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This is the sequel to Blood Moon which finds Sam and Jimmy searching from Dean and Brooklyn but find a few roadblocks….Namely one FBI Agent Hendrickson and one Detective Castlebeck (Gone in 60 Seconds). Fear not as they will not be alone – Caleb and Ash and Bobby won't be far behind along with help later on in the form of one Det. Drycoff (Gone in 60 Seconds). Never watch Gone in 60 Seconds while writing SPN fan fiction…..

Dean watched with disgust in his eyes as the vampires ran their hands over Brooklyn's body. He didn't have to be told what they were as he could smell it all over them. It radiated off them like a vile stench. Their hushed excited whispers never abated as they traced the smooth muscles of her arms and shoulders and rested their fingers on the throbbing vein in her throat.

Brooklyn fought back the tears of humiliation and disgust as they peeled away the simple blue dress she had on exposing the toned body beneath. This only incited the vampires even more.

"I can smell her blood…."

He watched as they leaned in inhaling the powerful essence of his mate. The looks of bloodlust and ecstasy made his stomach churn and knot. The vampires were eyeing her like some piece of meat.

"I can think of a million things I'd wanna do to her…."

"I wanna taste her blood and let it trickle down my lips and neck…"

Dean struggled against the restraints, cursing and spitting venom at the bloodsuckers.

"Get your fucking hands off her!"

"Oh a spirited one he is…."

"A spirit that needs to be broken and taught to respect his master. I would make him scream for mercy until he was broken and bleeding before me."

It had been like this for the past three hours. The endless parade of clients wanting a look at the two latest arrivals. Some were shopping around for a new slave or two where others had an appetite of a different persuasion to fulfill. Dean had watched with pained eyes as Brooklyn was appearing to be the hot ticket item of the night. He knew it had to do with her blood and it was like heroin to these things. One taste and they were hooked.

"It seems the red haired one has drawn quite an interest," the man observed.

Daniel merely nodded taking another drink of coffee. This was only the second time he had seen this happen and when it did, Master went all out for his clients. His reputation was well known in certain circles and beyond. The hunters would suffer but he couldn't give a shit as it was hunters that tried to kill the Master and to Daniel this was sweet revenge.

Sam continued scouring the internet as Jimmy dozed lightly on the couch. They had been up all night pouring over books and scrolls only to find nothing. Sam couldn't sleep so he remained glued to the laptop only to come up empty handed. The hunter flipped his phone open and scrolled down his contacts until coming up with Caleb's number. He had the feeling they were going to need backup.

Caleb was cleaning his guns when his cell went off. He immediately recognized the number on the id.

"Hello Sam."

"Caleb hey."

"Sam what can I do for you?"

"Dean and Brooklyn went missing," Caleb froze and put the gun aside.

"Where? When?"

"A few days ago in Chicago. We were ambushed Caleb."

"Shit," he muttered. He knew what Sam was asking of him.

"Ash is working on getting a location on where they are but we need your help. These people had serious weapons and combat training like military training. And Bobby is in Jamaica."

Caleb listened to the pleading in Sam's voice. He couldn't say no.

"Alright give me two days and I'll be there. Tell me where you're at," Sam rattled off Jimmy's address to the hunter.

"Thanks man," Sam snapped the phone shut.

"I take it the cavalry is coming?" Jimmy looked over with partially open eyes.

"Yeah you could say that."

Jimmy could tell Sam was straining to keep control over his emotions. The hunter didn't need a psychic to tell him there was a tight bond between Sam and Dean as Sam was visibly shaken and agitated over his missing brother.

"You wanna do one more sweep of the asylum before Caleb arrives?" Jimmy hoped Sam would go as it would get his mind back in the search and keep him focused.

"Sure," Sam grabbed the keys and bag.

The building was still there and just as creepy and decrepit as ever.

Jimmy and Sam focused on the South Wing in the second sweep. Sam worked the West end and Jimmy took the East end. The hunters moved boxes and crates around starting years of dust and cobwebs in the process. The air was musty and stale but the hunters moved forward.

"Hey Jimmy take a look at this," Sam flashed the beam on a large disturbed area.

"What do you make of it?"

"My guess is this is where Dean or Brooklyn hid after changing and the other was probably in another location lying wait for the attackers."

Sam then followed the disturbed trail coming to the center of the room where the scuffle had taken place. Jimmy searched around the boxes and crates spying something sticking out from between two crates. He jerked a shred of paper out seeing what appeared to be an address of some kind.

"Sam," Jimmy handed the slip over. Sam felt his heart racing as he saw the partial address on the slip.

"Let's get going," they turned to leave.

"FREEZE!" A booming voice echoed out. Sam quickly slipped the paper in his pocket before the two figures entered the room. Jimmy and Sam immediately held their hands up.

Detectives Castlebeck and Drycoff watched the two men turn rigid and slowly raise their hands. With guns drawn they approached the men with caution and slapped a shiny pair of cuffs on each and read them their rights.

"What did we do wrong?" Jimmy asked with wide innocent eyes.

"Trespassing," was the response as they were lead to waiting car.

The last of the clients finished up their viewing of Dean and Brooklyn, lingering around the latter, before leaving with a pleased expression on her face. Dean wanted to rip that smug expression from the bitch's face but held his urge in check for he feared Brooklyn would be punished for his actions.

He picked up the traces of a familiar scent one that raced through his body drawing out the animal in him. Dean fought against the cuffs feeling the calling growing within his being. His heart started pounding and eyes turned amber the longer he remained cuffed. Brooklyn felt her body aching for Dean, needing him in the most carnal of ways. Her eyes swirled with silver and golden amber as she battled hard against the cool steel cuffs.

Her scent turning stronger and harder to withstand drove Dean to pull and jerk at the cuffs. He growled and snarled in anger and frustration refusing to be denied his mate. Dean allowed the beast within to take over control of his body desperate to feel her body beneath his own, locked together in the ancient dance. The need to mate was becoming unbearable and he would break free.

"Master look," the man watched as Dean struggled and break free of the restraints.

"Ah I seemed to have overlooked one important detail concerning werewolves: Never keep them away from their mate especially in the two weeks before the full moon."

"So his bitch is in heat?"

"In a manner of speaking yes Daniel. With werewolves it is no different than wolves in the wild. They mate for life and during the lunar cycles the female will give off pheromones that her mate finds rather difficult to ignore. I am not going to keep him from what he wants," the man clicked off the CCTV for that room.

"No need to be voyeurs now. Come Daniel allow me to show you the other arrivals."

Dean struggled and twisted until the cuffs bent and broke away freeing his body. He turned to Brooklyn who stood there quietly watching his every move. Dean watched as she snapped the chains apart with one hard tug knowing it was the animal within. The rippling of the muscles beneath her skin and wild beating of her heart had him at the breaking point. He gripped her by the wrist dragging her towards the bed making her backside face him. Brooklyn gripped the frame tight digging her fingers and nails into the steel side.

The blue fabric covering her body was ripped away from her frame exposing the beautiful backside. Dean tore at the zipper and button then jerked the pants off causing him to breathe in relief at the liberating feeling. Digging his fingers into her hips and biting the back of her neck, Dean thrusted his hips against her in a fervent heated need. He detected Brooklyn lowering her head in a sign of submission to him showing him she was his. Brooklyn groaned and snarled with every hard deliberate thrust of his cock inside her wanting him deeper inside.

Dean rumbled in appeasement as she shifted her hips higher for him wanting him to go further still.

"Fuck me," she growled in a heated whisper.

Dean bit down harder eliciting a hiss of pain mixed with pleasure from his mate. Her body shuddered and shivered at the first waves of climax and she groaned and growled in tandem. She gripped the metal frame feeling the metal molding in her hands. Brooklyn felt the claws begin to shoot out and her jaw throb as sharp lethal fangs jutted from her gums.

The fingernails of her mate sharpened into perfect points and embedded deep within her flesh. Crimson welts rapidly welled into the perfect beads before running down her hips and staining the sheets. Dean tossed his head back exposing his own pointed canines before gently pressing them against her neck once again. His hips slammed harder against her as he felt the onset of his own climax. The room was silent but for the growls of the lovers on the bed, the sounds of skin slapping hard against skin echoed on the walls.

Dean released her neck seeing the imprints of his teeth through the silken tresses and felt a sense of dominance over her. He gripped her hair with a firm but gentle hold as his vision exploded in a rich crimson wave. Brooklyn cried out feeling the violent explosion of heat and semen spill into her waiting body. Dean cried out in surrender and euphoria before collapsing with Brooklyn upon the bed.

The smell of sex blood and sweat tinged the air but neither one cared; all that mattered was being in the arms of the other. Dean slid his hand along Brooklyn's cheek drawing her lips to his in a gentle but passionate kiss. The primal side ebbed away allowing their humanity to break through and regain control.

Dean pulled back and rested his forehead to Brooklyn's. The mix of sex and her powerful essence filled his senses as his own scent mingled with her own senses. It was a scent she knew by heart and had committed to memory. She spotted the blanket and spread it over their sweat slicked bodies before settling back down beside her love.

"The invitations must be sent out tomorrow as many of my clients have rather demanding careers and lives. Excellent Matthew I knew you would deliver."

The man hung up and stared at the laptop on his desk. Next week would be the final viewing and of course that would be when a certain fiery haired and sandy blonde hunter would learn their fates. Already there was a major flurry of activity over these two especially the female. She would command a much higher price than her mate.

He had taken the time to learn more about the hunters seeing Dean had a brother named Sam. He had a feeling this brother may present a problem if he decided to come searching for him. Picking up the phone he punched the numbers with swift fluid motions.

"Yes I would like to speak to Commissioner Sheridan please. Who's calling? Tell him Alexander Aberdeen is calling."

"Well yes of course Alexander I would do anything to assist you. Your generous contributions have allowed us to continue operating through these rough times. Now tell me what I can do for you."

"I want you to look up everything you can on Dean Winchester and Brooklyn DeTaurius. I know Dean has a brother and I do not want any interference if you catch my drift."

"Say no more I will personally handle this matter."

"I appreciate you cooperation Commissioner. We will be in touch," Alexander turned and looked out the window seeing the Sears Tower from where he stood. He knew picking Chicago for his operations was perfect. So large and anonymous that he could move freely without much interference. His thoughts went to the pair downstairs knowing they would bring him a great sum of money, perhaps his best yet.

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