A/N: I am sooooo happy that Bones is back. I loved the premiere, there was a couple tiny things that annoyed me; like Brennan locking the door when she went to confront the doctor, but overall I loved it. I wasn't orignally going to do a tag for this epi but the ideas just wouldn't leave me alone. Please review, thanks

Charlie POV:

I knew that Booth was still a little out of sorts; he wasn't the same cocky confident agent who he had been before the tumor. I am sure that guy is still inside him somewhere, he just has to get back out. Not wanting to sound like a sissy but it actually hurt that he wasn't the same. And then that Dr. Brennan….Booth has defended her so many time…so many times he has said that she isn't cold, that she has a heart. Maybe she only lets Booth see it, but when I found out that she went off to Guatemala when he was still in the hospital, well I might have actually hit, at least yelled at her. Its not officially against policy to get involved with your partner (I've looked it up, who hasn't after watching those two) but it is frowned upon. I know Booth has been in love with her for a while. I used to think it was just lust, but I know about that Christmas tree two years ago. Not to mention that he flew out to New Orleans. But either she doesn't see it, or she is choosing to ignore it while Booth continues to break rules and wear his heart on his sleeve. I don't even want to count how many times I've covered his ass after he did something for her, not that he knows I did it…I might get a thanks but I am sure he might not hesitate to shoot me either. A lot of us look up to Booth, he is one of the best Special Agents out there and its sad, yes there is no other word for it, it is sad to see him like this.

I sit at my desk and watch as puts on a new pair of crazy socks and I find myself finally smiling. A little while later, on my way back from getting coffee I see him sitting on his desk. He is holding a file in his hand and he has that look of adoration on his face that I only ever see when he is looking at his son or at his partner. And it warms my heart…my wife has really softened me up obviously. She wishes she works here just so that she can see for herself what I talk about at home. All of a sudden he jumps up and puts the file on his desk, he almost runs out of the room, a familiar, serious yes slightly apprehensive look on his face. After the elevator doors closed I walked into his office and opened the file that he had left on his desk. Inside were newspaper clippings about him and Dr. Brennan and I instantly know where he went. On the topmost one, they were looking at each other, smiling. I can feel the smile grow on my face as I continue to look at it. So maybe Dr. Brennan isn't cold, maybe she is just as scared as he is about her feelings.