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Theme: Hermione Granger, born September 19

Prompt: Hagrid's hut


Quote: "Have you seen it?"

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They crept down the grassy slope, the moonlight lighting up their path. Even though they were hidden underneath Harry's invisibility cloak, they still walked with caution; flinching at every crack of a twig and every rustle of the trees. "How much longer till we arrive?" Whispered the far off voice of Luna Lovegood.

"Not much longer, Luna. Almost to Hagrid's." Neville Longbottom whispered back. The duo was on their way to begin to prepare a surprise party for Hermione Granger.

Currently, Hermione was sulking in her room, believing everyone had forgotten the book worm's seventeenth birthday. It was quite a ridiculous thought. Harry and Ron would do anything for her and she was one of the three who had saved the Wizarding world from Voldemort. She had a holiday in her name for Merlin's sake!

Luna, as usual, was in the middle of a daydream where she was a princess needing to be saved from a ferocious crumple-horned snorkack by her handsome knight. Luna was so into the daydream that she wasn't bothering to look down at ground and she happened to trip over a particularly uneven patch of grass.

She fell forward with a squeal and onto Neville. In the process of her fall he had turned towards her and, in result, she landed on top of him. Both stared into the others eyes; looks of shock, awe, and… longing? Luna had never seen such beautiful hazel eyes. Neville thought Luna looked like an angel; her long blonde hair creating a curtain around the pair and her crystal blue eyes framed by light lashes.

Luna gasped quietly as Neville leaned his face up slowly, waiting for her disapproval. At finding no sense of protest he pressed his lips softly to hers. Their lips moved in unison, only coming up for air when needed.

His mind raced as they kissed: him seeing just how beautiful and how right she was for him. He couldn't believe he didn't see it all these years. Well he wasn't about to let her go, not now that he'd found her.

She sighed as they pulled away, a grin spreading across her face. He smiled softly up at the beautiful girl above him and kissed her chastely once more. He got to his feet and offered his hand to the blonde.

"Why thank you my knight."

"Your 'knight'?" Neville asked with a smile as he pulled her up.

"Of course, my knight in shinning armor. Now lets be off, shall we? We've wasted enough time." Her voice was once again dreamy as he grasped her hand tightly.

As they walked onward, their destination coming closer with each quiet footfall, a thought occurred to Neville. "L-Luna… will you be my… er…" He stuttered over his words.

She turned to him, once again smiling that tranquil smile. "Your girlfriend? I'd love to be your girlfriend, Neville."

After what could have been ages but was most likely minutes, they made it to Hagrid's house. As he reached for the door handle she turned to him, a smile playing on her lips.

"Have you seen it?"

"Seen what, Luna?"

"My heart. I do believe you've stolen it."

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