It's been about a week sense everyone got fired from their jobs and now everyone is just relaxing at home. Except for Larxene, she has to make sure that everyone has the right medicine and that they are taking their medicine.

Everyone is siting in their chairs in the meeting room. Their all in the right chair. Xemnas being the tallest, and Xigbar ending the chair seating. They were called to attend this mandatorily meeting. How they got up in those chairs is a strange, strange matter. They either did it themselves, or Larxene had to help them up. Everyone was sitting, waiting for it to start.

Xemnas was in the tallest chair in the room. Overlooking his Organization while taped into his chair. Yes, TAPED into his chair. He's still in his full body cast and he can't really move to well. He can move his neck and toes! But nothing else. Larxene had to tape him into the chair so he wouldn't fall. So their he was, taped in his chair. His arms were on the armrests and his butt was angled upward so his legs were pointing to the floor. Larxene said it looked better that way.

Xigbar was to the right of Xemnas. If you were to sit in Xemnas's chair. He was one of the few members that could get into their chair by themselves. He was sitting on the edge of his chair, yelping at ever move he made. He still had his burns, but they were healing. His arms were starting to peel and the burns on his legs were fading out, but on the back of his neck, his back and his butt, they were still red as fire. So he sat in a pair of shorts and an undershirt, peeling the skin off of his arms while he waited for the meeting to begin.

Xaldin was on the opposite side of Xemnas, on the left. He too, was healing in a very slow manner. His body wasn't completely covered in bruises, but their was the occasion bruise on him every now and again. The bruises he still had were from Olette. The bruises Pence had giving him were gone, but a few of his still remained. As for the three bullet wounds in his leg, they were stitched up again after he had picked the stitches out one night. So he too, sat in an undershirt with some shorts one. Along with a towel on the floor below him. Vexen wasn't very good at stitching him up the way he was. So the towel was to catch the occasional drop of blood or medicine that Xaldin kept applying, as Xemnas wanted to keep the white floors white.

Vexen was sitting next to Xigbar and he had gained some movement. Larxene had to, unfortunately, carry him and gently put him down in his seat. But Larxene just kinda threw him in his seat. To keep him from falling out, she took a piece of wood and blocked the part of the chair where your legs go. So he was sitting like a child in their mother's arms. Which kinda disturbed a few members. But the good news was that he could move a little, but not completely.

Lexaeus, who was next to Xaldin, was pretty much over the charcoal colored skin. His skin was back to normal and he wasn't having twitching attacks anymore. Okay, so he still is, but their not as bad as they used to be. He can speak one long sentence or two short sentences with spazzing out. Another good thing is that his legs don't flail as he spazzes. His arms just fling everywhere, his legs had stopped. And this in itself, made him smile.

Zexion, who was next to Vexen, had calmed down with the medicine Larxene had found in the back of the sink. So he was pretty much back to his normal self. The only problem was that the medicine wasn't completely strong enough to keep his calmness under control all the time. So every now and then he would blurt something random out. Another problem was that the medicine expired two years ago and is tasted foul. So Zexion would always try and hide the medicine and say that he took it. And sense Larxene had to take care of everyone, she would quickly find the medicine, hold him down, and shove it down his throat. As soon as the caffeine wore off, he wouldn't have to take the medicine anymore. So everyday he took a test to test his caffeine levels, and everyday they were still 1,895. The normal level being 120.

Saix, who was next to Lexaeus, was still the way he was. He was itchy and red, but the cream that he had also found under the sink was helping him control the urge to scratch. His skin was still red and he still had claw marks from himself from scratching, but other than that, he was good. Problem was, like Zexion, the medicine expired about two or three years ago, so it didn't work to well. So he would still scratch, but the medicine had cut back how much he scratched tremendously.

Axel who had a seat next to Zexion was doing alright. He had finally managed to take the glass out, which was a painful process. So now all he had were the cuts that were imbedded in his skin. But he's not worried about it. As soon as Vexen heals, we will stitch him up and the cuts will fade away leaving no scars. Another good thing was that he was also able to get into his chair himself, which made Larxene have less work.

Demyx, who's seat was next to Saix needed help to get to his seat. He was still blind, but the vomiting had almost stopped. He would vomit occasionally, which Larxene made him clean up. Other than that, he was still Demyx. The vomiting and blindness would go away in another week, which made everyone happy, sense everyone was tired of slipping in the stuff.

Luxord, who was next to dog boy...I mean Saix, still had scratches. Some were healed, some were not. The ones that weren't healed were the ones made by Yuna. She was actually quite tough, despite her dainty appearance. So he had a lot of band-aids on him. And I mean a lot.

Marluxia, who's seat was next to Demyx's, was still in pain. He was sitting on two bags of frozen peas. The coolness helped the healing process apparently and Larxene would get him as many bags of peas as it took for she was glad to help Marluxia. That, and sense she hated peas, and no one, and I mean NO ONE, would want them after he sat on them.

Larxene, who was next to Luxord, really wished that she would have gotten hurt. She hated taking care of these losers and she would love it when they were gone. Xemnas already owed her vacation time. Sense 'all this work was bad for a girl like her', she said. So until all twelve were healed, she was stuck with them. Oh joy.

Roxas, who was in between Marluxia to his right and Larxene to the left, was kinda healed. He always carried around the little toy bear for it comforted him. And his mind was healing. If only a little. Next week they would send him to Namine who would be his thermopsis and eraser of memories. But until that day, Roxas was very quiet. Only whimpering, and when he did talk it, it was about how 'no one loved him' and stuff like that.

After everyone was ready. Xemnas began.

"Welcome everyone. I hope everyone is doing well."

Everyone glared at him, signaling him to just get on with it.

"Oooookay then. This meeting was about the plans Saix and I have made." Xemnas said not moving.

"Yes. With this foundation it means we will never...." Saix paused to bite his arm in relieve of the itching sensation. "....have to work again in our life." Saix finally continued.

"What's the foundation called?" Vexen asked, in the same predicament that Xemnas was in.

"The Organization XIII Help Foundation!" Xemnas squealed.

"Great! So well have munny now." Axel said whines at the pain of him moving his bandaged arm.

"Good. I never want to work again." Xigbar said as he messed with his shorts.

"XALDIN! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" Xemnas screamed.

"Sorry, Superior." Xaldin apologized and stopped picking at his stitches.

"Can we.......TWITCH......leave now?" Lexaeus asked, wanting to take a nap.

"No." Xemnas replied.

"Why not?" Demyx whiningly asked, looking at Marluxia.

"Im not MANSEX you dumbass!" Marluxia snapped back, in his finally returned to normal voice.

"Sorry." Demyx said apologizing to a chair.

"Sigh." Marluxia sighed to himself.

"The funny thing was. I was the one who created the site." Larxene put in.

"Really? What's it look like?" Luxord asks.

"Well, I went by Xemnas's order and put a lot of pictures of him on their. That got us nowhere. But as soon as I took a picture of Roxas, who had a quivering lip, holding onto his teddy bear, big puppy dog eyes, and I typed in 'Help me.' We were a sure in. It got us a million hits!" Larxene explains.

"That's my Roxy!" Axel squeals.

"IM UNLOVED!!!!!!!!!" Roxas replies.

"So when will Roxas's.......SILLY WILLY HEAD!.......therapy start? Im tired of hearing him cry at..........FOAM! CAT MEOW, MEOW!.......night." Zexion stated. Embarrassed by his random outbursts.

"Next week. Namine is on vacation in Twilight Town and won't be back on Destiny Islands until next week." Xemnas said.

"Good." Zexion replied.

Everyone teleported off and then headed back to their rooms.

Axel clicks pause on the movie.

"That's it, Roxas. The whole video about how we, 'Organization XIII', got enough munny to stay in business. And the funny thing was, that it was all captured on tape." Axel says.

"I was raped?" He asks, not remembering what had happened.

"NO! That was a lie. You really worked at a candy shop." Axel replied, lying through his teeth.

"Oh. Well that's good then."


"Can we watch it again?" Roxas asks.

"We just did, how bout tomorrow?"

"What are you guys doing?" Demyx asks as he walks into the Organization's movie room. "YOU DID TELL ME YOU WERE WATCHING THE MOVIE!!!!"

"We already did, and it's over." Axel said.

"Well we'll just have to watch it again. Zexion! Come on, were watching the movie!" Demyx screams.

"I brought popcorn." He said taking a seat next to Demyx, who had sat down next to Roxas, who was next to Axel.

"You watching the movie. Cool!" Marluxia says taking a seat next to Axel.

"You know, ever story is good enough to be seen twice." Xigbar says sitting next to Zexion.

"Coming through." Xemnas says sitting next to Xigbar.

"Move please." Saix says sitting next to Xemnas.

"Excuse me." Xaldin says behind Saix.

"Im with them." Vexen says behind Xaldin.

Lexaeus follows and sits next to Vexen.

"Pardon me." Luxord says sitting next to Lexaeus.

"MOVE!" Larxene says taking her seat next to Marluxia.

Namine comes in and sits next to Larxene.

"What the..." Axel starts to say but never get to finish.

"Come on, theirs seats right here!" Kairi screams jumping into the seat next to Namine.

"Finally we get good seats." Riku says leaving a seat for Sora in the middle.

"I brought the snacks!" Sora say flopping down into the empty seat between the two.

"YUNA! PAINE! RIGHT HERE!" Rikku squeals.

"I can't believe we made it in time." Yuna tells Paine.

"Yeah. The line was tremendous." Paine replies.

"Okay, I think we have..." Axel starts to say again.

Leon, Cloud, Tifa and Aerith walk in and take a seat at the end of the first row. Yuffie jumps on their heads and steals the empty seat next to Aerith.

"Ugh." Leon says rubbing his head.

"Same here." Cloud says doing the same.

"BE CARFUL!" Tifa yells.

"Ouch!" Aerith says grabbing her head.

"Hehe." Yuffie giggles.

"How did these people get in here!?!?!" Axel screams.

"Didn't save a seat for me!" Cid says sitting behind Leon and Cloud.

"Move, ya know!" Rai says stealing four seats for his friends.

"Thanks." Fu says taking her seat next to him in the second row, sense the first was filled up.

"Lets see if we were good in this." Seifer tells everyone who's listening.

Vivi takes a seat next to him and who is sitting next to Fu.

"Hurry up or the seats will be taken!" Pence says sitting next to Vivi.

"Im surprised you can run that fast." Hayner says sitting next to him.

"Don't be mean!" Olette says hitting Hayner on the back of the head.

"Ugh, I don't see why we get the back row. We were the most important characters in the story." Terra says taking the end seat of the last row.

"We were not the main characters! We just helped throw in some comedy and helped it move along." Aqua said taking the middle seat.

"Whatever. I just wanna see the resemblance me and Roxas really have."

"Okay, im a little squished here. OUCH!" Axel screams.

Axel gets smashed and lands in a seat next to Roxas. Everyone looks at him and he's the one who has the remote.

"I guess we can watch it one last time." Axel sighs.

Axel clicks the remote and everything rewinds and the movie starts up again.

Okay, all the stuff they did was not a movie. It just happened to be recorded, so they were able to get and keep a tape. So Axel and Roxas were watching it as you read it, but at the end, everyone showed up to see it! So it just basically starts over again. I got the ending from The Lion King 1½, it was a good movie. If you wanna see The Lion King 1½ ending, type it in on youtube or go watch the movie. It's a cute movie. It'll show you how the ending went. Anyhow, thanks for reading. Review and im glad you enjoyed the story. So see ya!

P.S. This chapter was mainly to fill you guys in. I tried to put some comedy in their, but I really couldn't. And when Zexion had a huge pause and then everything was in big letters, that mean's that his hyperness snuck out.