The Worst Lesson, Ever.
Chapter 1; Re-Do.

Pairing(s); Needy / Chip ; Needy / Jennifer
Disclaimers; I don't own the movie, nor the characters, nor the plot. I just own this here sequel idea.
Summary; Maybe Satan and God secretly work together, because they sure do have funny ways at proving points.

You last recall feeling excited, happy and joyful that you just slaughtered the boy band that started it all. You were practically skipping down the street, in a new pair of jeans and a new sweatshirt that you took laughing from one of the drawers in their dressing room.

But now your running to your bathroom, in your house, throwing up all the contents of your stomach into the toilet in your bathroom. And you feel horrified, you feel guilty and you just want to take it back, you can't believe you did that, you can't believe anything, even after what they did. You jump up, wiping your mouth and run into the hall, almost knocking down your mother.

"Whoa, your up early!" She smiled at you and handed you some clothes, just like she used to. "School doesn't start for another hour." She shrugged and walked off, and you blinked, snapped your jaw shut and ran after her, sliding into the kitchen, where she was sitting at the table.

"What day is it?" She looked at you and raised an eyebrow. You have no idea when she got up to stand in front of you, but she was looking worried.

"Needy? You okay?" You smiled, very, very dumbfounded and shook your head up and down.

Because she named the day Jennifer asked you to go to the scum club, the day everything happened, the day it all went wrong. You walk into your bedroom, trying to decipher everything going on, and in a haze, you find yourself getting ready for school. And when you swing your backpack on your shoulders, in regular clothes, your cell phone rings. You jump, going through the front pockets of your backpack and when you find it, you just stare at the number and name on the screen dumbly.

"Hello?" You answer tentively and unsure.

"Hey, babe!" His voice answers, joyful and loving and you feel tears well up in your eyes.

"Chip?" He laughs.

"No, the queen of England, yes it's me! Do you want a ride to school?" You fall to your knees, tears streaking your face.

"I love you, Chip." You say forcefully, lovingly. There's a beat of silence before there's a bit of nervous giggling.

"I love you too, Needy. So, do you want a ride?" You smile and shake your head.

"Yes, please."

He's leaning against the car when you run out and attack his lips with yours, you feel him fall against the car with and he let's out breath with a, 'oof.' He's talking the whole way there and your just transfixed with his mouth moving and you won't let his hand go, even when you have to somehow get into the school building.

"Jeez, babe." He exhales when you squeeze his hand tight again.

Your waiting nervously by your locker, the days coming to a close and your waiting to change your first mistake of the horrible 2 months, but when you see Jennifer coming down the hallway, she isn't gallivanting, head held up high, she's staring straight at you, shoulders kind of slumped, a nervous half smile on her face. A couple people say hi and she'd usually flash her smile, wave and say hi back, but this time her walk just gets faster. You close your locker door and lean against it, she walks up to you, looking around and for the first time in years, (for this time period) but since you saw her get in that van, you can see her vulnerability. She looks you straight in the eyes and you look back into hers, and what you see there makes a smile break out on your face, you see no tint of yellow, you just see the full, perfect eyes that is Jennifer's and not a Jennifer/demon combination. You want to hug her so badly, but she'd probably yell at you and your about to open your mouth to ask what's wrong when she grabs you by the arm and tugs you all the way to the car, opening the passenger side door and pushing you in.

"You remember, don't you?" She looks at you, then just starts the car and drives off. She doesn't say a word until she pulls up at your house and you get out, she takes your hand and tugs you into the house, slamming both the front door and your bedroom door. You just lean against your door, watching her flick her eyes nervously. You sigh and run your hand through your hair. "Jennifer?" She looks at you and slowly nods her head up and down. You walk towards her as she stands up. You gently lay a few fingers, as encouragement on her wrist. "What exactly do you remember?" She swallows.