Disclaimer: "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" is created by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, and many characters used here are owned by Cinemassacre, Channel Awesome and PBC Productions. Other than the narrator, not one character used here is mine.

September 2nd, 2009:

That day, a party was held at SGS Museum. I had worked there for one year, and some people apparently thought that was worth celebrating. One of them even assured me that there'll another party later this year, as another employer had been working for them for ten years. The poor man. But enough about that.

I had returned to my own home after an unnecessarily long party. I had hoped to get ten hours of sleep, probably more. If I was hoping to get that much sleep, it probably wasn't a smart thing to do, checking my e-mails first.

As most of you probably remember, I had posted this journal last year, which concerned my trip around the world. To this day, I'm still getting replies to that. The one dumber than the other. Some are several remarks about the surrealism of it, others are questions about what my gender may or may not be (I don't know what I did to make some people think I'm a female). The rest are just complaints as to how it is not suitable for kids to read, or how it's not "christian" enough,... like I said, one reply being dumber than the other. But there was this one message that stuck out. Why? Because this one had nothing to do with my journal. Not directly anyways. It was sent by a guy who called himself Razmere. And I thought Ruxpin was a weird name. Anyway, what he had to say in his message was the following:

"Dear um... Narrator,"

Of course, I never mentioned my name, and my username was just a standard name that the website (where I posted my journal) gives to new people signing up. In other words, he had no name to call me by, so he calls me Narrator. I suppose this person's funny, so I continued reading.

"You're probably wondering why a well-known superhero would be sending you a message."

If this guy Razmere were well-known, I would wonder exactly that. But I never heard of him before, so let's just leave it at me wondering why he's sending me a message.

"It's a long story, but where it comes down to is that we... that is, me and my cohorts, need help and... well, That Guy With The Glasses thought you'd our best bet."

I didn't know this Guy With Glasses, but if he thinks I could be of any use, he must be an idiot.

"Anyway, you've probably heard of these terrorists that are trying to take over the entire entertainment industry."

If only this guy knew what I've been doing in the past few months, prior to that party I mentioned, he'd know I barely had the time to watch the news. In which case, no I don't know about said terrorists.

"But in reality, they're not really terrorists. They're just confused. But... I guess I should really start from the beginning."

It would be nice if he did that before he bragged about him being well-known, but that's just my opinion.

"First, you might want to look at the videos on the links I provided here. Coz believe it or not, that's where my story starts."

I thought of ignoring this, as I needed to get some sleep, but if this really involves terrorists as he claimed, and if my help was AT ALL needed as he suggested, I suppose I had to look through the whole message, look at the videos provided to me, and see where I'll go from there.

Note: if you're wondering, yes this narrator is the same one from my earlier story, "How I Spent My Summer"