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Three days later

Brennan was slowly regaining her consciousness. Her body hurt. But it was not that she was not used to the pain. She was. The pain was a constant feeling for the past eight years. There was something strange, though. Somebody was holding her hand, stroking it gently. That person was also talking. She didn't understand words but the tone was soothing, hopeful, and so familiar!

She was afraid to open her eyes. Afraid that, if she did it, she would see the walls in her room, the wall she hated. Afraid that the voice was a hallucination. But the time passed and it didn't cease to exist. On the contrary, it was more coherent for her, and she began to understand what was being said.

"…I need you. I missed you so much! The thought of not seeing you ever again was killing me. I've never lost hope. I looked for you; I knew you were out there. And now, when I've finally found you, I still can't talk to you! I can't look into your eyes, hear your voice. I remember it, you know. Your voice, your smile… You look really beautiful when you smile."

He was silent for a moment, before continuing, "Your kids are great. Alex' behaviour and intelligence reminds me of you every moment. Scarlett looks like a mini version of you. Max has told me you looked the same when you were her age. He was here in the morning. And all our friends were, too. They are worried about you. And so am I."

For a few moments there was silence in the room. It scared Brennan, she didn't want to be left alone, didn't want the voice to stop. When she heard it again, it was so sad, that her heart almost skipped a beat.

"I can't go on without you! You have to wake up! Please…I need you. And your children need you, too. No, our children. Our."

Brennan thought her heart will burst with all the feeling she felt. But she still was too afraid to open her eyes.

"I know that Alex is my son. And Scarlett… she is your daughter and that's enough for me to love her as my own, to think of her as my own. It is, if you let me."

He sighed. "During these three days I've barely seen them. Angela is looking after them when I'm here with you. Thinking of it, they should be here soon."

Booth was looking at Brennan trying to persuade himself, that she was real. She was so close, and yet so far away… He wished she had woken up.

Suddenly he felt a movement. A moment later he realized, that she had just squeezed his hand. Looking at her face hopefully he saw what he was dreaming of for the last eight years – her beautiful blue-grey eyes.