Subject: Hi?

Hi, whosoever reads this; my name's Kirsten (I'm not telling you my surname, because that'd make me as kooky as ol' Jill), and I found this diary. I found it in the alleyway past where I usually walk to school, next to a dumpster, kinda shoved underneath it. I found it sitting in a huge puddle of blood, a huge one; I didn't find Jill, though. Jill, that's who wrote in this diary before me? She wasn't there. I don't know what happened to her, but I found this, and I decided that I'm gonna keep it. I really shouldn't, because it's a kooky journal, but I want to, for some reason. This Jill sure was a loon, wasn't she? Plots with the Joker, a crazy best friend she projected all her issues onto; real crazy kind of gal. But I'm going to examine this jouranl...dammit, I wrote in pen; this journal. I'm gonna examine this and dissect every bit of this crazy Jill's writing, and try to crack into what she was thinking.

I'll be the next Freud! Except...well, except without shipping you/your mother. Because that's ucky.

Right now, I'm in English class. I've got Psychology next, and that's why I'm keeping this kinda bloodstained journal to examine; I'm going to use it for my senior psychology project, and pass with flying colors! Hell, I'll be the most creative person in class! Awesome. :D

From what I've read of Jill's writing, she's got anger issues, feels inferior to this Helen friend of hers on some subconscious level (maybe for Helen's physical features? There was mention of Jill envying Helen's hair, though not her eyes; that could just be denial on a base level, though), and yet clings to her for one reason or another. If Helen was really as annoying as Jill says here, then Jill would have abandoned her a long time ago; no, Jill seems to need to feel superior in one fact or another over someone else; inferiority complex, possibly? I'm not sure.

Well, enough about Jill the kook; I'll tell you about me. I'm Kirsten, just turned seventeen; I won't even be eighteen when I graduate high school! My birthday is in the summer, that's why; I'm no super genius child or anything, though my reading comprehension is pretty high. Anyway, I'm your average kid; brown hair (I say dirty blonde, everyone else just thinks brown, which means they're wrong), off-green eyes, slightly on the short side, that one nerdy girl that sits in the back of the class and doesn't speak to anybody but a select few friends. Wears one coat all year round, though it's not like I don't wash it or anything; I just wear one comfortable coat all year round. The heat doesn't bother me, not really; it's damn handy in wintertime anyway, so ha ha, anybody who thinks my coat looks creepy, ha ha.


Anywho! I'm Kirsten, and I'm writing in a clean journal. Not Jill's. I wouldn't destroy our evidence; unscientific thing to do, that would be. And I think we're going to be friends.

:D :D :D

PS: I'm going to eventually give the journal back to Jill, if I can. It's not mine, after all, and I don't want the crazy ol' bitch to hunt me down for stealing her preeecious~