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Toshiro slid in and out of consciousness for what seemed like an eternity. All feeling passed him by and then returned to him, only to sweep out from his grasp once more. When he finally found himself opening his eyes, only a bare white ceiling could be seen.

"Ah! Shiro-chan, you're finally awake!"

Blurry vision caused Toshiro's head to hurt as he slowly turned it to see who had spoken.

"What did you just call me, Momo?" His voice was rough and weak, but audible enough.

Momo's laugh rang through the room.

"What's going on here?" Somebody called from outside the room as Toshiro attempted to move around. Ichigo Kurosaki slowly walked in and took a good look inside. "Oh, so you're up. That's good."

"I can't really say up, I can barely move at all." Toshiro groaned as his muscles tensed and refused to obey. Sighing, he relaxed himself and focused on breathing deeply. That's when he noticed, he wasn't feeling any pain at all. The horrible ripping sensation in his chest that he had become unfortunately used to dealing with had disappeared, and the awkward presence of a being that shouldn't be there was gone from his soul. Inside himself, he could feel only his presence and Hyourinmaru, who was contently resting.

"Um, what exactly happened?"

A knocking came from the nearby door about an hour later. Rangiku strode in quietly, and stared at the faces around the room. Ichigo and Momo were sitting by the bed and Toshiro had been propped upright with pillows. Aside from a few lines under his eyes, he looked fairly well, considering everything that happened.

"Er, may I talk with my captain?" She asked awkwardly, without making eye contact.

"Huh? Rangiku-san?" Momo seemed surprised "Of course you can talk.."

She stopped when Ichigo nudged her and left the room. Taking the hint, Momo cast a concerned look behind her and she followed suit.

"Uhh, captain… I-"

"It's pretty ironic, isn't it?" He interrupted, gazing out the window.


Sighing, he continued to keep staring at the outside sunlight, "We all thought that Gin was the bad guy, but in the end, he ended up saving us all."


Toshiro finally turned and looked at her softly, "We all owe our lives to him."

Rangiku let his words sink in and felt a small smile on her face. That's my captain for you…

Suddenly the door opened again and Momo and Ichigo were back again, looking between the two strangely. "Um, we don't really want to interrupt, but, uh-"

"But we ran into Unohana in the hallway and she told us to give you some food." Ichigo said nervously, "And considering the look on her face, I think we better do it, that woman is scary… seriously, I don't know who's worse, her or Kenpachi."

"It's okay, I'm done." Rangiku replied kindly. "Thanks, captain."

Toshiro nodded as she swept out of the room and then faced the other two. "You have food?" He asked greedily.

Momo grinned ear to ear "Yep!"

She ran over to the bed and pulled a bowl of rice out of a little bag and held it up. Taking the chopsticks in her hand, she scooped up some rice and brought to Toshiro's mouth. "Open wide, Shiro-chan!"

"I'll feed myself!" Toshiro yelled as he grabbed the bowl from her hands. Then his face fell, his arms remembered their weakness and rice spilled all over the floor.

"Hey! Toshiro!" She half-glared, half-laughed at her childhood friend. While picking up the fallen bowl, she commented, "I'll go get some more, be good until I get back." Then she left the room with a little huff.

The two remaining shinigami sat together in silence until Ichigo finally said what had been bugging him. "Hey, Toshiro, I, um, just thought I should say sorry."

Toshiro tiredly turned to him, "Sorry for what?"

"Well," came his response, "What I did to take that hollow out of you. You were already in a lot of pain and doing that probably was even worse for you. I'm sorry."

"Are you kidding me, Kurosaki?"


Toshiro shook his head. "Really, I thought you were smarter than that. It doesn't matter how much it might've hurt, what you did saved my life. If you hadn't acted on that instinct, I would still be out there, hollowfied, and working for Aizen. Honestly, I'm a lot better off the way I am now. Even if I can barely move and being stuck in bed is a pain."

"Oh, well then, if that's how you feel then fine." Ichigo got up and grabbed Toshiro's wrist. Then he ran out of the room, dragging the struggling boy behind him.

"HEY! Ichigo! Stop, hey let me go!"

"Stop yelling or they'll find us!" Ichigo said back as he continued his way through the fourth squad barracks. Toshiro's feet skidded across the floor, trying to regain his balance. As weak as his legs were, he wasn't able to do much to pull away from the substitute shinigami, so instead he just yelled at him.

"Why are you doing this?! Put me back!"

Ichigo laughed. "Come on! You've been staring out the window for the past hour! Plus some fresh air will help you!"

"This is so stupid." In spite of the childish way Ichigo was acting, Toshiro couldn't help but be happy about it. After all the time he had spent cooped up in Hueco Mundo, being back to the Soul Society just made Toshiro want to be outside, and Ichigo was helping him get that.

Toshiro didn't complain again as the Substitute pulled him out into the open air. He continued to run until they came to a grassy hill, where they both collapsed.

"I can't believe I let you do that." Toshiro commented weakly as he leaned back against the green blades. Ichigo was right, the soft breeze did make his head clear a bit, and he could move around more too.

"Yeah, but the look on your face was worth it." Came the reply, Ichigo grinned and lied back as well. "Gee, the weather is really nice today, too. It's great summer day."

"Huh? Wait, it's summer already?"

"Oh, yeah. You were in Hueco Mundo for about a month, and you've been asleep about a week, so it's early summer by now."

"Wha-! I've been asleep for a whole week?" Toshiro sat up a little

Ichigo nodded. "When Unohana and the rest of the group found us after dealing with those Espada, you were pretty much dead. I don't know how they did it, but Orihime and Unohana gave their best efforts to save you, and it worked. Though, we've all been really worried. It was the worst on your friend Momo."

"Momo.." Toshiro sighed as he remembered her, laying over him, protecting him from Aizen.

"Shiro-chan! Ichigo!"

"Speak of the devil…" Ichigo said under his breath when Momo came running over, carrying a small basket in her arms.

"Where did you guys go? I've been looking everywhere for you!" She complained as she reached them.

"We didn't feel like following the rules." Ichigo said, grinning.

"You mean you didn't feel like following the rules and you dragged me along with you." Toshiro corrected.

"Oh well, I brought you something." She smirked as she opened her basket.

Toshiro's eyes widened a little when he saw what was inside. "Watermelons?"

She set the basket down a sat in between the two. "Yeah I thought we could all share them, since I know you love them so much Toshi-"

When Momo looked down again, her basket was empty, with the exception of some green watermelon edges.


She glanced at her friend who was innocently looking the other way.

"Why you-! Shiro-chan! We were supposed to share those!"

"You could've said that before you showed me what was inside the basket."

"But-! And how do you eat those so fast, anyway?! It's crazy."

Toshiro stared at her. "Watermelon is good." He responded quietly.

Momo looked at him as he turned back and gazed at the Seireitei. His teal eyes glistened in the sunlight and he almost seemed like he was smiling.

The next thing Toshiro knew, Momo had wrapped her arms around him in a big hug from behind. "Huh? Hey, Momo- Don't-"

"Thanks, Shiro-chan." She simply said, softly.

"Thanks for staying alive, I don't know what I'd do without you"

Toshiro stared at the floor solemnly. "That goes both ways, Momo."


It's still Captain Hitsugaya."

Momo smiled. "Right."

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