A Diary of Love


5 June 2009

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This is bad.

I just got back from a business meeting in London. It took me five hours to finally open my laptop and write this. It's a bit pathetic, - but given the change of the time zone and the fact that I rescheduled all of my appointments for tomorrow - I think I'm allowed.

I spent over three days in London overwhelmed by dozens of meetings. Well, that and I've been surprised when one certain ex-boss of mine showed up at the hotel I was staying, claiming that he had forgotten the pin of his card and that he had lost his phone. It was pretty lame, I must admit. I almost laughed when I saw the innocent look on his face – the look I used to ignore way back when I was his assistant.

He pretty much tried to let himself into the suite, but with a hand on his chest I told him that I don't need visitors. He looked hurt for approximatively five seconds before he chuckled and asked me if he could borrow my credit card.

Can you imagine how infuriating the whole scene was? And most of all, can you imagine how confusing was the fact that Tony Stark was practically at my door, asking for some money which I knew he possessed. I've seen him lying before and I didn't want to give him my credit card. I didn't want to argue either, so I grabbed my purse and gave him the card.

With a smirk he refused it and slowly pushed me out of his way so he could duck inside. I growled at him and told him to piss off. I didn't want him so close to me. Especially now when I finally got used to the idea of him not being my boss anymore.

It was hard because I wanted so badly to jump him. He looked so amazing and he smelled like heaven and I could barely restrain myself from ripping his clothes off.

He stood with his back towards me and I could see how much he was trying to control his anger. I didn't know why he was angry in the first place, but anyway I tried to ignore the fact that he was even there in the same room with me.

I went to the small kitchen because I really needed an aspirin and I needed to run away from him as soon as possible. I let out a nervous laugh when I felt his warm arm around my waist and I closed my eyes when he pulled me to him.

That was the most terrifying thing of the whole night. Except this…

His words were more shocking than anything else. I did the best I could to ignore his frank words. I grabbed his hand and whimpered when he took a step back.

"You're mad because I chose the suit over you, Pep?" I didn't respond because that was only half of the truth. I was mad because he chose to make me jealous with the help of that whore-assistant. He might have slept with her and now he was trying to intimidate me. Jesus Christ. I thought I would slap him because I felt so angry at him.

In an instant he turned me so that I was facing him and my heart throbbed so hard in my chest I thought it would pop out when he leaned in. I was frozen.

But before our lips touched he stopped. It was the same scenario as the night on the rooftop. I couldn't believe it. Instead of demanding a vodka martini he smirked and said 'Can't forget that night'.

What should have I said?

Instead of agreeing that – yes, I can't forget that one either. I can't stop thinking about that night, I can't stop thinking about you and how your hands felt on my skin. I can't stop thinking about your eyes when I wanted to kiss you.

And last of all, I want to forget how much you hurt me when you never came back that night.

It was lame. I agree.

I pretty much kicked him out after that, but hey!!! I'm so freakin' happy right now. He just proved that he's still thinking about it and never forgotten it like I thought.


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