First time pool

Yeah no comment...

It was a rare day in the Titan household. A day in which even Raven felt the inescapable feeling of boredom. She could always find something to do on these few quiet days. After all most of her activities required peace and quiet. But ever since she began to spend more time with Beast Boy, her time began to be filled with partner activities.

Today would have to be one of the days.

Raven entered the common room surprised to see Beast Boy asleep on the couch. Sure, there was nothing to do, but it was only 2 in the afternoon!

Raven stalked over to him quietly and shook his shoulder.

"Beast Boy" she said, "wake up."

After a few minutes, he opened his eyes. Beast Boy stretched out his back and moved to a sitting position.

"What's up Raven?" He asked cleaning out his eyes.

"Did I disturb you?"

"No, no it's totally cool. Uh yeah so how can I help you?"

"I know this is a kind of unusual request but I was wondering if you want to do something today. It's kind of dull around here." Raven's eyes looked almost shifty having never initiated time with Beast Boy before.

"Well sure. What did you have in mind?"

"That's actually where you come in. We've done generally everything I've wanted to do; I was hoping would could try one of your hobbies".

"Like go to the comic book store!" Beast Boy sat up stiff on the couch gripping the cushions in excitement. His smile was so big; Raven almost did not want to take it away from him.

"No, of course not."


"Oh uhmm well there is something I've been wanting to do for a while."

"Does it include dressing up?"


"Does it involve singing?"


"Is anyone going to touch me in any way?"

"Rae I don't know what you think I'm into but I can assure you it's perfectly safe and no people touching people at all. It would just be you and me."

Raven scrunched her nose up at Beast Boy not really enjoying his selection already.

"Alright what is it?" Raven said allowing her arms to cross to show her skepticism.

"Pool!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"Beast Boy, it's November. No pools are open and besides it's too cold for-"

"No Rae, not THE pool, just pool. As in billiards and that sorta thing."

"Have you ever played pool?"

"Yeah a couple times actually. It's pretty fun once you get the hang of it."


"C'mon Rae, it's fun, real cheap and I bet it's the only sport that doesn't make you sweat!"

"I suppose if it's all you can think of."

"Oh don't be that way Rae, it's gonna be great you'll see."

"And this is definitely the place?" Raven said glancing down the dark staircase.

"Yeah I'm pretty sure." Beast Boy said walking ahead of her to hold the door open.

Raven walked in simply dressed with a black midriff, low-rise jeans, and black sneakers. She didn't want to give off the impression that this was a date.

Even though she was counting it as one.

Raven saw Beast Boy walk over to the desk and talk to the cashier.

"Two for an hours please."

"Okay I'll lead you to your table." The waitress said with a smile.

The girl was short with an attractive figure. She had green eyes and light brown hair with a million dollar smile to match.

'Control yourself Raven. She is not doing anything wrong.'

"Rae you wanna break or should I?"


"Uhh do you want to take the first shot?"

It took Raven a moment to realize that the girl had gone and Beast Boy was talking to her.

"No it's fine, you go first."

Beast Boy lined up the cue stick with the white ball. Raven stood on the opposite side of the table and for a moment, their eyes connected.

It was a brief two or three seconds but the connection they had was familiar yet awkward.

Moreover, awkward moments always last the longest.

Beast Boy dragged his eyes back to the ball and drew his arm back. He moved it front and back multiple times trying to create the perfect break.


Beast Boy hit the ball and it flew straight scattering the balls and sinking a striped ball.

"Guess that means you're solid." Beast Boy said waking Raven from her surprised trance.

"Excuse me?"

"I sunk a striped ball which means that I'm stripes and your solids. Basically only touch the solid balls except the 8."

"And why not?"

"Because if you hit that one and it goes in, the game is automatically over and you lose."

"Well then." Raven's expression amused Beast boy. She still had the same biting humor but her face seemed almost softer.

Beast Boy smiled at her and walked over to another side of the table.

He bent down and struck another ball. The ball rolled toward the corner pocket buy stopped only a few inches short.

Beast Boy uttered a small curse under his breath in a joking matter. He couldn't wait to see Raven play.

"Alright it's your turn."


Raven walked toward Beast Boy examining the set up.

"What do you think?" Raven asked.

"Excuse me?"

"I said what do you think?"

"What do you mean?"

"Which one should I hit?

"Oh. Well this is a surprise."

"And why is that?"

"I mean you never ask my opinion."

"Maybe because it takes so long for you to give it."

"Oh uhmmm well I guess I would try for that one over there." He used the cue to point to a ball in the center.

"Seems feasible."

Raven put her cue on the table and focused on the center.

This was her first time and she wasn't quite sure of what she was doing.

She took a deep breath and drew the cue back. As she pushed her arm forward and was about to make contact with the ball she heard a noise.

It was a small laugh coming from nearby. Raven looked up and swerve waitress talking with Beast Boy. She looked as if she was supposed to be taking his order but got distracted.

The sight made Raven choke and she hit the ball too low causing it to fly up and off the table nearly missing the two.

"Whoa Rae you almost hit her."

"Almost..." Raven replied.

There was a long pause and the waitress got the hidden hint although Beast Boy missed it.

"Well if you need anything just call." She said staring Raven straight in the eyes who was still in the hunched over position. Raven looked like a panther just waiting for the right moment to pounce.

The waitress did not feel like being prey and stalked off.

"Here Rae, try again." Beast Boy had been searching for the ball during the whole ordeal leaving him oblivious to the situation that "almost" happened.

He placed the ball on the table and walked behind her. Raven felt her cheeks blush as Beast Boy started to lean over her.

"Don't even think about it."

Beast Boy stepped back and put his hands up in defeat.

"Okay Rae whatever you say."

Raven drew back the cue once more and made her strike.

The game had gone on for a while. Raven's anger and frustration layed hidden, however it did come out in the game. Raven was hitting balls in like a pro. Beast Boy was still winning, however he was highly impressed as well as afraid of Raven's playing.

It came down to four balls being on the table. Two solids, one stripe, and the 8 ball.

It was Beast Boy's turn and he was in the perfect position to win the game. He bent over but hesitated.

"I wonder where that waitress is, I'm kinda thirsty."

"Well just call I'm sure she's just dying to wait on you."

Beast Boy let out a sigh and stood up.

"Okay Raven what's the problem."

"I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about."

"Yes you do. You were very cool earlier but now you've made a complete U-turn and you're all grumpy. And more so than usual."

"There is nothing different about me."

"Yeah there is it's like ever since that girl...Oh I get it."

"What amazing discovery have you just made?" Raven said rolling her eyes.

Beast Boy made his way over to Raven who was sitting down in one of the opposite chairs and stood as close to her as possible so that he would make her uneasy, but not angry.

"Is this about the girl?"

"What girl?"

"I think you know what girl I'm talking about."

"I think you're an idiot and you should just make you're shot already."

"Oh well I'm an idiot now huh?"

"You always have been."

Raven hated how much fun he was having with this. He was never good at hiding his feelings and right now she wished he was angry at her insults instead of amused by them.

"Well Jessica wouldn't think I am an idiot."

"And who is Jessica?" Raven said looking up into his bewildered eyes.

"Oh the girl that you have no idea talking who I'm talking about."

"I'm sure she'd also have much more fun playing this stupid game then I am."

"Yeah you're right. She would let me teach her how to play and not be so grumpy about it."

"Then maybe you should be here with her instead of me."

"Eh it would be slightly more fun. But since I am here with you, I guess I have to make the most of it. So I'll make a bet with you."

"Why would I make this fun for you?"

"Just hear me out Raven. If I win, I get to hang out with Jessica for the rest of the day and you can't be mean or grumpy toward me for the rest of the week."

"And what if I win?"

"You get to kill my fun for the rest of the week by making me take you wherever you want whenever you want for the remainder of the week."

Raven knew she was in no position to be bargaining knowing that she was clearly set up to lose.

However, Raven knew deep down she was hurt at the fact that Beast Boy did not have any type of fun with her. Even though she was going along with his idea!

"Fine. You're shot."

Beast Boy smiled and walked over to table again.

Beast Boy resumed the position and steadied his cue. He closed one eye examining the ball that he was aiming for and re-opened it. He pulled back his arm and Raven knew this would be a powerful hit.

He attempted a couple of strikes nearly hitting the ball but stopping shy of it.

Raven would not show it but she was getting anxious.

Beast Boy looked up to her one last time and gave her the smallest wink that he knew she did not catch.

He looked back down and struck the ball, which sunk in perfectly.

Beast Boy stood up with a smirk on his face filled with accomplishment.

"So where are we off to malady?"

"Actually there is a new café on Trenton I would like to check out."

"Then we'll go there." Beast Boy said beaming.

Raven nodded her head and watched as Beast Boy put the cues away. Raven didn't actually want to go to the café, she just wanted to get Beast Boy away from Jessica.

"So how did you like winning your first game of pool?" Beast Boy asked her.

"It was actually kind of fun'" She replied hesitantly and Beast Boy knew she was being honest.

The two walked away from the table leaving the three balls on the table, and the 8 ball resting in the corner pocket.

Beast Boy later that evening remembered to write in his journal

1. First time having a crush on Raven.

2. First time complimenting Raven on her looks (And making her blush. I think.)

3. First time having a fight with Raven (A pillow fight! Not a real fight! We had too many of those already)

4. First time making a sundae with Raven (on Saturday! Got a new tradition out of it too)

5. First time meditating with Raven (didn't realize how good it feels and how much I actually think about her).

6. First time going to the bookstore with Raven (finally found something we could do together!)

7. First time knitting with Raven (Made her a scarf, but I feel like she's hiding something from me)

8. First time joking with Raven (saw a whole different side of her today!)

9. First time me and Raven understood each other (guess we should have our conversations in the morning from now on)

10. FIRST TIME GOING ON A DATE WITH RAVEN! WOOHOOO! (And yes I did kiss her on the cheek. Whose smooth? That's right, I am!)

11. First time playing pool with Raven and let her win (She gets soooooooooo jealous but I was a gentleman and took advantage of it)

No re al explanation for lateness and I'd love to update this and finish "It's a date" by Thanksgiving but I don't wanna promise something I can't deliver.

I'm very bad because I was so excited to get this up that I didn't proofread this a second time, so I'm sorry for any kistakes I didn't catch the first time. Yes, the mistake I just wrote in the last sentence was on purpose to lighten the mood…lol

Not much else to say, but just because you don't see me write doesn't mean I'm not reading and I'm glad that the TT section is not dead…however it's no longer first and that makes me sad. But who knows, that can change.

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