A large black eagle sailed through the sky above the high trees only to land on top of the highest one. It watched the village below sleep as the sun was slowly rising. The eagle sat there for hours as the village people woke up and started their work for the day. No one paid any attention to the black eagle, but if they had, they would have seen an intelligent glint in its shining green eyes. Perhaps they would have become suspicious, but as no one saw it, they continued without knowing they were being watched. The eagle stopped watching the people and stared for a while at the four heads, which were carved into the stone on the mountain beside the village. Again, if one looked closely one would have seen a stunned and awed expression on the its face, if one looked very, very closely of course.

Suddenly, the eagle took to the air and sailed towards the mountain. The bird took his time, enjoying being in the sky and the feeling of freedom it gave. Just as it sailed over a darkened alley, a pain filled cry reached the mysterious eagle. Unable to ignore what it had heard, the eagle flew towards the sound.

As it came closer, the bird saw about ten people gathered around something. Unable to see what it was, the eagle flew closer and spotted a patch of yellow and red. Instantly, the bird picked up the scent of blood and saw the yellow spot curl into itself. To the horror of the eagle, the yellow spot appeared to be a body of a 4 year old boy covered in his own blood. The village people screamed at the boy, and at the same time hit and kicked him without holding back.

The eagle dived towards the mass of people with a shriek and opened up it claws to use them against everything and everyone they could touch. The villagers screamed and tried to hit the attacking bird, but it was too fast for them. A couple of ninja launched some kunai, but again, the bird was too quick for any of them to hit.

The mass of people started to back away from the attacking bird, deciding to give up on torturing the demon child for the day. At last, the only ones left were the young boy and the now calm eagle. The boy whimpered and shuddered and the eagle knew that he had to do something otherwise the boy could die.

Slowly, the eagle transformed into a man the height of 5'7" with midnight black hair and glowing green eyes. The man got on his knees and held out a hand over the beaten boy's body in an attempt to heal him. As the man was doing this, the boy turned his face to the stranger and watched the man with unmasked fear in his eyes. The man noticed immediately and tried to soothe the boy.

"Shhh, it's okay, I won't hurt you. I'm only want to help you." The green eyed stranger held out his hand slowly again, showing the boy that he had no weapon and did not want to hurt him. He smiled gently and lowered his hand when the boy nodded and closed his eyes in exhaustion.

When the boy spoke, the stranger almost did not hear him because his voice was so weak and low. "Who are you?"

"Me?" the man replied, "My name is Harry Potter."

So what do you think? Worth continue or what?