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It only took a few minutes of Tristan speeding through Charming, California, to rest her eyes upon her destination. She had missed this place. The familiar rumbling underneath her stopped as soon as she cut the engine of her Harley. Without any hesitation, Tristan climbed off her motorcycle and walked into Teller-Morrow auto shop. She smiled as all the unforgettable sights and sounds reached her. She was finally home.

Jax looked up from the engine that he and Juice were working on, only to spot a woman leaning on the doorframe watching everyone in the garage work. Juice noticed his lapse in attention when Jax stopped answering his questions and looked up to see what had caught his gaze.

"Wow," Juice whistled under his breath. "Who the hell is she?"

"I'm not sure," Jax answered uncertainly. "I don't think I've ever seen her before."

She had long, dark curly hair and piercing blue eyes. Not to mention a figure worth staring at. There was something nagging at him that he couldn't place. The woman seemed so familiar, yet he had no idea who she was.

"It would probably help to do the work that Clay is paying you two to do, dumbasses," an irritable voice growled.

"Yeah yeah, don't get your panties in a twist Tig," Jax sighed.

"We were just checking out that hot piece of ass." Juice said with a grin.

Tig turned his head to see what they were talking about and immediately tensed up. He turned back to the two men and smacked Juice upside the head while giving Jax a withering glare. Jax just raised his eyebrow questioningly.

Tig shook his head and sighed. "Go get Clay."

While Jax sauntered off to find the boss, Tig snuck up behind the supposed mystery woman and scooped her up in a hug. She let out a small gasp a turned around, only to see Tig grinning down at her with a warm smile. Tristan let a squeal of happiness and wrapped her arms around his neck, returning the hug full-force.

"I missed you darlin'." Tig sighed quietly and buried his face in her hair.

"Well look who rolled back into town!" Clay exclaimed while he and Gemma approached.

Tig released her so they could embrace her as well.

"How have you been, doll?" Gemma asked with a warm smile.

"I've been better, but being home is changing things for the better."

"I'm glad you're home sweetheart." Clay said, embracing her again. Only this time when she got a bear hug from Clay, Tig noticed her wince. Under his critical eye he noticed that she was trying to hide a grimace of pain.

"Tristan, what happened to your stomach?" he questioned seriously.

Tristan sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "I'm fine."

Tig just crossed his arms and gave her a stern look.

"Fine, let's just say that SAMCRO didn't set the best example to the other MCs when you burned Kyle Hobart's cut off with a blowtorch. The Tacoma charter didn't see how I could belong to the club." She responded bitterly.

Jax, who had been by Gemma's side, had heard the entire thing and was in disbelief. How did the Tacoma charter find out about Hobart? With a quick look at glance at the two other men, Jax knew the outcome of the charter's actions wasn't going to be pretty. Clay looked ready to break something with his fist clenched at his sides, and Tig, well Tig just looked like he was ready for murder. Jax wondered what was up between the woman and Tig.

"When did this happen and how bad is it?" Clay asked in a low voice.

Tristan shrugged and pulled her black wife beater up above her bellybutton. "It was yesterday, on my way here."

Below her navel, in bold black letters read: Anarchy, with the reaper logo above her hip to the left of it. She had a large bandage below the letters, and Jax winced when he saw the blood leaking through.

"They only pinned me down for a few seconds before I got away, so my cut is still safe at least."

"Jesus Christ." Clay muttered. "How'd they get a hold of you? You've always been real fast."

"There was six of them and one of me. Plus I didn't think they'd go after someone with such close ties to the Redwood Original. People usually shit their pants when they find out Tigger's my overprotective big brother."

Jax almost choked on his own spit when she said that. This was Tig's little sister? That would explain the laser beam blue eyes, at least. But why did she have the SOA cut tattooed on her? Even the old ladies weren't supposed to have them. He made a mental note to ask about that later.

"You should really get to the hospital and get that checked out," Gemma said worriedly.

"It will be fine, it's not too bad. I could use somewhere to sleep, though." She said, giving Clay and Gemma a hopeful smile.

"You can have anything you need, darlin'." Clay said. "Don't ever hesitate to ask."

"You can have one of the spare club house rooms, I'm sure Tig would show you where to put your stuff." Gemma said with a comforting smile. She and Clay had been parental figures to her when she was growing up; according to Tig she was hard to handle as a teenager.

While Tig escorted her up to her new room with his arm around her shoulder, Jax turned back to his mother and step-father.

"Clay, how is it that she has the cut?" he asked in disbelief.

"Tristan Trager was the only woman ever excepted into the Son's of Anarchy. Though she's obviously not a 'son' she is still one of the very best. She deserves to wear the cut more than some of us."

"Not to mention she can outshoot Clay, Tig and Chibs combined and she's a hell of a hunter." Gemma added with a smile.

"More a huntress than a hunter, baby doll," Clay corrected with a laugh.

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