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"So do we have everything?" Sam asked before closing the trunk.

"Enough explosives and ammo to supply the First Infantry Division," Rufus chuckled.

"So what about Chachi?" Caleb hitched a thumb at Castlebeck. The detective was still in the house with Jimmy who kept the handgun trained on his target.

"We leave him here," Sam headed towards the nearby shed in the hopes of finding rope and duct tape. The man would be too much of a liability if they dragged him along so it was best to keep him here.

"What if he escapes?" Rufus voiced the unspoken concern everyone else shared.

"If he does well he won't know where the manor is but that's risk we'll have to take."

"But what about Hendrickson?" Caleb mentioned the wild card in all of this.

"Do we know where he is now?"

"Best guess is he's heading here now and how far off remains to be seen," Rufus answered. "Sam you better take care of matters so we can storm the Bastille."

Sam nodded and dashed off leaving Drycoff alone with Rufus and Caleb.

"So your family hunts demons?" Caleb asked with a curious grin.

"Yep," Drycoff sighed. "Been doing so for a very long time."

"If we get out of this alive you have got to tell me some stories," Drycoff laughed a little at the hints of excitement in his tone.

"It's nothing personal Roland but you'll just run off and we can't have you doing that," Sam tightened the ropes around the detective.

"When I get out of these ropes, and I will, you're ass is mine Winchester," Roland snapped.

"Take a number then," Sam responded on the sly and placed the tape firmly over his mouth. Jimmy knelt down and shook his head at the detective.

"You really should open your eyes as I heard it's rather enlightening sometimes," he patted the man's cheek and hurried out. He heard the Impala and pickup truck roar to life and drive away leaving him alone in the house. Castlebeck carefully weighed his options before making any move. For all he knew Winchester rigged the ropes to tighten if he struggled against them.

The sun had vanished over the horizon as the guests continued filing in the manor. Brooklyn could pick up the scents of humans walking amongst vampires and shapeshifters to name a few. Elizabeth zipped up her dress and did a once over to be certain she was ready for him. The young girl put a few finishing touches on the gloss that coated Brooklyn's lips then stepped back and nodded in self satisfaction.

"Excellent my dear," Alexander was standing in the doorway. Brooklyn kept still as he approached and ran his eyes lustfully over her body. The diamond studded white gold choker accentuated her eyes and skin while the dress hanging from her slender frame brought out the copper in her hair.

"You look exquisite," he whispered in her ear.

"Thank you," she whispered. Alexander kissed her lips and neck before escorting her out towards the main ballroom where everyone waited for his appearance. Tonight he would be announcing his departure and be rid of Dean Winchester once and for all. He was going to send the hunter to the plantation he owned in Guiana where literal Hell awaited him. He thought about auctioning off the hunter but it would be more fitting to keep him but make him suffer under his own hand.

The guests continue talking amongst themselves as they sipped on expensive wine and champagne and sampled rare but delectable treats from across the globe.

Alexander knows how to throw a party….

I heard he's going to announce he found a companion…..

Yes I heard as well…..

I heard it was Brooklyn Ravenwood…..


She is the daughter of the archangel Gabriel……

The hushed whispers reached Brooklyn's ears making her angry on the inside. They gossip and cackle like old hens as stuffed their faces with food and drink. Alexander paused at the doors and turned towards her with a knowing but frightening smile.

"Tonight my dear you will start your new life with me," he then leaned in closer, "Remember what I said about obedience and respect."

His cool hands slid from her face and faced the doors waiting for the slaves to open the grand slabs of granite and wood. The human slaves pulled on the iron hooks allowing Alexander to step out upon the landing with Brooklyn tight on his arm.

"Good evening," his voice carried over the hushed tones of the masses below. The guests immediately stopped and craned their necks towards the landing above. "I am pleased to have you all here as I am anxious to make an announcement. Tonight I shall be leaving here after the gala as I have found the companion I so long sought after. I present to you Brooklyn Aberdeen."

Brooklyn felt the eyes of the crowd fix upon her as Alexander guided her towards the railing. Her heart sank as she stood with her hands shaking on the top of the wooden railing and scanned the faces below. Her name had been changed as he now made his dominance over her complete. Alexander strolled up behind her and placed his hand on her bare back and whispered in her ear.

"It's time," Brooklyn nodded slightly and felt her body being led away and down the massive staircase. She felt as if she floated over the steps as they reached the bottom and faced the guests. They surrounded the hunter, all were anxious to gaze upon the one who Alexander had chosen. Brooklyn kept her chin held high and eyes neutral as not to earn the wrath of Alexander.

She felt his hand slip down into hers then come up until his lips were pressed tightly against it. She forced a small smile hoping it would appease him. To her internal delight he smiled back then guided her through the sea of bodies and faces as he wished to show her off.

Dean growled and thrashed about the silver shackles as his anger raged through his being. His clothing was torn to shreds as his nails had ripped through the layers of cotton and denim- a sign of his rage and frustrations.

"Thrashing about is not going to do you any good werewolf," Daniel snickered with obvious pleasure.

"Where is she!? WHERE IS SHE!?!?!!?" Dean hollered through the bars. Daniel's smirk turned into a taunting grin as he decided to acquiesce the hunter's demands.

"Upstairs with my master," Daniel walked around the cage and ran his hands over the smooth silver coated bars. "Tonight he leaves with her and you will be shipped to points unknown."

The silver cuffs prevented Dean from changing as if he succeeded the first one in his line of fire was the little groupie on the other side of the bars.

Brooklyn kept the sham that passed as a smile plastered on her lips as she weaved through the guests and slaves. Her thoughts went to Dean who suffered downstairs as his pain flowed through her body. She fought to keep her agony in secret but Alexander detected the pain flowing freely through her veins. He continued to show her off letting light touches run over her arms and shoulders as no one dared to anger their host.

Alexander had the arrangements made for them to leave after the party and straight towards his manor located in Belize. No one could touch him as there was no extradition treaty and his substantial wealth would buy him enough protection and security for him and his new companion. The plane was fueled and waiting at the airport as was the Escalade around the back of the house. Thoughts of what he wanted to do to her once they were alone in the car then the plane made his pants feel a little tight. The plane had a small private bedroom where they wouldn't be disturbed.

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