A Diary of Love

Summary: Pepper Potts has a diary about a certain person.


Monday, 12th May 2009

Dear Diary,

Today was just a day.

I know I shouldn't have screamed at him this morning when he stormed into my new office, demanding an explanation about my behavior. I've had a lot of work to do at the office and I wasn't in a mood to argue about something as stupid as my behavior.

Of course that Tony was - is worried about the nature of our relationship. I haven't been this angry at him in a long time and I think that I have my reasons for not talking to him.

But deep inside I still feel that pain that tells me to stop and leave him behind, because as much as I love him I can't go on like this. A single tear escapes my eyes as I write this, because only now I realize how stupid I've been.

He made me CEO out of nowhere. I couldn't even say 'no', because he gave me no chance to open my mouth. He just grabbed my arm and stared intensely into my eyes. Damn those chocolate eyes. I close my eyes tightly and a few more tears fall down my cheeks.

My chest actually hurts now when I think about him and the fact that he doesn't need me anymore. That's why he replaced me.

He kept that damned suit and the risks that go along with it. I'm so afraid that he's going to die someday and now… now I'm even more afraid because I'm not there with him anymore. I should feel relieved, but I'm not.

The realization hits hard. He lied when he said that I was the only one he's got. There's the simple truth… he kept the suit and gave up me. There's nothing left. Nothing… I should have known that he was lying to me. I've seen him lying before, but I was too blind.

Anyway he's got another assistant to keep him busy. Hopefully he'll stop nagging me about stupid things like the one this morning.

And he can finally fuck her. Fuck someone. I don't care… I just want to forget everything.

That night in particular…

P.S – I've got a lot to catch up and I hope I can finish work till midnight.


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