Rose Tattoo

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The man watched his new inmate for a couple of weeks already. The guy seldom talks but mostly spends his time just sitting in his bed and would rarely come out from his cell. He was thinking too deep. He learned his name is Kira Ryuzaki, a man who murdered a noble named Kaien Shiba. That's a capital punishment he would soon receive.

"So, how long do you think would you remain holding on to your life?" he asked with curiosity.

The guy opened his eyes, a shocking held no emotion there.

"Who knows..."

"I'm Grimmjaw Jaggerjaques...I was here a week ahead of you...I heard you killed a noble man," he said and the guy showed indifference towards the remark.

"So they say...what did you do to get imprisoned?"

Grimmjaw's face showed fury before masking it with a scowl. "I killed a man...that man's right hand I heard...I killed him for almost killing my wife."

The remark seemed to have caught the guy's interest. "Oh? So you're married."

"Yeah...I was beginning to make a decent life with Nel but that freaking rich bastard had a thing for her. He would not leave her alone and sent for his trusted man to come kidnap her."

"For a woman huh?" he said with slight bitterness.

Tender Rose.

That was what she was for him. Despite the turbulent rigors in his life, she was the best thing that happened to her. She was the reason why he wanted a new life, out from the slums he grew up with, out from the mob he worked with to support himself. He believed everything will go well.

Until he learned she had agreed to marry the noble, Kaien Shiba.

He had always known that the elders of her clan never gave much of a respect to him because of his low status in life. But he never would have thought Rukia would go as far as marry Kaien. She betrayed him though and his only way to deal with it is through his quiet anger.

He had never been hurt this way - he had never felt this wrenching pain - until he found out that she would later on dump him and go with the usual tradition of the noble clans. Not one who would chase for something already futile, he decided to leave her one token.

A mark.

His mark.

He will leave her his mark and it will serve her as a constant reminder about what she did. And being his woman for almost four years already, he knew she would not do a thing to have it erased despite having the means to do so. He would not forget that guilt in her eyes when she told him about it. That's why he knew she will not have it removed. Kuchiki Rukia is known to be a little masochist, preferring to herself for whatever wrong she committed.

And betraying him is something she knew she should not have done.

"It's done," the man said as he looked over his shoulder.

He nodded and stared at the unconscious woman. A bitter smile curved his lips before standing up to study it.

A rose tattoo.

It was well-engraved in her left chest. He brought out a few bills and handed it to the man. "You've done well," he said before turning to Rukia. "You'll always live with that mark Rukia. You're branded. A mark to remind you of what you did and a mark to remind you, you're mine."

He turned to the guy. "Take care of her until she wakes up. If you do something while she's in that condition, I will not hesitate to snap your neck."

He opened the door but looked back again. He felt sorry for having to hurt that way.

"Yeah," Grimmjaw nodded his head taking him out from his quiet reverie. "I'm a con man but I wanted to change for her ya know. And my woman is a few months pregnant."

"So, now you ended here because of killing a man."


"And who was the man who had you behind this cell?"

Grimmjaw's face hardened before turning to him. "Nnoitra Jiruga. I have no money to bail me out and neither does Nel. So I would be stuck here and won't be beside her when our baby is due."

There was an emotion which crossed his face for a short while before he raised his brow. 'I see. So you managed to kill Tesla eh? And it seems we have a common enemy now.'

The remark got a surprised look from the blue haired man before he sighed. "I had a feeling you're more than what you looked like. So you know them."



"Worked for them...then I quit...that's why I ended here."

"I don't see the relation to Shiba's death."

The guy closed his eyes again. "Hmm..."

They heard the cell opening and the guard from outside called. "Ryuzaki, a visitor for you."

A few seconds later, the door opened and Grimmjaw and his inmate stared at the older man wearing a briefcase. He studied them both behind his glass before turning to Kira.

"It took us twenty four years to finally find you, heir of the Schiffer family, Ulquiorra Schiffer."


How is that for a prologue? I would not reveal anything yet. I just sort of started it this way...hope you watch out for it.