AN: So I sort of fell off the face of the planet with Deals and Dates. I have NO good excuses for you guys. Just a million apologies. I AM working the 3rd chapter. Really. Anyways, this has nothing to do with any of my other drabbles. I just though of it and thought it was cute. Hope you like. :3

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Alice had few guilty pleasures in life, as she rarely chose to do things that she would regret later.

However, she did allow herself one, near daily indulgence that she hoped never to admit to anyone else. This one small gesture of hopeless affection was terribly embarrassing to poor Alice. She believed she would surely die should her rather mad boyfriend ever catch her.

Each morning that Alice wakes up before him- which is basically every morning- she prepares for her day quietly, hoping not to wake Reginald. (She'd never quite gotten over how peaceful and handsome he could look while asleep.) Once ready for a day's work at the bookshop, she will anxiously check that her Hatter is still snoozing. Assuring herself that he will be in bed for a while longer, Alice will rush downstairs and head straight for the front hallway.

Not to leave. She will not have eaten yet, nor gathered her bag. No, it is to the coat rack that Alice hurries on these calm mornings. And there will rest her prize.

With one more surreptitious glance around, Alice will reach out for the bright orange coat hanging before her. Pulling it on, she relishes the feel of the expensively soft material (Reginald, unlike his Cricket, loves to indulge, and he never feels guilty). Shrugging up her shoulders and bringing her too-large-sleeve covered hands to her face; Alice will then find herself surrounded by the smell she associates with Reginald.

She will stand for a long moment with a blissful smile on her face. Then she hangs the coat back up, and carries on with her morning as if nothing ever happened.

Alice will never tell Reginald that she loves (to be read as "is mildly obsessed with") his ridiculously bright colored coat.

She's completely unaware that he already knows. Reginald too had a favorite part of his morning that revolved around said fashion-defying item of clothing. For, most days, when he finally got up, dressed and was ready to leave for his hat shop, he would don the coat with a knowing grin.

Because sometimes his coat smelled an awful lot like Alice.