right." Hitomi said to her now kneeling down in front of her.

"I don't know how to get back… Hitomi look at the earth. At this remark Hitomi looked up at it along with Van and Allen.

"Serena what's going on why is it getting darker?" Hitomi asked with concern.

"I need to get back before it's too late." Serena said now hanging her head.

"But Serena what could you do even it you were there and how do you know your friends are even in danger." Hitomi asked with sincerity.

"Your right what could I do even if I were there." She said getting to her feet and walking past everyone and going into her room. "I'm sorry for waking you all up maybe I just imagined what I saw." Serena said holding herself tightly.

"You saw something what did you see?" Hitomi asked her concerned. Allen and Van heard the concern in her voice and wondered why.

"I just have always been able to know when some one I care about is in danger I have visions of it before it happens." Serena replied to her question.

"So you have visions of future events." Allen spoke up.

"Yes why?" Serena replied.

"Because I also have visions." Hitomi said looking at Serena worried about her ability and what it meant for Gaea this time.

"Maybe we should all get some rest now." Van said walking up to Hitomi then looking over at Allen, Allen gave a nod let him know that he was going to keep an eye one things and would guard her door they both feared that it wasn't over concerning Serena.