Emmett looks down at the sleeping woman in his arms. He doesn't remember the last time he's been so content. Kira is curled into his side, her hand resting over his long-dormant heart. Reaching down, he strokes a stray curl of hair back from her face and she shifts a bit in her sleep.

He knows that he needs to get up soon and get to the club to pick up his Jeep and go home. His family is probably starting to wonder where he is by this time. Leaving his cell in the Jeep was probably not the best idea, but he really didn't want to deal with the calls from them all night. He'll just have to deal with the consequences later. They're probably going to be worried that he was gone all night considering they're in a new state and he did go to a human club. Oh well, time to bite the bullet.

He moves slowly so as not to disturb her from her slumber, but apparently she's a light sleeper.

"Where are you going?" Kira asks sleepily, stretching a bit.

"I was just going to call a cab to take me back to the club," Emmett replies.

"Don't be silly. I'll drive you back," Kira says through a stifled yawn. "Just let me get up and get ready."

As she rises from the bed the air swirls around her, and though he expects to be hit with the scent of her, he smells nothing. Odd, he thinks. Everyone has a smell; their blood gives off an odor that we can smell a mile away without a breeze. Something isn't right here, but I can't put my finger on it. He gets up and gets dressed, sitting on the edge of the bed as he waits for her to emerge from the bathroom.

Kira emerges from the bathroom ten minutes later and he thinks he catches the scent of lavender and lilac as she walks by. It sets his throat tingling. Hmmm, this just gets weirder by the minute. He watches as she gets dressed and heads out the door, beckoning for him to follow her. They head down the hall and back down the stairs they came up last night.

"Would you like some tea or coffee?" Kira asks as she set a kettle to boil on the stovetop.

"No, thank you," Emmett responds as he comes up behind her in the kitchen. The scent of lavender and lilac is still faint in the air. "That is lovely perfume you're wearing, Kira," Emmett groans in Kira's ear as he wraps his arms around her waist.

"I'm not wearing perfume, Emmett," Kira replies confused. Taking her teacup over to the table, she sits down. He joins her, not quite knowing what to make of this new development.

He watches as she drinks her tea, entranced by her lips on the cup. He knows that if he wants to get home at all, he needs to leave soon and not think about where he'd rather her lips be. The scent in the room is getting stronger and making the venom start to pool in his mouth, causing him to swallow more frequently. He's forming questions, and he needs to speak to his family sooner rather than later.

Kira gets up from the table and asks, "Ready to go, Emmett?"

"Not that I want to cut our time short... but I should get home..." Emmett sighs.

They get into her small car and start driving downtown toward the club. Noticing the scent of lavender and lilac getting even stronger the longer they are in the confined space. His throat starts to feel like it's on fire and the venom becoming harder to manage. The only thoughts going through his mind are, What the hell, did I just find my singer and, I need to get home soon and talk to Carlisle. Surprisingly he doesn't feel the need to kill her and drain her dry, which happened to him before when he was still a newborn vampire. Could the urge to not kill her mean she is more than my singer?

So preoccupied with his inner tirade, he hasn't even processed that the car has stopped. Kira's asking him where he's parked, and by her tone, it isn't the first time. "...Emmett... Hey in there... Where did you park?" Kira inquires.

"Sorry, spaced out for a minute there. I'm on Orange St. near Chestnut," Emmett says. "Just look for the really big Jeep."

Kira drives around the block, pulling up behind a monster Jeep and putting the car in park. As Emmett gets out, she puts a hand on his arm to stop him briefly and leans over to place a kiss to his cheek.

"Call me when you get in so I know you got home safely, okay?" Kira asks softly, looking up into Emmett's eyes from under her eyelashes as she speaks.

"I will most definitely do that," Emmett responds as he leans in, cupping her face in his cold hand, kissing her lips gently. "And I will be calling you during the week to see when you want to get together again, if you would like to, that is..." Emmett asks tentatively.

"I would love to see you again," Kira answers with a smile.

With that, Emmett steps out of her car and walks to his Jeep and climbs in. He watches as she drives away and takes his phone from the console to turn it on.

Once it powers up he is greeted by multiple texts and voicemails from his family. They have been wondering where he was and what he was doing to make him 'disappear'. He was to call them as soon as he got these messages.

He opens his phone, hits Alice's number and presses call. She picks up on the first ring.

"Where have you been?" Alice shrieks.

"I had a date. You knew that," Emmett groans.

"But you disappeared from my visions," she declares. "And then when we couldn't reach you, we tried to track you, but lost your scent in Manchester at some club."

"That's where I picked my date up," Emmett huffs. "As for losing my scent, I need to talk to Carlisle about that. I need to talk to him about a lot when I get home. I'll see you in forty-five. We'll talk then."

Hanging up, he drives home thinking about the last twelve hours and the woman he held in his arms, the strange occurrences, and the possibilities for the future.