Chapter 7

Hermione had a restless sleep and woke up early to take a good long run. Ron and Caroline were already there waiting for her to wake up. When she saw them so early, she panicked that something had happened, like Harry dropped out of the wedding or some other disaster.

"Why are you two here so early?" she asked nervously.

"Mione, we need to do a dress fitting and a rehearsal today, first the dresses then the church, is that OK?" Hermione nodded and grabbed a glass of water.

"Do I have time for a quick run?" Ron looked at her and smirked, "Mione, you are so thin already why do you torture yourself?" Hermione laughed at him and as Caroline nodded she ran out the front door taking a huge deep breath to calm her nerves.

When she arrived back an hour later, she heard more voices in the kitchen and recognised Harry's straight away.

"Good morning everyone, I am just having a quick shower, won't be long." Hermione yelled out from the hallway. She waited a few minutes to see if Harry would come to her, but he didn't, so she went upstairs.

They all decided on meeting after the dress fittings at 12.30 for lunch since the church rehearsal was at 2pm. The morning flew by and the girls really enjoyed themselves. Hermione got on really well with Caroline's old school friend, Helena, and her little niece Crystal, who was the flower girl. The girls dresses were very formal, the top of the strapless dress was white satin and it rouched into the centre of the bust. Under the bust it had a line of diamante's and then the rest of the dress was black satin and it fell in waves down to the ground. Hermione and Helena's dresses were the same but Crystal's dress was the same design but all white with a black ribbon around the waist. It matched Caroline's dress, just a miniature version and Caroline's had a long train flowing behind. Everyone looked stunning and the morning was filled with lots of laughs and happiness.

The girls arrived at the restaurant and the boys were already there. Ron had chosen Charlie to be one of his grooms men and Caroline's little brother, Cain, was the page boy. Harry's mood was sombre, he wouldn't make eye contact with Hermione and he wouldn't start a conversation but he would join in when asked directly. No-one noticed his mood but Hermione did. She deliberately sat across from him so she could watch him without being too obvious.

The church rehearsal was a strain to say the least. It was excruciatingly difficult for Hermione to walk down the aisle and watch Harry at the front of the alter and of course, it had to be done again and again and a-bloody-gain. If that priest said they had to do it one more time, Hermione was sure she was going to do something very un-religious to him. And what was probably more frustrating was that Harry wouldn't make any comment or show any emotions, it was like he was a zombie.

The priest still wasn't happy and he decided that they would try to walk in a different way, so he got them to walk down in pairs to the front alter.

That was it, Hermione was going to scream.

"Sorry I am not walking down that aisle with Harry, no way!" Hermione stomped her foot lightly but the priest knew she was serious. They were standing at the back of the church with Charlie and Helena and as Ron and Caroline were practising next, they were sitting down the front.

Harry walked over, pulled her close to his body and whispered something in Hermione's ear and she stopped and looked at him. She walked over to the door and told the priest to get this over with. Harry walked up next to her and put his elbow out for her to take it. She huffed and roughly took it.

They walked down the aisle quickly but the priest stopped them and called them back. Hermione growled at him and turned around to stomp back to the rear of the church. Caroline was trying to stop the smirk on her face but Ron wasn't so careful, he burst out laughing.

Hermione turned around and threw a glare at him and he stopped quickly.

As Harry approached Charlie, Charlie looked at him and questioned what he said to Hermione.

"Nothing mate, just reminded her of a little speech she gave me about this being Ron and Caroline's day, that's all." Harry shrugged and walked back to Hermione and put his elbow out again.

This time he turned her around to face him and he stepped closer to her and looked her in the eye.

Hermione's heart was beating so fast she was sure he could see it through her t-shirt, she looked up into his eyes and he leant closer to her and whispered,

"Mione, we only have to do this right so it works for Ron tomorrow then you can move back to your new little home and never see me again, OK?." He pulled back and turned around to face the front of the church. Hermione was shocked and hurt. He obviously didn't want her and now she felt even more foolish than she did before.

After a couple more attempts and the page boy and flower girls getting their steps correct in one go, they all left to go home. Hermione was quiet for the rest of the day and when they got back to the Burrow, Hermione excused herself to have a soothing shower.

The hot water was relaxing on her neck and shoulders. She had never been in a wedding party before and didn't know how much work was involved. They still had to go to the reception this afternoon and lay out all the place cards and pick up the dresses on the way back. Ron was staying at the Burrow tonight so he could be with the boys and not see his bride tonight. Hermione let her thoughts drift back to Harry. She was trying to decide whether to confront him or not, if she did she could ruin what little of a relationship they have left, but if she didn't she was sure she would go completely insane. She turned around to turn off the water and grabbed the large white fluffy towel that was hanging on top of the shower door. She stepped out and came face to face with Harry.

"What the hell are you doing in here?" she stumbled back and almost fell over but Harry grabbed her arm quickly.

"I want to talk to you." Harry smirked at the expression on her face.

"Well, can't you wait till I am decent Harry, for Merlin's sake?" Hermione tried to grab her clothes from behind him but she had to brush up against his body to reach them. She heard Harry's quick intake of breath and stepped back. Her hair was dripping wet and it fell in light curls down around her face. She lowered her head and looked down at the floor. Harry stepped closer to her and lifted her face to his.

"Harry, I can't keep doing this. I can't keep up with you, one minute you kiss me and tell me you love me then you're gone and don't talk to me all day, what is it?" Harry stepped closer and carefully placed his arms around her waist, he was waiting to see whether she would pull back. She didn't.

"Mione, you drive me insane. I can't function without you. My life has been completely upside down since you left me and I have no idea how to fix it. I almost went insane when I saw you with that Brian man and then when you left with him, it almost killed me. I just don't know what to do, I'm scared that it will all end badly and I will lose you forever." Harry's sincerity could not be questioned and Hermione placed one hand on his cheek.

"Harry, you can't live like that, you need to take chances sometimes. Maybe it won't work out but you will never know if you don't take that leap and try." Hermione leant up and kissed him chastely on his lips and turned out of his embrace. She went to walk out of the small bathroom but Harry grabbed her arm and pulled her back into his body. He crushed his lips onto hers and she returned the kiss with as much passion. She pulled back and looked at Harry, her Harry, again.

"Harry, what do you want?"

"You Mione, only you." Harry smiled a crooked smile and Hermione smiled too.

The two lovers kissed for a few more minutes, there was no desperation, no hurriedness, just two people showing each other how much they loved each other. Harry walked her back into her room and she changed quickly.

"Harry, I still need to go back to Canada," she was nervous it may mess up what they had.

"I know Mione, but I have to ask you something, is there anyone over there?" Harry's look was sheepish and Hermione smiled.

"No Harry, there's only one man for me." Harry smiled and kissed her again. They walked downstairs and everyone noticed the change in their relationship immediately.

"OH my Merlin, don't tell me you two finally got your act together?" Ron smirked.

"Ha ha Ronald, come on we have a wedding to get ready for." Hermione smiled and sat down. Caroline hugged her and had a few tears and Ron and Harry had a hug.

"You hurt her mate, and I am coming after you." Ron told Harry very clearly, Harry laughed and nodded his head.


The wedding went off without a hitch. Harry and Hermione actually got their steps right on the first go which was good since that's all they got. The flower girl and page boy were the stars of the day when they drove into the reception in a miniature Ferrari. Caroline was absolutely radiant and Ron was gleaming with pride.

Harry's speech had everyone in tears. He talked about families and starting new ones and since everyone knew of Harry's life it was even more heartfelt. Hermione's dress looked stunning and with her hair done and her make-up lightly applied, she looked beautiful. Harry was breathless when he saw her at the church and it concreted his decision to stop wasting time.

They were enjoying their dance as the matron of honour and the best man when Harry spoke.

"Mione, did I tell you you look beautiful tonight?" Hermione laughed and nodded.

"Good, because I don't want to ever forget to tell you how much I love you and how beautiful you are for the rest of our lives, that's if you will have me?" Hermione stopped dancing and looked at him.

"Harry, what are you saying?"

"Mione, I don't want to waste time anymore, I love you more than anything and I hope you love me as much, I know you have to go back to Canada, but when you come back would you consider making this permanent?" Hermione started swaying to the music again as they were drawing attention.

"Harry are you proposing?" Hermione had a beautiful smile on her face and Harry couldn't help but smile too.

"Not officially, but I am letting you know that I will, so what do you say?" Harry smiled and Hermione decided to be cheeky.

"I will let you know when you ask "officially"" Hermione kept dancing and Harry laughed.

The next couple of days were hard as Hermione had to say bye to everyone again. It was even more difficult now knowing she was actually leaving Harry and not running away from him. They all met at the airport and the tears were flowing full on. Harry walked her to the gate and wiped the tears away from her cheek for the third time in the last few minutes.

"Mione, it won't be long, it's only 10 more months then you can come home." Harry hugged her while she sobbed.

"Yeah I know Harry, I will be fine once I get back, I have so much work waiting for me, I won't have time to think about anything else."

They kissed again and then it was time to say goodbye.

Hermione settled back into work as she was right, she had a load of work waiting for her and the time started to get away from her.

She wrote to Harry every week and he wrote back. It was hard but at least she knew they were a couple now and things would work out once she got back home. Harry came over about once a month to spend the weekend with her and as she was so busy with work and meetings and interviews, the time to leave came quickly. She had talked to Harry about moving back in with him and it was all settled. She said her goodbyes and was sad to leave but she was more excited to be flew into London late that night and was greeted at the airport by, no-one. She was surprised but since the hour was very late, she decided to apparate straight home.

She entered the flat and found it dark and empty. She called out for Harry but received no answer. She placed her suitcases down and went to their bedroom to find him but it was empty as well. On the bed was a small box with a note attached.

She opened the note and read it.

Dear Hermione,

Think about what you really want before you take the gift out of the box.

Once you put it on, it stays on, forever.

Yours forever, Harry xoxo

Hermione was intrigued and she quickly opened the box. Inside of the black velvet box was a ring. It had a gold band with small diamonds trailing the sides all joining at a centre diamond that was enormous. It was cut on the angle so it looked diamond shape. Hermione held it in her hand and couldn't believe how beautiful it was. She remembered the note and sat down on the bed. She didn't take long to think about her decision, so she slipped on the ring. She felt the familiar tug of a portkey and she landed on a deserted beach. She looked around and saw Harry standing ahead of her. He was facing out towards the ocean and she approached him from behind. As she got closer he turned around to face her. He had a huge smile on his face and Hermione ran the remaining distance to his arms. He kissed her soundly on the mouth and she returned the kiss.

Harry pulled back and held her out at arms length. She didn't know what he was doing but she waited to see.

He knelt down on one knee and took her left hand in his. Hermione's other hand flew up to her mouth as she realised what was happening.

"Hermione Granger, I love you more than life itself and I want to know whether you would do me the honour of being my wife?" Hermione couldn't speak so she just nodded, very excitedly. Harry stood up and hugged her tightly and then kissed her lightly on her forehead. She found her voice and told him yes over and over again.

"Mione, do you want to do it now?" Hermione looked at him and smiled. She suddenly remembered that night at the Burrow when she told Harry how she would have her wedding and she started to cry.

"Yes Harry, lets do it now, I love you so much and I don't want to wait." Harry nodded and held her hand while they walked over to a small tent that Hermione did not see before. They stepped inside and Hermione gasped. The tent was charmed so that it was quite large inside. It had small white fairy lights everywhere and beautiful flowers draped the walls. On the side of the tent was a small suitcase and Harry motioned for her to take it.

"What is it Harry?"

"Well I thought you wouldn't want to get married in your jeans, so I grabbed some clothes so you could freshen up." Hermione kissed him and went over to the side where there was a small door that led to another room. Hermione opened the suitcase and a gorgeous slip dress was sitting on top. It was an ivory colour that was very plain but beautiful. It had a small amount of beading across the breasts but then it fell down to her ankles. She decided not to wear the sandals he had given her but she went barefoot instead. She looked down at her ring and thought about her parents. She wished they could be here, as well as Ron and Caroline and also Ginny and Neville. She decided she wasn't going to dwell on it and she finished placing some small white flowers in her hair. She turned and walked out to the tent and realised she was back at the back entrance again. She looked around and started to walk towards the doorway. On her right she saw someone move and she turned to see her father standing there. She gasped and ran into his arms.

"Oh My God, daddy, you're here."

"Harry looked after everything sweetheart, are you happy?"

"Yes Daddy, I am so happy, I love him so much." Mr Granger smiled and told her that was all he needed to hear and they heard the music start to play. Mr Granger gave her a bunch of white lilies to hold and they walked towards the entrance.

Hermione stepped inside and saw all her friends and family waiting for her to enter. She saw her mum smile and then she saw Caroline and Ginny and also her secretary Jenny and her family as well as the Nettles. On the other side, she saw all the Weasley's and Neville too. Ron was standing next to Harry waving madly.

The ceremony was beautiful and there were lots of tears of happiness. They spent the whole service in the tent and also the dancing and eating and it was amazing.

Mr and Mrs Potter had a wonderful wedding day and spent their lives in wedded bliss. Hermione only worked for one more year then she quit to start a family. They had three girls first, Lily, Ellen and Rose. Everyone said the girls looked like Harry, but they couldn't see it. They thought their family had finished but were surprised with twin boys James and Sirius. Harry looked at his wife everyday with such admiration and love and everyone wished their relationship was like the Potters. They always joked about how everyone could see what they couldn't see and maybe, just maybe, everyone was right.

When Harry reached the ripe old age of 105 years old, the love of his life passed away. The funeral was beautiful, filled with lots of flowers and family and friends to bid goodbye to Hermione Potter. Everyone could see that Harry wasn't ok but for the sake of his kids and grandchildren, he said he was. His children and grandchildren tried to get him to come to terms with her death but it was just as hard on them as well.

The day of the funeral arrived and everyone could see that Harry was hanging on by the slightest of threads. He forced his feet to carry him to her final resting place and he listened as the Minister of Magic spoke about her life. He spoke about how everyone knew how wonderful she was and how her children loved and doted on her. He spoke about Harry being her soul mate and he just listened. The ceremony finished and people walked up to him and the children and said their condolences but he couldn't see or hear anything. His pain was too deep.

Harry sat and looked at the final resting place of his beloved Hermione. He felt someone behind him and knew who it was straight away.

"Ron, how do you go on? How did you go on when Caroline died?" Ron placed a hand on his best friends shoulder and wiped away his own tears.

"It's hard mate, but the grand kids need me, at least I like to think they do." Ron smiled and left his mate to mourn in peace. The rain started to fall and Harry started to feel a weight being lifted of his chest. He couldn't explain it but his body felt whole again and he could stand without feeling like he was so old. He stood up quickly and turned around to see Hermione standing there looking like she did when she was 25 years old. She smiled at him and put her hand out for him to take it.

Harry looked down at his hands and realised he wasn't old either. He looked up at his beautiful wife and he smiled, he knew he couldn't be apart from her for too long.

The five Potter children were waiting at the cars for their dad, when they looked over and saw his slumped body over their mothers casket. Lily screamed and Rose grabbed her older sister before she collapsed. James and Sirius ran over and the girls followed closely behind. They looked at their fathers face and saw the smile that was etched on it.

The children cried and Sirius looked up and saw something that he needed to show his siblings. He tapped each one on the shoulder and each of them looked up to see their parents standing together with their Grandparents that they had never met.

The four of them smiled and faded away.

Everyone knew the love they had, everyone could see the bond they shared. It took them a little longer to see it but when they did, it was spectacular. The Potter children knew their parents were finally at peace.

That's it, hope you all enjoyed it. Look out for my next one, it's a bit different from what I normally do.

Sirius xoxo