"How many times I gotta tell yah? Can't go around huggin' on my arm in fronta' people, 'specially not on Halloween, yah flammin' immbecile! Street cred, Squeak, remeber?"

Surprisingly, Bubbles was speaking more calmly to Squeak than usual; although he was still pretty much scolding the boy like he was his mother, he didn't do it in the rough tone that was normal.

"Oh, yeah, street cred! I gotcha', Bub...ah, Spike!"

"Better, then. Now, no more of that PDA crap."


Squeak tilted his head to one side and pooched a lip out, giving Bubbles a rather odd face while trying to convey to the taller boy that he was, in fact, confused.

"...What?" Bubbles quirked his brow at the black-haired male, now feeling confused himself.


"Means 'public display of affection', genius."

"Oh." Squeak brought his index finger up to his lips to gnaw at the nail a bit.

After a moment, Bubbles looked back down at his lover, silently remebering their last liasion. He scratched the back of his head, feeling awkward as he then placed his hand on Squeak's shoulder and tugged him close against his side.

Squeak looked up at him questioningly.

"...But, Bubbles, you said no public--"

"We aint in no public place right now, dummy." He blushed lightly as what he knew to be merely an excuse slipped past his lips and rolled his eyes to look in the other direction, still holding the other boy against his side. Squeak nodded giddily and admiringly, wraping his arms around the taller of the two's waist and snuggling against him.

Bubbles gave a small, embarassed smile after a minute and bent down to plant a small kiss on Squeak's forehead.

After all, wasn't like they were in public.