For A Mother's Love

They were ready. They were going to bring their beloved mother back into the living world.

The 11-year-old and her year-younger sister sat in the basement of their house. The basement was full of chemicals and ingredients needed to resurrect their mother. It also contained two strange suits of amour that the siblings had never been told about. The older girl finished drawing the circular symbol, known as a Transmutation Circle, on the floor. "I'm done," she said happily.

She then looked at her sister, who was looking nervous, and asked, "Al?"

"Okay..." the younger girl replied.

"Don't worry," the elder child assured her, and looked down at the Transmutation Circle, "it's perfect."

The older sister looked back at her younger sister and said, seriously, "Let's do this."

"Okay," replied the younger child.

The children kneeled over and placed their hands on the edge of the Transmutation Circle on the floor, and a golden light blazed out of it. A strong wind blasted around the dim basement, catching the clothes and hair of the two children. They smiled, it was going to work. Soon they were going to see the smiling face of their mother again.

Alchemy is a science where one understands the structure of a matter, breaks it down, then rebuilds it. If used correctly, it can turn plain lead into gold. However, since it is a science the principles of nature still apply…

There was a flash of red light from the circular symbol, and its colour changed from golden to purple. The older girl's smile faded and she looked worried.

You can only create something of a certain mass with something of the same mass.

The basement went pitch black.

It is the principle of equivalent trade.

A child's scream filled the still night air of Rizenbul Village, February 1910. It started to rain.

A boy the same age as the older sister ran out of his house, crying, "What?" What happened?" The boy's grandmother and barking pet dog ran up next to him.

"Calm down, Winter," said the grandmother. The boy continued to stare in fear at the house so near his own, the house where his two best friends lived, the house that now glowed in a eerie purple light coming from the inside, the house where the scream had came from.

The principle of equivalent trade states that in order to gain something, you must present something of equal value. Perhaps that is a lesson…

A person clad in military wear was watching the glowing house from a distance.

That people cannot gain anything with out making sacrifices.

The purple light faded. It was dark and the basement was full of thick dust.

"Al…Al?" the older sister asked looking franticly around for her now missing sister.

"Alphonsa!" the girl screamed her sister's full name. "Damn it, this can't be happening..." The girl gasped in pain.

"This wasn't how it was supposed to turn out…" she continued, and sniffed. "Damn it!" she screamed again.

There was blood all over the floor, the girl's own blood. She had lost her left leg, as payment for what she had tried to accomplish, and though it may have been excruciating, her loss was nothing compared to what had happened to her sister. She had completely gone.

"It took my leg!" the girl screamed. Blood was pouring from the stump that a while ago had been her left leg. She was being consumed by the pain of her losses and there was nothing she could do.

The girl noticed something was lying on the Transmutation Circle. Through the dust, the girl saw what she thought was a human hand. It worked, her mother was back. Then the girl saw all of what she and her sister had created. The girl's eyes widened in fear and shock. It defiantly was not human; it could have been described as anything but the girl's mother.

Another scream split the night air…

Author's Notes: What do think dear readers? Just in case anyone was wondering "Alphonsa" is a real name, it is the female equivalent to Alphonse and also Alphonso. It is also kind of ironic, as "Alphonsa" means "Eagar for war" and we all know Al is a Pasicfist, haha. Pretty cool, eh? PLease Review.

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