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"Break out the denim, boots and cowboy hats, turn up the country music cause we're goin' country y'all!"

Pairing: Emmett/Rosalie

POV: Emmett

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How It's Gotta Be

I tossed the last bag of fertilizer into the bed of the fifteen-year-old Ford F-250. I wiped the sweat off my brow with the back of my hand. The heat was sweltering today at 98° F. It was the end of May and already feelin' like mid-July. Tossing twenty 50-lb. bags into the truck didn't help either. I walked back in to Walter's Tack and Feed to get Bella's new training draw bit, rope reins, and cinch. She spent twenty minutes the day before explaining why she needed it. She thought I would argue with her about the money. She should know by now I'd never deny her anything.

Barrel racing was her passion since she was old enough to straddle the horse. When mom left us, dad took to the saddle longer and longer each day. Bella, being only three-years-old, couldn't completely comprehend what was happenin'. She thought dad was leavin' too. One day when dad was getting on Moonlight, his favorite Colorado Ranger, to check the perimeter she started bawling. She told him she needed a daddy if she couldn't have a mommy. Even at ten-years-old, I could tell how much that hurt dad.

He mounted Moonlight and had me lift Bella to him. He said he'd be back in an hour after he showed Bella where he went every day. He wanted her to see that he wasn't leavin' us; he was workin' the ranch. This is how it's gotta be. She loved running with him. Anytime I went ridin' after that, she insisted I take her and made me run. Once she was old enough to ride on her own, dad bought her first horse, Maybelle. She rode every day from then on out. When we went to the rodeo the following year, she fell in love with barrel racing. She'd been doin' it ever since.

Dad got so much joy outta watching her ride. She was so graceful on horseback, such a difference from on ground. She spent hours a day trainin' and practicin'. Dad made sure she had everything she needed. He supported her in every way he could. She got real good real quick. We traveled all over Texas for her to compete. When dad died two years ago, she stopped riding all together. It took me months to convince her to get back in the saddle. He wouldn't want her to give up her dream.

"Is Miss Bella competin' anytime soon?" Walter asked as he bagged her equipment.

"Sure is," I answered with a huge smile. "She's got a slot in the NBHA State Championship in two weeks."

"Hot damn." His smile was wide and the pride in his eyes evident. "Our little girl sure is growin' up." He always had a soft spot for Bella. "Nancy!" He yelled for his wife in the back. She came up front wiping her hands on a shop rag. Walter was damn lucky. At 55, Nancy didn't look a day over 40. Walter had to beat the men off in town with a cane. Well, he would have if Nancy didn't do it first. She was a spitfire.

"What're ya bellowin' about?" she asked before her eyes landed on me. "Hey there, Emmett. How ya doin', sugar?"

"I'm wonderful, Miss Nancy," I answered and pulled her across the counter for a hug. "I'd be much better if I had me some of your tasty divinity." I kissed her cheek before straighten up. She blushed and giggled as she patted my on the cheek. They never had kids so she always treated me and Bella like her own.

"I might be able to arrange that next time you're in. When you gonna be here next?"

"Next week. I'm sure I'll be pickin' some stuff up before we head to Katy."

"Oh! What's in Katy?"

"Miss Bella's gonna ride in the state championship," Walter said excitedly. I covered my ears when she squealed as she hopped around in place.

"Charlie would have been so proud." I nodded my agreement.

"I think he is," I answered honestly as a clap of thunder sounded.

"Well, you better be gettin' home, son," Walter said as he handed me the bag and patted my back. "The storm's a comin'."

I thanked them as they told me to wish Bella luck. I went out to the truck and pulled the tarp out of the toolbox. I didn't wanna chance getting the fertilizer wet if it started to rain. Once everything was secure, I took off for the seventy-mile drive home. The trips to Ft. Stockton always took up most of the day, and I hated to leave Bella tethered with the day's chores. There were a lot to do between the two of us, and makin' her shoulder it all wasn't right, but this is how it's gotta be.

The ride was long and lonely. We didn't have many radio stations that came in this far south, and with the truck bein' so old, I couldn't play my CDs or hook up an iPod. Maybe when I sold these next twenty head of cattle, we could afford to put in a decent stereo. I started making a mental list of things we would need when we headed to Katy the followin' week. I was about twenty miles from home when I spotted a shiny new car parked on the shoulder with the emergency flashers on. A man and little girl stood by the passenger door while two men were hunched over the hood.

I pulled the truck over about twenty yards ahead of the vehicle and turned off the ignition. I glanced in the rearview mirror and was met with a surprise. The two men under the hood was one man and one woman, and damn was she a beauty. Long blonde hair was swept to one shoulder. Her mile-long legs were clad in not-too-tight but just-perfect jeans.

Her ass was on display, and I was enjoying the view. It caused a tightenin' in my pants. It'd been a good thirteen months since I'd knocked boots, and I was feelin' it. We were seventy miles from the closest town, so we didn't get to meet people too often. I shook my head to clear it so I could get out before they thought I was a creepy murderer.

I stepped out of the truck and discreetly adjusted myself before I turned around. The man at the passenger door with strange penny-colored hair pulled the spiky black-haired girl behind him a bit. I wasn't offended. If it were Bella and me, I'd be sure to put her behind me too. The girl seemed to be bouncing in excitement though. It was quite a sight. The man bent over the car stood up and looked at me his curly blonde hair falling in his eyes. The blonde bombshell stood up and eyed me appreciatively. Look all ya want, gorgeous. I smiled at her, and he pulled her slightly behind him. She smacked his arm, which caused him turn around and hiss something at her I couldn't hear. I walked up to the group slowly.

"Howdy folks," I said as I tipped my straw cowboy hat at them. "I'm Emmett Swan." I stuck my hand out to shake with the blonde man. He took my hand hesitantly.

"Jasper," he offered only his first name. Smart man. I smiled my 'boyishly friendly' grin as Bella called it. She said I could never smile like that and seem threatening. "This is Rose, Edward, and Alice." He pointed to each of the others.

"Pleasure." I looked at each of them. That's when I noticed the girl I saw earlier was not a girl. She was just a small woman. "Is there anything I could help ya with?"

"Not unless you have the tools to fix a fuel injector," the blonde, Rose, said. I raised an eyebrow. This luscious beauty speaks car?

"I don't got it with me, but I probably got it back at the house. We're about twenty miles from my home. I wouldn't mind y'all borrowin' what ya need." The men looked at each other and looked to have a silent conversation.

"We can just call a tow service and take it to a shop. Thanks for the offer though," Edward said. The little pixie was tugging at his arm trying to tell him something.

"There's no cell service for miles and you're fifty miles from town. I know this is unconventional and you got no reason to trust me, but I promise my intentions are pure. I only want to help."

"He's telling the truth," Alice said. "We can trust him." They all looked at her questioningly. Rain started to fall lightly as the clouds covered the sun.

"Listen, there's a real bad storm rollin' in. It's just me and my sister so we got room for y'all to stay. I'd drive you back to town, but we won't beat the storm. I won't be able to make it back tonight, and I ain't leavin' my sister alone." They seemed to think it over.

"You'll bring us back in the morning?" Edward asked hesitantly.

"Or we could haul the car back so you can work on it in the garage and be on your way quick. I'd haul it with us tonight, but I ain't got the hook ups."

"We appreciate it. Really, we do," Rose said. "We can't thank you enough for the offer. Sleeping in the car is not appealing in the least." She stepped forward and held out her hand. "Rosalie Hale, by the way. It's nice to meet you, Emmett." I took her hand and pulled it to my lips to kiss softly. Jasper took a step forward in caution. I released her hand and stood up straight.

"Why don't y'all grab your bags so we can load up? The rain's gonna pick up pretty soon."

They popped the trunk and removed four bags. I suggested they take out any valuables just in case. I went back to the truck to rearrange things in the backseat. This was the first trip to town in two weeks so I had tack, feed, and groceries. It took up a lot of room. I piled everything behind the driver's seat before turning back to the group. I pulled the tarp back from the bed of the truck.

"It's been a while since one of us has been to town so the truck's a little overloaded," I said as I scratched my neck. "We'll put your bags in the bed with the fertilizer. The tarp will keep it dry till we get to the house." They piled everything in, and I tied the tarp back down. "I got groceries and tack in the back so it'll have to be two in front with me and two in the back."

They all walked to the passenger side. I slid in behind the wheel while Jasper and Edward got in front leavin' the women to the back. I pulled back onto 385 and headed for home. The first ten minutes of the ride was tense and silent. I couldn't blame them for bein' nervous. This was probably scary. Alice was the first one to break the silence and for that, I was thankful.

"So Emmett, you have a sister?" she asked. I smiled thinkin' about my Bella.

"Sure do," I said with a grin. "She's my baby sister. You'll like her. She's sarcastic, witty, and really sweet. She's so smart and caring. She started takin' care of dad and me when our mom left. I don't know what I would have done, what we would have done without her." I wouldn't have made it through that first year without dad if it weren't for her.

"You two don't live with your dad anymore?" Jasper asked. I felt the familiar pang in my chest.

"No. Dad died a couple years ago. It's just us now." I was racin' the rain and hoped I could get home to have everything unloaded before it reached us.

"I'm sorry." Me too. I smiled over at him even if looked a little sad.

"No worries. It's been a bit. It's getting easier."

"What's her name?" Rosalie asked.

"Isabella, but she prefers Bella. You folks related?" I needed to know if hot stuff was attached to one of them.

"Yes," Edward answered. "Alice and I are twins. Jasper and Rosalie too. We all grew up together."

"Jasper and I are together," Alice said with a dreamy smile.

"Where y'all from?"

"We just recently moved to Dallas."

"What brings ya all the way down here? It's sorta in the middle of nowhere."

"We're going to Big Bend National Park for a hiking trip," Jasper answered.

"Beautiful place, great trails," I assured them. Bella and I had been a few times with dad.

I slowed down and turned off the highway to the driveway. I slowed the truck to a stop so I could get out and unlatch the gate. I got back in and drove over the cattle guard. I parked again so I could close the gate. When I walked back, I could see the women starin' out the back window at the overhead arch. The symbol was cut out of metal and welded onto the middle. Dad and I had made it and put it up when I was seven. I had been very proud of it.

"Circle T?" Rose asked.

"Yep. Welcome to my home, The Circle T Ranch," I said proudly.

"Ranch?" Where are they from? Don't they know what a ranch is?

"Yep. I lived here until I went off the college then moved back when dad passed away. The house is about two miles up." I started back up and headed to the house. I was already an hour later than I told Bella I'd be. She'd probably be worried…or pissed more likely.

"How big is this place?" Alice asked.

"We've got 983 acres. We're a cattle ranch mainly, but Bella likes horses so we got a few of those. She's also got an assortment of farm animals. She sees 'em more as pets though."

We finally came in view of the house, stables, barn, chicken house, and garage. I glanced at the visitors and saw their jaws drop open. They sounded like city folk when I first met 'em. Also, the fact they were wearing loafers and high heels gave them away. This look only confirmed it. We had small livin' quarters compared to other ranches this size. I pulled the truck to the back of the stable where I knew Bella would be fillin' the grain bins and waterin' buckets. Instead, she was on top of the flat bed unloadin' hay bales to the hayloft. I killed the truck and stepped out motionin' for the others to follow. I told 'em to leave the doors open since I needed to unload everything.

"Emmett Dean Swan," Bella said in a harsh tone I knew too well. Yep. Definitely pissed. "You better get your ass in gear. That storm's a comin', and I ain't gonna be the one stuck out here in it cause you dillydallied around in town. You must have been movin' as slow as molasses in January. I sent the boys home early to beat the storm.

"I stabled Southern, Maverick, and July Heat, gathered the eggs, fed the chickens, goats, sheep, and pigs, and one of your cows got tangled in the barbed wire so I had to cut her free then mend the line. You owe me, and damn it, I told you not to bale at 90 lbs. I can handle the 70s just fine. That extra twenty pounds adds about an hour of work."

She said everything without turnin' to address me directly. That told me how upset she was. She continued to toss the bales under cover so she could carry 'em up the ladder without hurryin' to get 'em out of the rain later. I could tell she had a long, tiring day. She was wearin' her oldest pair of jeans with holes in the back pockets and one of my white wife beaters. The jeans were covered in dirt, and I could see pricks from where the barbed wire had caught. The shirt was dirty too and covered in sweat. She had worked hard.

"I know," I answered. "I got caught up helpin' some people, or I would have been home sooner. I'm sorry I worried ya."

"Oh, please. I wasn't worried. I was too busy doin' your work to worry." She never liked to admit to bein' weak, and she considered worryin' weak. "And ya ain't got to make up excuses. I got it all done." I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off.

"He really was helping someone," Rosalie defended me.

The voice of someone other than me startled Bella. We didn't ever have unannounced visitors so I wasn't surprised. She spun around quickly, a little too quickly. This won't end well. I watched as her foot caught on the edge of a hay bale, which made her lose her balance. Her arms flailed in an attempt to get steady but didn't. She was standing at the edge of the platform and started to fall backwards. There was no way I'd get there in time to stop her. I watched as she luckily fell onto a couple hay bales. She wouldn't be hurt, just embarrassed.

"Umpf!" she huffed as she hit the bales. She scrambled to her feet and dusted her ass off. "I'm sorry. I didn't know we were havin' company." Her face was red with embarrassment as she walked forward to greet the group.

"Everyone, this is my baby sister, Bella," I said as I pulled her under my arm. "Bella, this is Rosalie and Jasper Hale and Edward and Alice." She shook everyone's hand. "They broke down about twenty miles up the way. I offered to let 'em stay here for the night while the storm passes. Hope that's alright."

"Of course. Wouldn't want you caught in what's comin'. Supposed to be a doosy. I'm Bella as he said." She elbowed me in the ribs causing me to let go of her to cradle the now tender spot. She knew how to hurt a man. I made sure to teach her. "I'm the big oaf's sister but not so much a baby.

"I wish we could talk more right now, but the storm'll be her shortly. Let me show you to the house, and we'll finish up out here while y'all settle in. Sound like a plan?" They all nodded.

"They're bags are under the tarp and groceries are in the backseat, I'll finish unloadin' the hay while you're inside. I've got twenty bags of fertilizer that'll need to be stored before long too." She nodded as she walked to the truck and untied the tarp.

"I'll be out in a minute. Get goin'." I saluted her.

"Yes, ma'am." She rolled her eyes and headed for the house once they had the bags.

I watched as Rose sashayed to the house and glanced back to smile at me. God, that woman was a goddess. She was tall, thin, but curvy. Her face was one of an angel, but that smile told me she had a bit of a devil inside. We could have a good time, I knew. With her brother around though, the chances would be slim to none. Too bad.

I hopped onto the flatbed and pulled on a pair of gloves tucked into the side box. I tossed the bales down quickly as the rain had finally reached us. We'd be rushin' to get all twenty bags under cover before it started pourin'. Bella really had done a lot while I was gone. I only had to toss about eight bales to finish up. I put the gloves back up and backed the truck into the garage. When I came back, I backed the F-250 to the barn.

I pulled the tarp off and folded it before puttin' it back in the toolbox. I let down the tailgate, grabbed a bag, hoisted one over each shoulder, and walked into the barn dropping the bag on the left palate. I made three trips before Bella came out to help. She picked up a bag and followed me in droppin' it in place. We made four more circuits before she spoke up.

"They seem like nice people," she said nonchalantly. "City people but nice."

"They seemed to be on the way here," I answered. "Where'd you put 'em?"

"Alice and Jasper are in the guest room, Rosalie's in mine, and Edward's in the living room."

"What about you?"

"I'll sleep on the couch in the office," she said with a shrug. She always put herself last.

"Thank you for bein' okay with this." She swatted her hand in my direction.

"I wouldn't want to see 'em on the side of the road with this storm. It's been brewin' for a while and ain't gonna be pretty. I heard they're even callin' for floodin'. I sandbagged the stable, garage, and storm cellar just to be sure."

"I saw." I noticed the five-bag high barrier when backing the flatbed into the garage. Bella was always the prepared one. I leaned over and kissed her temple. "What would I do without you?"

"Good lord, let's not even think about it. I doubt you'd make it long." Just at that moment, my stomach decided to grumble. I hadn't eaten since I left for town and that was six hours ago. Bella laughed. "Who would cook?" I bellowed in laughter, because I knew she was right.

"I love ya, sis."

"Love you too, Emmy."

We finished unloadin' the bags just as the rain picked up. Fat drops were splattering the ground as I pulled the truck into the garage and sandbagged the bay door before goin' back to the stables to help with the hay bales. Edward and Jasper came runnin' out as I made my way up the ladder. They said everything was settled and wanted to help so we could get done quicker. The stable was Bella's domain, and I didn't attempt to take over. She had things her way, and I wasn't going to argue.

"You boys ever work horses before?" she asked 'em as she dusted off her hands. They both shook their heads no. "Well, I still gotta water and feed 'em. I don't think you can mess that up." I smiled recognizing her reluctance to let 'em help. She showed Jasper the water hose and where to fill the bucket to. Then she took Edward to the feed stall and showed him how much to give each horse. When they disappeared behind the high wall, I frowned. You better not try anything, buddy. I thought. They came back out each with a bucket in hand putting me at ease. "By the time you finish that up, we should probably be done."

Thirty minutes later we were all done. The rain was pelting the ground at that point so we ran for the house. It wouldn't have mattered if we walked. We were still soaked through when we reached the porch. I sat on the swing, pulled my boots off, and hung them on the dryin' rack. Edward and Jasper both shed their hikin' boots and did the same. Edward looked around and squinted at the stable.

"She okay?" he asked.

"Fine," I answered with a hint of brotherly protection in my voice. "She's sayin' goodnight to Southern then she'll shut up the stable." He nodded and shed his socks before walking back into the house.

"We really do appreciate everything," Jasper said. "I hope we weren't rude when you first offered to help."

"Not everyone can be trusted, and you were just being protective of your loved ones. I would have done the same with Bella. No hard feelings; I promise." He thanked me and walked inside. Just as he was shutting the screen door, Bella came runnin' up the steps. She stumbled on the top one and fell forward into my arms. "Be careful, Bells. Don't want any injuries two weeks before the big race." She smiled wide at the mention of it.

"That wouldn't be good," she answered as she stood back up. I opened the door for her, and we walked inside. Rose and Alice were sitting in the living room. "I did some practice with Southern today. She ran a 15.92. I think she'll be a beaut in Katy. The new reins should help me get a better reaction time. We may be able to shave one or two hundredths off our time."

"That's great. Maybe the rain will let up tomorrow so it'll be dry enough the next day to do a few more runs. Now, what did you have planned for dinner?" She laughed as she smacked my arm.

"Is food all you think about?" I just shrugged. I was hungry. She turned to our guests who had been pretty quiet. "Do y'all have any food allergies, or are there any foods you don't like?" They shook their heads. "Kay. I'm gonna get started after I get cleaned up. Emmett can show you around proper, or you could keep me company in the bakehouse." We watched as she walked off to her room.

"Bakehouse?" Edward asked as they came back in the living room. "You have a separate building to cook in?" I smiled at the question. They truly were city folk.

"No," I answered. "Bakehouse is another word for kitchen. She uses a lot of colloquialisms. It even took me some time to get used to 'em, even more when I moved back. I'm gonna get changed to, and I'll be back in a minute."

I changed quickly not wanting to be a bad host. I tossed the dirty clothes in the laundry on my way back to the living room. It was heapin' up and would probably need to be washed soon. I could hear Bella in the kitchen getting things started. I leaned in to ask how long she'd be. After rolling her eyes at me, she said it'd be about an hour. I made my way back to the living room and sat in dad's favorite rocker.

"Bella has such a stronger accent than you," Alice observed. "Did you work at softening yours?"

"No," I answered. "I went off the college then found work in Richmond, Virginia. I spent eight years away from Texas. It sorta mellowed out the harshness of it. I also stopped using a lot of the idioms. People didn't understand 'em up north."

"Where did you go to school; what for?" Rose asked.

"I went to MIT. I was a computer hardware engineer. When dad died two years ago, I came back. I was only gonna stay long enough to get the ranch settled. Bella was plannin' on goin' to college. When I mentioned hiring someone to run this place, she refused. She said she wasn't lettin' some stranger run daddy's ranch and refused to leave. I've been tryin' to convince her to go back or at least take some online classes. This ranch has been her whole life. I don't think she'll leave it now."

We continued to talk for a while. I learned they were from Seattle originally. The move to Dallas had to be a shock. Jasper and Rosalie were 27, only a year younger than me. Jasper was a history professor at Southern Methodist University, and Rose was an exotic car mechanic. I could just picture her leaned over a car while I took her from behind, that beautiful blonde hair wrapped around my wrist with her back arched like a cat. I shook the image from my mind not wanting to pitch a tent with her brother in the room.

Alice and Edward were 25 and knew the Hale twins because their parents were close friends. Alice was a fashion designer and just opened her own store. Edward was graphic designer and wanted to start his own company where he'd work from home. We talked about their trip and their move. They'd only been in Dallas for a week and a half. They asked about the ranch and all the animals. Alice was bouncing in excitement when I told her she could explore the ranch if the rain let up. I offered to show them around the house, but they said they'd looked around while we were finishing up at the stables.

I turned the television on and found a replay of yesterday's Cowboys and Redskins game. The rain was coming down hard so I had to turn the volume up loud. Jasper and Rosalie stayed to watch while Alice and Edward went to the kitchen to see if Bella needed any help. I knew she'd refuse but let them go hopin' she'd let 'em stay and keep her company. I worried about her sometimes. She spent all her time on the ranch and with Southern. She needed some social interaction. We got to watch the first quarter before Bella called us for supper. I turned off the TV, and we joined them in the kitchen.

"Wow!" Rosalie said when we walked in. "This is bigger than I was expecting, and that table is so long." The kitchen table was a wooden picnic table that could seat 20. Jasper, Alice, and Edward sat on one side while the others sat opposite.

"We got a lot of mouths to feed during the day," Bella answered. "It's always a fight to sit at the table. We always got people in the front room and on the porch too." She put everything on the table as we took our seats. "Fried chicken, mash potatoes, corn, and green beans. Eat up." I moaned when she listed the menu. She didn't make fried chicken often, and it was one of my favorites.

"Mmmm, Bells. This smells great," I said. She smiled in thanks and finished passing out plates and silverware. We plated up and dug in. It was quiet for a few minutes save the noises of satisfaction coming from everyone.

"This is wonderful Bella," Edward said. She blushed and looked down as she whispered her thanks. Everyone else agreed with him. She never took compliments very well, even from dad and me.


I woke the next morning to the pitter-patter of rain on the roof. I hoped the power had come back on. Bella was just finishing dishes when the lights flickered and stayed off. We got flashlights for everyone before hittin' the sack. Rose had lingered at my door continuing the small talk. We were probably there an hour, just talkin'. It was nice. When she stifled a yawn and I insisted she turn in for the night, I decided to be bold. I cupped her cheek and leaned forward slowly. I wouldn't force her to do anything. She didn't show any signs of stoppin' so I pressed my lips to hers. She kissed me back slowly, and my body felt an electric hum from the contact. Unfortunately, we had to break apart when a door was heard squeakin'. I could have cursed Bella and her dry mouth. Rose shuffled off to Bella's room before my cockblocking sister could get her water and disappear into the office.

Maybe today would be a better day. Rose and I were gonna go pick up the car to bring back. I could only pray we'd be goin' alone. Before I could think about that though, I had to get the mornin' chores done. I had set my phone alarm for 4:15 so I could get most of 'em done before Bella got up. She deserved a break since she did all the work yesterday. I shuffled around the room as quietly as I could so I wouldn't wake Edward in the living room.

Once I was dressed, I tiptoed out to the barn to start the day. The rain was still lingerin', but it was only a light sprinkle. Hopefully we could get the car before it turned into another downpour. Bella came out around 5:30 and groused about me doin' her chores. After ten minutes of pretendin' to be bothered by it she walked over and pecked me on the cheek. I smiled knowing that would be the closest I'd get to a thank you. She hated for people to do things for her insistin' she didn't need anyone.

It was around 8:15 when our guests emerged onto the porch. The men looked apprehensively at the sky while Alice bounced around looking at the place excitedly and Rose reached her arms above her head to stretch. My eyes were drawn to the sliver of skin left exposed between her jeans and shirt. It looked silky smooth, and my fingers itched to find out if those looks were deceiving.

"When can we go get the car big guy?" she called across the yard. I smiled and shrugged.

"Whenever you can get in gear," I answered back. I could have sworn I saw her eyes twinkle when her face lit up in a mischievous smile. She turned back into the house and returned with keys in hand. I started walkin' towards the porch.

"Come on, Emmett. Why don't cha take me for a ride?" I laughed when I saw Jasper clear his throat and shoot her what should have been a warning look. "No Jasper, you're not going."

She looped her arm in mine and pulled me towards the garage. I turned back to see Jasper giving me a look. I recognized it; I'd even given it to plenty of the boys that worked on the ranch when I caught 'em lookin' at Bella the wrong way. I tried to show him without words that I would behave myself. I wasn't gonna have sex with her in a truck. He had no worries, at least not yet. He seemed to get the message and nodded.

I keep to my silent word too. I kissed her, kissed her hard and good before hookin' the Volvo onto the truck. There was even some light pettin', but we didn't have sex. I could tell she wanted to though, and damn did I ever. This woman was a goddess. She had a tight little body, but she was smart and quick too. She kept me on my toes during the ride there and back, which only served to make me crave her more. When we got back and put the car in the garage Bella was callin' for lunch. I sent Rosalie ahead and went to the shop's bathroom to rub one off before headin' to the house. I didn't need anyone seein' how she affected me.

I finally made my way inside and took a seat next to Rose. Bella kept it light with chicken salad sandwiches. I made two and set to work on the first one. Conversation was goin' on around me, but I just listened in. Bella was askin' more about what they did for a livin'. All she really knew was ranchin'; I could see her eyes light up in wonder at all the stuff she was learnin', and it made me wish I had pushed her harder to go to college. The thought was shoved from my mind when the vixen next to me shifted so her thigh was restin' against mine. The heat radiating off her felt pleasant.

Once she finished her lunch, she scooted closer to the table. She propped one elbow on the table and dropped the opposite hand, the one closest to me, to her lap. A few seconds later, I felt her hand ghost over my jean clad thigh. I had to resist the urge to moan. She rested her hand on my inner thigh and gave it a squeeze. Shit! I looked over to see if anyone had noticed, but they were all focused on Bella as she talked about barrel racing. Rose's propped up arm was serving as a shield to what she was up to. That detour to the shop bathroom was useless. I was hard again.

I was half way through the second sandwich when I felt her hand slide higher. Is she really gonna do this with my sister and her brother not three feet away? Yes, yes she was. Her fingers lightly massaged on the way north until she was positioned right on my dick. I saw her eyes widen a bit when she felt my rock-hard erection. That's right baby. Feel how big I am. You're gonna be in for one helluva ride. I smirked when she looked over then winked. She smirked back and gave a hard squeeze. The action caught me off guard and I jerked a bit. She retracted her hand with a smug smile.

"You alright down there, Emmy?" Bella asked. I cleared my throat before looking over at her.

"Yep," I answered. "Had a spasm, I guess. I'm good." She looked at me dubiously before returnin' to her conversation. Rose leaned over to whisper quietly.

"I hope you can keep those spasms under control. I'd hate for you to spasm prematurely." I grinned at her boldness.

"Rosie, I'm anything but premature. I'm so good you'll walk funny till Sunday."

"We'll see." This woman was in for a surprise.

Bella stood up and started clearing the table. Edward helped her wash the dishes. He said he was gonna help Bella with the horses after they finished in the kitchen. I heard her say she'd even teach him to ride if it wasn't rainin' too bad. Alice and Jasper, or really just Alice, asked if they could explore the ranch. I took 'em out to the back shed where we kept the ATVs. I set 'em up on a four-wheeler and let 'em at it. It'd keep 'em occupied for a while. Alice immediately headed to the sheep.

I went to the garage to see if Rose had started. I walked in to see her bent over the hood tools laid out next to her feet. I groaned at the scene and clicked the lock into place. We weren't gonna be interrupted. I walked over to where she was working and stood just behind her. I watched as her delicate hands wrapped around the camshaft and down towards the intake valve. She tugged at something, and I wanted her fingers wrapped around my straining cock pumping me.

She huffed in annoyance and shifted backwards causin' her ass to brush my erection. She stilled when she realized she wasn't alone. I leaned forward and placed my hands on either side of her body. I leaned in so I was a hair's breath away from her ear. I was so far forward that my body was lying lightly against hers. I could just feel every curve and every gloriously shallow, labored breath.

"How does it feel?" I asked quietly.

"Hard," she answered breathily. I chuckled at her one-track mind.

"I meant the engine." She leaned back so that our bodies were pressed firmly against each other.

"Are you really asking about the car?" A no bullshit lady. Fuck me. She ground her ass against me making sure I didn't mistake her intent.


I growled at her just before flipping her around and kissing her hard. She slipped her tongue in my mouth and I moaned loving her forwardness. I love a woman that knows what she wants and goes for it. I wrapped my arms around her rockin' body and palmed her sweet ass. She pushed further into me, and I could feel the heat radiatin' off of her. She wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled me even closer. I grabbed my hat and tossed it in the bed of the truck.

"We could get caught," she said when I attached my mouth to that succulent neck.

"Scared?" I taunted. I wasn't gonna tell her I locked the door.

"Not at all big boy. I'd be scared if I were you though. My brother can be a mean bastard." I grinned as I nibbled her earlobe.

"I'll worry about me." I pulled back to look her in the eyes. "Now, are you really talkin' about your brother?" She smiled brightly.

"No." She pulled our faces together roughly and pushed me backwards. I walked blindly letting her lead. I stopped abruptly when my back hit the truck. "Put the tailgate down."

I did as she commanded. With my back turned she pulled my shirt up. I lifted my arms, and she yanked it off fully. I grabbed her hips and lifted her onto the truck. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head before kissin' her again. I reached behind to unhook her bra and tossed it to the ground. Her hands ghosted over my chest. My muscled loved feelin' her touch 'em and contracted under her touch.

I pulled back, and my eyes feasted on her naked breasts. She was perfect. I cupped one in my hand and leaned down to kiss her hardened pebble. She gasped as I took her nipple between my teeth and bit gently. Her hands grasped my head and went to tuggin' me closer. I squeezed and kneaded her other breast not wantin' it to feel left out. I felt her hand reach down and palm me through my Wranglers. I groaned at the sensation wantin' more.

"Emmett," she whined. "Emmett. I don't want any more foreplay. I want your cock in me now."

"Yes, ma'am." I started unbuttonin' her jeans. She lifted herself to give me room to shed her clothes. I yanked her jeans and underwear down. She was completely bare. I ran my finger over her soaking slit. I leaned down and took a deep breath. I could smell how aroused she was, and if that wasn't an indication, God, she's so wet. "You really want this, don't you Rosie?"

"Ungh." I flattened my tongue and took one long swipe of her lower lips. "Oh, yeah."

She leaned back and propped herself on her elbows. I grabbed her ankles and put her feet on the edge of the tailgate. I pushed her knees apart and leaned back to her dripping pussy. She smelled divine. I pushed my tongue into her opening and was rewarded with a moan. I lazily traced her lips and up to her clit. I circled the nub without actually touching it. I peered up at her to see her eyes clamped closed and head lolled back. She was panting.

Her body responded real nice. Her hips lifted to meet my tongue and she moaned a deep moan. I flicked her clit and she started chanting yes over and over again. She latched onto my hair and pulled me deeper wanting it harder. I reached forward and pressed one finger into her tight entrance. Her hips started moving in earnest. I heard her whisper more and added another finger. I felt her start to tighten and sped up my rhythm.

"Almost, almost," she chanted. "So close." I pulled her clit between my lips and bit down gently. It was enough to send her over the edge. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, and her walls clamped down on my fingers. I continued to thrust into her until she came down from her high. I pulled out of her and looked up with a cocky grin. "Come here." She crooked a finger at me as she scooted further into the truck. "And lose those while you're at it." She was pointin' at my jeans.

I shimmied out of the Wranglers before hoppin' into the bed of the truck. She caught sight of my cock, and her eyes widened a bit. I smirked at the look. That's right. You ready for this? She reached forward and closed that hand tightly around my shaft. I fought to keep my eyes from rollin' in the back of my head. She pumped me three times then stopped. I looked down at her wonderin' what made her stop. She just smiled up at me.

"I'll reciprocate later," she said. "Right now, I want this," she gripped my dick tighter, "in me." I dropped to my knees and leaned over her pulling her bottom lip between my teeth. "Roll over cowboy." She grabbed my hat and placed it on her head. "I wanna ride."

"Then saddle up, gorgeous," I said as I turned over and lay on my back. She sat up and straddled me placin' her pussy just over my cock. I bucked my hips up, and my cock slide between her lips and over her clit. She shuddered at the feelin' so I did it again. "No more teasin'."

I positioned myself at her entrance and slowly lowered her inch by inch. I could feel myself stretch her and let out a long breath when I was fully sheathed within her. I looked up at the most gorgeous woman I'd ever met. She truly was a goddess. She lifted up before lowerin' herself back onto me. I gripped her hips a bit tighter and helped her find a steady rhythm. I loved the feel of her takin' me in.

I reached up and pinched her nipple eliciting a hiss from her. She leaned back and braced her hands on my thighs. The change in angle let me go deeper than before; it felt amazing. I felt my balls tightenin' and knew it wouldn't be long. I lifted her body up a fraction and slammed jack hammered into her. She started moanin' loudly and lifted one hand from my leg to start rubbin' her clit. I tried not to focus on the sight knowin' it would make me come faster. I love a woman that know's what she wants.

"Right there!" she screamed. "Oh, yeah. Just like that. Don't stop. Don't stop."

I gritted my teeth in concentration. I felt her tighten and the feel of it nearly sent me over the edge, but I had to hold out. I needed her to come first. I reached forward and pushed her hand away from her mound. I grabbed her clit and pinched. She clamped onto my cock and screamed as she came. I followed right behind, roarin' my own release. The pleasure coursed through me for what felt like an eternity.

I pulled her forward until she fell onto my chest. I wrapped my arms around her little body not wantin' this to end. We both lay there breathin' heavy. I just had the best, most intense orgasm of my life. Layin' here with her in my arms felt infinitely better. My chest ached, and I couldn't tell why. It took a few minutes for our bodies to calm down,b ut eventually they did. She rolled off me and I felt the loss of her by my side. She sat up and looked over at me her face lit up.

"Why are you grinnin' like a weasel in a hen house?" I asked.

"Because I just got fucked two ways to Sunday, and I've never felt better," she answered. I grinned and sat up enough to lean over to her. I kissed her softly and slowly.

"You were amazing."

"You weren't so bad yourself." I loved her playfulness. Her face turned down in a frown. I ran my thumb over her bottom pouting lip and cupped her cheek.

"What is it baby?" Calling her baby felt so right.

"I hate that I'm leaving. It just doesn't feel right." My heart hurt at the thought. I pulled her back to me and kissed her again.

"Let's just not think about it. Let's enjoy the time we got together." She nodded then scooted to the end of the truck. She hopped down and got dressed tossing my clothes to me. She looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

"No underwear?" I laughed.

"It's laundry day." She laughed and rolled her eyes before walking back to the car. I got dressed slowly wishin' I was a computer engineer in Dallas. Maybe we'd have a chance. With me on the ranch though, it wasn't even a possibility. This is how it's gotta be.

"I gotta get some stuff done around the ranch."

"Yep," she said from under the hood. "I'll see ya later." Her voice was clipped and casual. I wished she'd sounded sad or somethin', anything other than normal.

I spent the rest of the day workin' around the ranch. Bella cooked dinner again that night, and we all ate at the kitchen table. There was conversation, but it wasn't completely upbeat. Rosalie had fixed the car earlier in the day. They'd be leavin' in the mornin'. No one seemed particularly happy about that. The rain had picked back up, but it wasn't as bad as the day before. We all decided to go to bed early. An hour after all the doors closed, there was a knock at my door. I opened it to find Rose.

"Thank god," was all I said before pullin' her inside.

We spent the night explorin' each other's bodies, giving, and receiving pleasure. I fell asleep with her in my arms only to wake to an empty bed. They were all packed and ready to go by 8:30 that morning. Bella and I helped 'em load up and said goodbye. It had only been two days, but we'd really grown close under the circumstances. I didn't want Rose to go, but I also thought I'd miss the rest of 'em.

As they loaded up Rose leaned forward and kissed my cheek. She whispered in my ear that she had a wonderful time and would always remember me. This is how it's gotta be. She was always gonna go back to Dallas. It was always only about sex. I thanked her for givin' herself to me and told her she'd forever be ingrained in my mind. And on my heart. I left the last thought silent. I didn't want to make her feel bad for not feelin' as strongly about me.

She stepped inside, and I closed the door for her. This is how it's gotta be. Edward pulled away and started his drive down the dirt road. This is how it's gotta be. I looked over at Bella. Her face was so sad. I reached over and pulled her into my side as we watched them drive away. She leaned her head against me and sighed. This is how it's gotta be. If only. If only she could have stayed. If only she could have lived closer. If only I could have been in a different stage of my life. This is how it's gotta be.

She was perfect. She was everything I wanted in a woman. She was everything I could have ever dreamed of. She made me feel things I hadn't felt in a long time. She made me want to be somebody different. She made me wanna be a better man. She made me want her. This isn't how it's gotta be. I prayed somethin' would change. I prayed somehow she'd be mine. Just before the first bend in the road, I saw the brake lights.

AN: So here it is. My second attempt at smut. I just wanna say, I had a totally different story planned for this then started writin'. This came out, and I'm proud of it. I have a whole backstory for this little piece, and after the competition I'll have two companion pieces for it.

This was hard to write. I'm kinda a grammatical freak. Droppin' the 'g' and typin' 'me' instead of 'I' or usin' the wrong got to me. It took me longer to write 'cause I was tryin' to mess up. Make sense?

I've never written Emmett/Rosalie before so this was an adventure. Gettin' inside his head was a bit scary at times, but hopefully it came out good.

I hope yaenjoyed. Please review, and let me know what ya think. I'd appreciate all comments and thoughts.

Story Notes:

training draw bit, rope reins, and cinch-equipment used for barrel racing

NBHA-National Barrel Horse Association

Divinity-a meringue-type confection also known as white divinity fudge or even rolls. Divinity candy most likely originated in the early 1900s.

15.92-the time of Souther's circuit; 16.00 is considered good.

ATV-all terrain vehicle