Some Things To Tell You That You Are Turning Into Sesshoumaru

1. If when people start asking you something and you reply " Hn" You are turning into Sesshoumaru.

2. If you start to hate your half brother and try to kill him.

3. If you start to carry around 2 sword's at your side.

4. If you start wearing armor daily and never take it off.

5. If you start putting' this' in front of your name.

you wear the same clothes over and over.

7. If you act as cold as ice.

8. If you start to travel and never stop.

9. If you start to act full of pride, stuck up, a snot, then you are turning into Sesshoumaru.

10. If you start traveling with a little human girl, a very weired toad, and a dragon then you are defedently a SUPER CRAZY SESSHOUMARU FAN.

OK I made these just at a moment's notice. I think they are funny. I also think these are great for the SUPER CRAZY SESSHOUMARU FAN'S. Which is of course why I wrote this since I AM ONE.

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