The sunlight shining through the curtain lit up the room and fell upon Reba's face, her long red hair spread on the pillow glowing and contrasting sharply with the fair skin of her bare shoulder.

A smile graced her face as she kept her eyes closed and savoured the feel of her naked body tightly wrapped in the lavender scented sheets, telling her that all the events that had taken placed the night before weren't a dream.

With her eyes still closed she rolled on her side and reached out, but her smile soon faded and her eyes shot open when she felt the cold sheet under her fingers. She looked around the room and everything was just perfect, like nobody but her had ever walked into that room.

She didn't want that. She didn't want everything to look normal. She wanted to see clothes scattered on the floor, she wanted to hear noises coming from her bathroom, she wanted to feel a warm body laying next to her. She wanted Brock to be there, but he was gone.

After all he said, after she let him back into her bed, she opened up to him and told him how much she loved him, and after all the promises he made, he was gone once again. He didn't even leave a note, he didn't wake her up to kiss her good-bye, to explain to her why he had to run away. He just did, and broke her heart once again.

Her eyes filled up with tears as she turned to her alarm clock, the bright red numbers telling her that she had slept in, too long to take a last look at him. Why didn't she feel it coming, why didn't she realize that he was going to leave her again?

Mustering up all the strength left in her body, Reba swallowed a sob and wiped away a few tears as she got up and reached for her underwear, now neatly placed on a pile of folded clothes on a chair. He had taken his time to clean up the mess they left the night before, he took his clothes and placed hers on a chair like he knew she would do. The thought of it brought more tears to Reba's eyes and she just grabbed her robe quickly and put it on, tying it and taking a deep breath as she walked out of the bedroom.

Lisa would wake up soon and she needed to check on her, so she went straight into the nursery, looking through blurry eyes as tears kept on pouring down her face. Elizabeth's bed was empty, and of course she knew why, if Brock was gone he had taken his son with him. She then stepped up to Lisa's bed and her heart sank somewhere near her stomach when she realized it was empty as well.

Her head started spinning and she gripped the bed's bars so tightly that her knuckles turned white. A strangled scream escaped her throat and she felt herself start to slide down to the floor, until she was kneeling down and holding tightly onto the bed, her tears now followed by loud sobs.

He was gone and he had taken their daughter. No, her daughter. She was the one who raised her, she was the only parent Lisa had ever known, he had no right to take her baby away. The baby she kept despite everything being so messed up, the baby she loved and gave everything to. Her whole life revolved around her baby girl, and now he took her away.

Her sobs turned into an angry growl and she quickly got back on her feet, her teeth clenched and anger rushing through her veins as she threw herself out of the room and down the stairs, looking for the phone.

What she spotted on the couch, instead, made her heart skip a bit. There was Henry, fast asleep on her couch, a blanket wrapped around his body and a teddy-bear tightly held in his hand.

So Henry was there. That meant Brock couldn't have gone anywhere. He didn't take her baby, he didn't leave her. And as soon as she stepped up to the kitchen entrance, Reba realized how wrong she had been and fresh tears filled up her eyes, immediately rolling down her cheeks.

There he was, the love of her life, holding their baby girl tightly in his arms as he placed food on a breakfast tray. Two coffee cups, orange juice, pancakes, eggs and bacon. Everything for two. A lovely breakfast for the two of them, that he probably intended to surprise her with.

She pressed her hand to her mouth to muffle a sob as she watched her daughter lift her head from Brock's shoulder and look at him.

"You like my mommy?" Lisa asked, glancing at the tray and then looking back up at Brock. Reba smiled through the tears at the innocent question, leaning against the doorframe so that she wouldn't be seen from the kitchen.

"I do, baby girl. I love your mommy." Brock smiled and kissed the girl's forehead, adding a few things to the breakfast tray.

Lisa seemed to ponder his answer, then she leaned back against his shoulder, holding him tightly, "You're Cheyenne, Kyra and Jakey's daddy. I see pictures." She just stated, causing Reba's breath to get stuck in her throat and her eyes to go wide.

Brock's eyes also widened in surprise, but he quickly got over it and smiled as he nodded, "Yes, I'm their daddy."

"I want a daddy too." Lisa's voice was so quiet that Reba could barely hear what she said, but it was enough to make her want to disappear. She never wanted this, she never wanted her daughter to be sad or feel like there was something she was missing out on.

"I can be your daddy…" Brock's eyes shined with tiny tears as he looked at the child in his arms.

"Really?" Lisa looked up and her big, blue eyes were sparkling with joy while she grinned.

Brock nodded and held her even closer, showering her face with kisses, "I can be your daddy…if your mommy wants me to."

Lisa giggled a little and squealed, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, "Let's go ask mommy!"

Tears of happiness escaped Reba's eyes and she wiped them away as she couldn't help but smile brightly as she heard Brock reply, "Fine, let's bring mommy breakfast too." She watched him balance the tray on one hand, still not letting go of Lisa, and she decided to finally walk into the kitchen.

Brock looked up and grinned as he saw Reba approaching him and Lisa into the kitchen, "Hey honey, the kids woke up and I brought them down here and made brea-" His sentence was cut short when Reba's lips pressed gently on his for a soft kiss.

"I know…" She whispered, looking into his eyes and kissing him again.

Brock kissed her back and cupped her cheek when he pulled away, a worried look on her face, "Why did you cry?" He whispered, pecking her lips and caressing her cheek.

"It doesn't matter…" Reba smiled and leaned into his touch, turning her head to Lisa, who was pulling at her sleeve.

"Mommy, he can be my daddy!" The little girl said excitedly.

"Only if mommy wants me to." Brock added, still unsure.

Reba smiled brightly and kissed Lisa's forehead, "You can call him daddy, baby…" She answered, looking into Brock's eyes, "…and he will be the best daddy in the world."