Whe the past comes back to haunt you.

Summary. . . . . . . . . What if the rabbits foot wasn't the only thing taken from John's Storage unit? What if something that haunted Sam so long ago was taken also? Something with a lust for revenge, and a need to finish what he started all those years ago. An AU sequel to The Nutcracker.

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Wayne stumbled into the bench made rickety through age, as the shotgun blast knocked him off his feet, and the pellets ripped their way through his shoulder, his good arm reaching out for support and knocking off the box that lay resting upon it, sending it clattering to the ground in a plume of dust, the noise very nearly drowning out his own cry of agony as shock gave way to pain. He jumped as his partner dropped to his knees beside him, cried out again as pressure was placed upon the wound that was now bleeding profusely. As the pain eased slightly he wanted to keep his friend there with him, but he knew now that they didn't have the time, the guard in his little box must have heard the shot which meant the police would soon be on their way.

"Leave me here." He managed to grind out around his clenched teeth. "Go get the thing." He followed soon after, emphasizing the need for haste with a push.

Wayne watched as Grossman moved over to the locked cage that ran floor to ceiling on one side of the storage unit, watched as he fumbled with the padlock in his need to get inside quickly, only managing to do so after many failed attempts and some deep breathing. He breathed his own heavy sigh as he heard the door finally swing open and he watched his friend step inside, turning his eyes away as he trusted him to find the object they were here to acquire, and focusing his attention on his shredded shoulder and the pain that now throbbed in beat with his heart, soon he told himself, soon they would be out of here, soon they would be back at their ramshackle apartment where he could receive the attention he needed, soon they would hand over the object and be rich and the pain would ease as he sat sipping mojitos on some sunny beach some where. So consumed did he become with thoughts of money, he almost missed the whispered words of "let me out" to begin with.

As they were spoken again he turned in the gloom, his eyes wide and scouring every inch of the unit he could see, noticing for the first time just how creepy the place actually was. Shivers traced their way down his spine, quickly followed by goose bumps, and sweat beads began to break out all over his skin, fear crawling deeper within him as the words were whispered again. "Let me out?" He inched away as he realized the words were coming from the box he had disturbed, a part of him wanting nothing to do with what was inside, but a bigger part of him was greedy, a bigger part of him was curious. This was supposed to have been an easy job, she never mentioned anything about trip wires and shotguns and he wanted more than the meager payout she was offering, maybe if he took this also she would pay more, or at least know of someone who would want to buy it, what ever it was. He inched back closer as the words were whispered out once more, his hand hovering over the lid itching to open it. He swore as his friend shouted out in triumph, having forgotten where he was for a moment as a lust to find out what was inside the box consumed him, his hand dropped back to his side as Grossman rushed back into the main part of the unit triumphantly waving a small wooden box in his hands.

"I got it!" His friend exclaimed, hurrying back over and dropping to his knees in front of him, he turned his eyes away from the whispering words and watch as Grossman placed the box on the dirty floor beside him before offering his hands out for support. "C'mon lets get you out of here and fixed up." His friend added as he pulled him to his feet, vertigo assaulting him and threatening to drop him back down to the floor. Wayne breathed deeply to try and ease his violently swirling stomach, as it began to calm he started to move wanting to get as far as hell away from this place as possible, but the voice refused to be left unheard, it's eerily low words seeming especially loud in the otherwise quiet of the unit. Turning to Grossman he halted their progress out of there and pointed to the box.

"Grab that one as well."


"Because I said so. I'm shot, I'm pissed and I want that damn box as payment for my troubles."

Knowing Wayne's penchant for a quick temper, Grossman bowed down and quickly agreed, grabbing the requested item and fumbling with it's bulk before carrying both it, the original box and Wayne's weight out into the night.

Elsewhere, that same night saw a sleek black beauty stream it's way down road after road, it's headlights cutting through blackness that surrounded it, it's occupants arguing slightly between themselves, arguing about demon bitches, and deals, and trust. The arguing stopped as phone began to ring, both men pointing out it wasn't theirs before the driver motioned to the glove compartment and the phone he kept charged there, the phone that had once belonged to their Father. Sam rummaged around the assorted contents before finally placing his hand on the phone, opening it up he answered, listening carefully to the words being spoken, answering in the right places, signaling for a pen and writing down an address after he requested it. After ending the call he turned to his brother.

"Dad ever tell you he kept a container at a storage place outside of Buffalo?"

"What?" Dean inquired before adding in a more incredulous voice. "No way!"

"Yeah, and someone just broke into it. I told the guy who owns it to keep it quiet, said we'd check it out, figured we're about three hours away, what do you think?"

"I say we step on it." Dean replied, it wasn't like his Dad to keep secrets from him, well yeah he had kept the mother load of all secrets for a death bed confession, but this was different, he could think of no reason to have kept this storage unit quiet and curiosity was burning within him as to why he had. Pushing down harder on the gas, he felt his baby respond and smiled at how it made him feel, not realizing that soon it would be a while before he smiled again; or that some secrets should always remain just that, secret. A fact he was about to learn at a big cost to his brother.

To Be Continued. . . . . . . . . . .

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