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Heavy breathing resounded through the cave. There was a weak cough and the small shinigami laying in the corner shuddered. A gentle hand reached toward him and rested on his forehead.

"Your fever has gone up again." The owner of the hand said softly. She moved it on to the top of her childhood friend's snow white hair and stroked him gently.

"No… I suppose it isn't sickness that's doing this to you, is it?"

She sighed sadly. Sliding her hands underneath his back, she leaned the petite captain in her arms. She then picked up a nearby canteen of water and brought it to his lips.

"Here, you should drink."

Had this been under any other circumstances, Momo might've laughed. Her holding him, and hand feeding him, Toshiro would be balking. She would love to see the look on his face. But this was different. He was too weak to object.

Water dripped from his chin as Toshiro coughed once again. He opened his heavy eyes and looked into hers.


He managed to sputter out her name before he coughed again. This time blood came out.

"Don't try to talk, okay? You should rest."

Toshiro shuddered slightly. Momo realized his whole body was shaking. She interlaced her fingers into his trembling hand.

"It'll be fine, don't worry. How about, just this once, you let me be the one to protect you?"

Toshiro's teal eyes were full of sadness as he comprehended just how powerless he was. All he could do was try to survive, for Momo's sake.

Momo sighed once more and set him down as Toshiro's eyes closed and he fell into the closest thing to sleep he could get.

She surveyed the rest of the cave sadly. Ichigo, Renji, Rukia, and Rangiku were all sleeping by the makeshift fire in the center of the cave, while the looming form of Komamura blocked the entrance.

How did it become like this? She thought desperately, When did things get this horrible?

She frowned as she found the answer to her question.

Gin Ichimaru.

It's all because of Gin…

Is this really how you think you can get Rangiku back? By hurting Toshiro?

You're a fool, Gin.

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