Harry quickly made his way through the small park. It was getting dark and he
really needed to get home soon. Harry was slowly walking down a steep hill when
the wind picked up drastically, forcing him to the he lay on the ground he thought how od it was that the wind was picking up when there had barely been a breeze all day.

It was then that the laughter began. By the voices Harry could tell it was two men. Harry went for his wand but before he could reach it, he felt himself being surrounded by magical bonds.

"We can't kill him," said a man, "You got that?"

"Yeah, I got it," said the man, "Let's just have some fun with him."

Next thing Harry knew all of his clothes had been removed. How he didn't quite know how. Harry tried to open

his mouth but he was unsure whether or not he should yell for help or threaten the men. It didn't seem to matter for he couldn't do anything seeing as how his voice was gone.

By now Harry had come to the conclusion that there were only two men.

"Hey… do you think we should do it? It would make him weaker, and so much

easier for the Dark Lord to defeat. Then who will be the Dark Lord's right hand men?"Aked one of the men

"Us!" replied the other. They both broke out into laughter.

Harry attempted a scream. Yet nothing came out.

"Look at him!" exclaimed the first man as he began to pull down his zipper and undo his pants.

"This will be fun!" The second man laughed.

"I think you're going to enjoy this, Potter." The man then looked at his fellow

Death Eater and said, "I'll take him first and then you can— oh, wait! The

barrier. Put it up so no one sees us."

"Oh, right, I forgot." The man quickly cast the spell.

Harry attempted to let out a scream as he felt himself being broken.

"Damn he is so good, " said the first man as he broke Harry, "Oh, you idiot! Do the rest

of the spell!"

"Sorry." The other man pointed his wand at Harry's butt.

Almost immediately, the man who had just cast a spell on him forced his penis into Harry's mouth.

Harry lay there for what seemed like hours as the men did as they pleased with

him. Eventually, he just drowned them out. Finally, Harry felt them remove themselves

from him. Pain filling him as they did. They then replaced his clothes and took down the barrier. They removed his

binds, restored his voice, and disapparated.

Harry slowly got to his feet. With every movement pain shot threw his legs

and backside. He slowly made his way to his Aunt and Uncle's house, having to

constantly force himself to keep moving.

Harry was relieved to see the lights still on in the kitchen. He knocked at the

kitchen door. He heard his uncle's booming footsteps as he walked to the door.

"That boy, I'm going to kill him!" murmured Vernon but as he opened the door and took in the sight of his nephew, he was left speechless for on

Harry' face and hair were various fluids from the two men and bruises marked his body everywhere.

"Wh-what happened to you, Boy?" Vernon asked as his eyes took in more of the effects

of the attack every second.

"I just want to shower. To shower and forget it. Forget it all."

Vernon nodded and stepped aside for his nephew.

Hearing her husband's abrupt change in approach to Harry's late home-coming,

Petunia walked into the kitchen to see what was going on. When she saw Harry she dropped the plate she had been carrying.

"Harry, what happened?" she asked as she stepped towards her nephew.

"Shower. SHOWER. SHOWER!" This was all Harry said as he made his way through the kitchen and down the hall towards the stairs.

Harry stood leaning against the shower wall after he had scrubbed his skin clean

and raw. He had turned the water up as hot as he could take it. He felt so dirty, so filthy. He didn't even know who the men were. All he knew was

that they were Death Eaters.

Harry slid to the floor of the tub and pulled his legs to his chest. He just sat there

staring at the wall. After a few minutes he began to sob. He had tried to hold it in but it

demanded its release. At the same time, Harry was screaming and banging his fists on the

rim of the tub.

Petunia came running in and shut off the water. She wrapped Harry in a towel and Vernon helped her carry him to his room. By the time they got to his

room he had stopped screaming but he was still crying as he continually asked "Why?


"Vernon, grab a pair of pajama bottoms for him," Petunia said as she felt her

motherly-instincts kicking in. This was a child in pain.

"Shh, Harry. Everything's going to be all right." Petunia had no idea what to say to her nephew. She just wanted to quiet him, comfort him. Help him relax so he could go to sleep.

Vernon handed the pajama bottoms to his wife and watched as she gently slid them up his nephew's legs. He flinched when Harry did as she went to put them over his hips .

"It's all right Harry, Dear. It's just me. Relax, Baby. You're all right." She finally eased the pajama bottoms over Harry's bruised hips.

They stayed there with him until he finally fell asleep, both Vernon and Petunia Dursley lost in thought about what exactly had happened to their nephew.

The next day, Harry opened his eyes. For a minute he pondered over his horrible dream. Then he tried to sit up. He then realized it hadn't been a dream, but all he wanted

to do was forget it, act like it never happened. Ignore the pain that he knew would

eventually fade away.

So he got out of bed and made his way to his trunk to get dressed. He then made his way downstairs to the kitchen to make himself breakfast, just like every other morning.

However, upon entering the kitchen, he saw his aunt was already cooking.

"I'll do that Aunt Petunia," he said as he began to take over.

"Harry? You should be in bed! You need to rest until—"

"Just forget it. Forget everything. Please, just act like it never happened, and thenit never did," Harry said as he took the pan and broke another egg into it.

Petunia walked over to the cupboard and got out some plates, all the while

keeping an eye on her nephew. She knew he had been raped. He had to limp every step he took. She wanted to tell that Dumbledore man, but if she did, Harry wouldn't be able to forget it as he said he wished too.

Harry sat alone on the couch. The Dursleys had all went out to a movie and for

once had offered to take Harry but Harry didn't want to leave the house. This was

because he was afraid. Afraid that those men would find him again. He wouldn't be able to take it again. Harry then turned on his side facing the back of the couch.

He slowly let the tears fall. The tears that held his fears, his pain, and his

sadness; he just let them go.

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