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Update: Rating changed to M because of Self-Harm.


I decided. This was my decision.

I had enough. I wasn't the person I used to be anymore. I wasn't who everybody wanted me to be. I wasn't going to be who everybody wanted me to be.

He didn't want me. He had never wanted me. Everything he'd ever said to me had been a lie. A pathetic lie.

He'd never really loved me. He'd never really wanted to be with me forever. I'd just been something he'd used to pass the time.

A toy. A fragile, human toy.

Well, if he didn't want me then what was the point in being here anymore? He was my whole world, even when he wasn't a part of it.

I'd tried to keep myself whole. I'd tried to not break into tiny little pieces. I'd tried not to let Charlie see how much pain I was really in. I'd tried to keep myself normal.

I walked a little bit further forward until I was standing right against the edge.

This was it.

I forced myself to think the words. The words I tried not to let myself think for the past 6 months. The words that made the hole in my chest open. The words that made me scream.

Edward, I love you.

Just as I was about to jump, I heard the one voice, I'd been longing to hear all this time.


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