This is my new story. It's a Draco/ Luna, though I am only somewhat fond of that paring. Well enjoy! You'll get to see Draco's soft side....

"Crucio!" Bellatrix squeaked, her wand thrashing out a blue stream of light. In front of her was Luna Lovegood. She didn't scream, she didn't cry, nor did she beg. She was strong like that. Draco was in the background, behind his family (Lucius, Narcissa and Bellatrix). He's watching what his aunt is doing to Luna.

His love.

Tears gather at the corner of his eyes, and then he leaves. He cannot bear to see her tortured. He hates his aunt now. For hurting her. He was supposed to kill Dumbledore, but he didn't. So, he wouldn't torture Luna, no much how his family begged.

Screw the rules, he's on Luna's side.

As he looked into the abandoned hall, he saw this family walk back upstairs to the main floor of the manor. After they shut the door, he tiptoed back to the large room where he had previously been, and found Luna's body in the middle of the room. She's not moving, and a pool of blood is surrounding her.

"No!" He whispered sadly. He ran to her body, struggling to keep tears from falling onto his cheeks. He looked at her face. The moonlight reflected on it perfectly, giving it a blue and silver glow, but blood smeared across her cheeks gave the light away very quickly, or almost instantly.

Draco picked up her body carefully. When he lifted her, she was surprisingly light, like a feather. He could feel her skeleton poking at his arms, making it hurt to hold her, but he pushed that sense out of his mind and moved on, taking her to her cell.

Luna's cell was the closest to the outside, so rain and sleet could pour all over her endlessly without shelter. But he moved her to a new one, far dryer than her old one. It was much nicer. He wanted a better place for her to stay eternally.

"I'll make sure they will never hurt you again. I promise," and with that, he put down her limp body at the back of the cell and kissed her on the lips. She used the last of her energy to squueze his hand. "I love you, Luna. Forever. Goodbye." Just as he began to talk, her grip loosened. She was dead.

He loved her, but she didn't know it; and never would.

Draco just woke up from a nightmare, his palms sweating. A cool breeze suddenly brushed his sides. He grabbed his wand.

"Lumos! Who's there?" he panted. A fade outline of a face appeared at his side. "Get away! Get away! Secumsemptra!"

"Stop, Draco," the voice cooed. Draco recignized the voice.

"Luna? Is that you?"

"Yes, Draco."

"But, how? How?"

"You see my spirit, Draco. My body is no more."


"Shh, Draco. I can return to my body. You will see me again, alive. Just not today, or tomorrow. You'll see me eventually, then you can join me. For now, please put me to rest, so I can no longer disturb you, Draco. I want to be put to sleep. Please tell my friends."

"I will, Luna. I love you." The ghost just gave him a faint but cheerful smile and left, her smile painted in his mind forever.

Well, was that pretty good? I had it in my head during Grammar and thought it was an okay idea.

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