Author's Comments: Okay, guys. Admit it. You know they were a little homo erotic. This pair stuck out faaaaarrr too much in my mind for me not to write it. :


"Hot do you gut someone?" The trebling tone in the poor girl's voice revealed just how shaken and disgusted she was by the whole ordeal; her heart seemed to twist up in knots, she felt as if she were going to wretch the contents of or stomach up.

"You take a knife," Stu's normally playful and joking voice now appeared to be taking on a far more menacing and darker tone. "and cut them from groin to sternum..."


It was a movie; that's all life was. That's what Billy had aways said. Everybody stars in their very own films, they get to pick their genres, their own paths.

And, boy, did Billy and Stu pick theirs.

The amazing thing was the simplicity of easily they came up with ideas for their 'plot'; watching a few movies and taking a few notes as they went along.

Of course, all movies needed their little twists and turns in it, to make it exciting. And whoever made up a rule about movies having to stick to simply one genre? A comedic film could just as easily also be a drama. So why couldn't a horror movie be a romantic?

And it was wonderful; so well planned and confirgured. Billy would be the main character, of course, acting as the intelligent, pyschotic, homicidal maniac; Stu would play the role as his sidekick and lover. The two would share a twisted and bloody romance, entangled in their own story of deceit and perfectly-planned murder, leaving behind them a trail death and broken lives as they finished their first 'movie' and planned the upcoming sequeal.

It was all just too perfect.

They had their plot. They had their characters. They had their whole story, ready to just prepare to set the gears in motion and watch them turn, letting the film play out and all the scenes of panic and fear unfold right before their eyes as they hid in the shadows, two wolves in sheeps' clothing, totally innocent bystanders just as frightened of becoming the next victims of the masked, 'Ghostface' killer as every other being that was shaking in their knees around them.

All that was missing was a title. Every movie had to have a good title.

They'd go on forever, or so they said. Well, at least as long as they lived.

Another word for forever could be....