"Mom, I can't stand it… Can't we just go home? I need to finish packing." Cheyenne's voice sounded hurt and annoyed at the same time as she looked away from her father and his bride, and focused her look on her mother,

Reba sighed, "Cheyenne-"

"Please, mommy. I wanna go too…" Her son's small voice cut her off and she bit her lip, turning to her younger daughter, "Is that how you feel too?"

The girl shrugged and stared intently at the newlyweds, "Whatever. Just don't let me go over there, I might slap them silly."

"Kyra!" Reba said in a warning tone, glaring at the red-haired girl though she felt the same way.

She had thought it was the right thing to do, taking her kids to her ex-husband's wedding, she meant to drop them off and let them spend some time with their father before she would pick them up.
Instead she had ended up staying, letting their pleas to stay with them get to her.

And while she expected them to enjoy their time with Brock on his wedding day, the kids were now begging her to leave, begging her to take them away from the hurt they were experiencing by watching their father get married to another woman, after he broke their family and their mother's heart.

"Mom, please." Kyra too was begging her to leave now.

Reba sighed and closed her eyes tiredly for a second, "Guys, come on… I'm sure your dad wants y'all here…"

Cheyenne shook her head and placed a hand on Reba's shoulder, "But we don't want to be here. Not after what he did to you." She stated firmly, shooting a quick glance to her mother's belly.


Almost three months had passed since her divorce was final, and even though it had been almost four months since the last time Brock had made love to her, the night he told her how he needed to marry Barbra Jean, she remembered it vividly. In her mind she went over and over the way his kisses and touches felt, the way his body fitted so perfectly with hers, but most of all, she remembered the moment she asked him if she were pregnant too, exactly like Barbra Jean, if it would have made any difference.

He hadn't answered, because of course she wasn't pregnant at all.

That was perhaps her most vivid memory of the night, but what she remembered even more vividly was waking up feeling strangely dizzy a few weeks after their last encounter. She remembered throwing up that morning and thinking it must have been something she ate.

She then remembered throwing up for quite a few days after the first episode when she woke up dizzy and nauseous. She could vividly remember how she noticed that she was exceptionally sensitive to smells. And finally she remembered the day she found out her jeans didn't fit anymore and most of her blouses were now getting tight around her chest.

That was when it hit her, and after having it confirmed by her doctor all she could do was locking up in her bedroom and cry her heart out, feeling sorry for herself and for the life growing inside of her, not entirely sure she could raise a kid alone, and not sure on how to tell Brock either.

Eventually Cheyenne, being as curious and annoying as she could be, found out what was bothering Reba so much, and, as sweet as loving as she was, she promised Reba that everything would be alright and they could make it on their own.

The day after their conversation, Reba was offered a job teaching English at the college Cheyenne and Van planned to attend, in Nashville.

After a long family meeting, during which the other members of their family, Kyra, Jake and Van, were told about Reba's pregnancy and the possibility of moving to Nashville, the family all agreed on moving, thinking they all would be better off away from Houston, and Reba decided she wasn't going to tell Brock about their unborn child.

'What you don't know, can't hurt you.' She told herself over and over, almost justifying herself to her own eyes.

She would be far away, raising her baby alone, and Brock would be better off not knowing, taking care of his own son and his new wife.


"Mrs. H, let's go." Van grabbed her arm gently, feeling anger rise inside of him as he watched her look at Brock with tears sparkling in her eyes.

"Come on, guys." Cheyenne quietly said, pushing her brother and sister out of the bench as she helped Van to pull Reba up, placing a hand on her mother's growing baby bump and covering her own swollen belly protectively.

"You should wait to say goodbye to your dad…" Reba weakly protested, suddenly feeling kind of light-headed and holding onto Van not to fall to the ground.

"No, we shouldn't. We should just take you home, mom." Kyra was soon at her side, helping her walk away from the bench, "Van, can you drive?"

Reba stopped for a second to breathe in deeply and chuckled slightly, "It's okay, Kyra, I'm fine."

"You sure, Mrs. H?" Van looked at her, worried.

"I'm sure. Let's go home." Reba smiled and wrapped her arms around her family as best as she could, the five of them leaving the church as the couple at the altar said 'I do'.


"So you're leaving for real, huh?" Brock gave his kids a pained look as he helped them carry boxes and suitcases into Reba's car.

"Yes, dad. We're leaving." Cheyenne gave him a small smile, "We think it'll be for the best, we're all settled down there in Nashville. Mom's got a great job, Van and I will go to college… even Kyra and Jake found schools they love."

"And we have a huuuge house, daddy. With a yard and a threehouse!" Jake grinned excitedly and Brock smiled, stroking his hair, "I bet it's beautiful, buddy. I promise I'll come see it and I will play with you in that treehouse."

"Okay!" Jake grinned again and hugged his waist before running away to help Van carry one of the light bags.

Brock smiled after him and walked back into the now empty and sold house, just as Reba slowly made her way down the stairs, carrying one of her bags.

"Hey…" Brock looked up and smiled faintly, trying to ignore the pain in his heart as he watched her leave his life forever. "Let me get that." He offered, taking from her the bag that she was dragging down the stairs.

"Thanks… but you've already done enough, Brock." Reba smiled a little and tried to get her bag back, but he wouldn't let her.

"No, it's fine. I want to help, and you shouldn't carry such a heavy bag anyway." He put the bag down on the floor and looked at her intently, "Are you sure you're gonna be alright? You look so pale…"

His hand instinctively moved up and he touched her face before he knew it, cupping her cheek in the palm of his hand.

Reba couldn't help but sigh and lean into his touch, while Cheyenne, who was about to walk in through the door, stopped dead in her tracks.

"Is there anything you need to tell me, Reba?" Brock looked straight into her eyes, unconsciously caressing her cheek with his thumb.

Reba swallowed hard at his question and looked down, unable to hold his gaze as she shook her head no.

"Is there anything you want to tell me?" Brock asked again, pulling her chin up to look at her.

Reba sighed and opened her mouth as to answer, "I…" She hesitated and closed her mouth, pulling away from him, "No, there's nothing I want to tell you, Brock."

After all what difference would it make? They would soon be far away and she had every intention to make this their last face-to-face talk ever. She couldn't risk to be seen later on in her pregnancy nor she did want him to see her a with a new baby.

Maybe one day, when her child would be old enough, she will tell him or her about their father. Maybe one day she will tell Brock about their baby. Maybe one day she will take her son or daughter to meet Brock, but not now.

Now she just needed to walk away and leave before the tears, that she felt pressing to escape her eyes, started to pour down her face. She needed to turn around and get away from him before she slipped her secret.

"Are you sure? Baby, I'm worried…" Brock cupped her face in both his hands to keep her close, looking into her eyes again, and she could see the worry and hurt in his eyes, and she knew he knew she was lying. And she also knew that the pet name he used was only a mistake, a word he accidentally slipped and wasn't supposed to say.

A lonely tear rolled down her cheek and fell on Brock's hand as she forced herself to hold his gaze.

"I'm…" More tears rolled down her face and she saw his expression change into a terrified look, he knew something was wrong, he just didn't know what was going it.

"Reba… Honey…" Brock looked at her, almost scared at her reaction now, and he leaned over to kiss away her tears, wanting to pull her as close to him as he could at least for one last time.

Feeling her body being pulled towards Brock's, his lips brushing ever so lightly against her cheek, kissing away her tears, Reba felt her knees go weak and she suddenly felt quite light-headed.

As she watched them, Cheyenne felt like she had been thrown into some kind of fairytale-like story where her parents were still loving to each other, hugging in the living room while her father worried about her mother's health like he always did.

But the living room was now empty and cold, and it wasn't their living room anymore. Her parents weren't married anymore and they weren't supposed to hug and kiss like before.

And there were things about her mother's health that her father wasn't supposed to find out.

"Dad, I think Van could use a little help outside, why don't you go? I'll help mom in here." Cheyenne said quickly after clearing her throat and stepping up to her parents.

As soon as his daughter's voice reached him, Brock pulled away from Reba, startled, "Erm…yeah, I guess… I'll be outside." He gave Reba another long, worried glance and stepped away quickly, leaving room to Cheyenne to approach Reba.

"Mom, are you okay?" Cheyenne touched her mother's shoulder and looked at her, as worried as her father had been before.

"Yes…I'm fine…" Reba mumbled faintly, wiping away her tears. "I just need to go to the bathroom for a second… You…don't take the bag, you're not supposed to lift heavy stuff." Reba rolled her eyes as she watched her daughter pick up the bag from the floor.

"Neither are you." Cheyenne gave her a small smirk. "I'll wait for you here. Call if you need me." She smiled and followed Reba's movements with her eyes as she watched her walk into the bathroom and close the door behind her back, sighing heavily as she leaned against the empty, blank wall next to her.

Stepping into the bathroom, Reba leaned against the sink, splashing some cold water on her face. The dizziness had left her already, thankfully, but the weird feeling in the pit of her stomach wouldn't go away. She felt like someone had punched her and kicked her as she stood motionless and took every hit as hard as it could come. She felt like she had been on the edge of a cliff, risking her life for a few seconds, like her foot had slipped down and she was about to fall off.

She now realized how weak she had become in Brock's arms once again, she had been about to tell him everything she had fought so hard to keep secret.

What if she had told him she was pregnant with his baby? Would he believe her? Would he decide to come back to her?

No, she didn't think so. Then why bother at all?

'What you don't know, can't hurt you.' She told herself over again, looking in the mirror and taking a deep breath.

Once in Nashville their life would be different, she could go on pretending for a few hours more, couldn't she?