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Bella's Point of View

I sat up in the bed and leaned on my elbow looking down in the crib beside the bed. The full moon illuminated the room since for once in Forks there weren't any clouds present. I reached my hand in her crib and gently placed it on the top of her soft head of fuzzy brown curls and gently rubbed my thumb on her head. Her small breaths were peaceful and quiet and I felt a smile form on my face. Her small body was dressed in a bootie pajama outfit with little brown bears on it. I picked her little hand up and almost instinctively she closed hers around my pinky. I smiled at how she knew who I was even when she was sleeping. I turned the baby monitor back on and brought the other one with me as I went to the bathroom and showered quickly, throwing on the pair of jeans and shirt I had brought with me and hurried back to the room just as Liyah started to stir. I walked over as she opened her eyes and I picked her up gently and carried her with me down to the kitchen and filled the sink with warm water and after undressing her, set her in it. I gently washed her body and her hair and wrapped a warm towel I had grabbed on the way in around her and carried her back up to the stairs and set her in the middle of my bed and turned around and grabbed a long sleeve pink and brown striped onesie, a pair of warm white pants, pink booties, and a new diaper. I quickly dressed her and brought her with me downstairs again and prepared a bottle for her and got a bowl for cereal and went to the table. I fed Liyah her bottle patiently and burped her before preparing my bowl of cereal as Charlie made his way into the room.

"So what time does this thing start tonight?"

"I'm supposed to be there at five. Can you be back by four thirty so I can get ready?"

He nodded and got his own bowl for cereal. The thought of tonight made my stomach turn to nerves and I got up and poured the rest of my cereal down the drain and rinsing the bowl out. I hadn't been back in Forks until now, ten years later, for a class reunion. Of course, that makes things between Charlie and I not so great again, but after not going to my graduation from a broken heart I decided I wanted to get the hell out of Forks. I told myself then that I'd never come back but I was hoping that if I came to this that Edward might show up. I went from loving him to being heartbroken and missing him to a stage where I hated him to a stage where I loved him again and wanting him to be here. I was still in the loving him again stage and I prayed he would be there today and the rest of the week for that matter. I remember very clearly that day he left and how horrible I felt.

It was a week until graduation and for seniors school had ended earlier that day. I looked up from where I stood by my truck as Edward walked towards me, his head facing the ground.

"Hey," He looked up at me as he reached me, "What's wrong?"

"I need to talk to you." I felt my heart sink, no girl ever wanted to hear that.

"A-about what?" He didn't answer me, instead he took my hand and led me towards a bench that was in front of the school and waited for the parking lot to empty. He cleared his throat, nerves apparent through his actions.

"Bella," He stopped and took a breath and letting it out, "I'm not going to Yale with you. I'm going to Harvard Law School."


"Because Bella, that's what I want to do and I'm leaving Sunday."

"What about graduation? That's next week you can't miss it."

He looked down again, "My parents got Alice, Jasper, and my diplomas early. We're all leaving Bella."

"Well Harvard isn't that far from Yale so."

"Bella, no, I'm not going to do that to you. You can find someone much better for you than me and I want you to. I'm not going to prevent you from doing that by keeping a relationship with me when I'm over two hours away. I'm not going to do it."

My eyes filled with tears, "I don't care if you are over two hours away Edward."

"Bella, this isn't going to change. I want you to have your options open. Chances are you will never see me again. Goodbye Bella."

He got up and walked towards his Volvo and only looked up at me after he shut the door to the car. I stood up and ran to my truck, tears burning my eyes and streaking down my cheeks as I slammed the door behind me and it roared to life. I tore from the parking lot leaving him still sitting in his car.

I shook my head to clear it of any thoughts of that day and looked down at Liyah. She was lying on her back in front of me and I leaned over and held onto her hands and wiggled them gently causing her to smile a big gummy smile at me. I laughed and leaned over and kissed her forehead.

Edward's Point of View

Why did I come back? Maybe because I knew my parent's had moved back almost a year later because they loved it here so much, maybe it was because I was just sick of it. I told her it wouldn't be likely that I'd ever show up again and I was telling her the truth. Leaving her that day was the biggest mistake of my life and I would give anything to take it back. I wish I would have just skipped Harvard Law and gone with her to Yale like we had planned, but I did it for her. I did it because I know she deserves a hell of a lot better than me. Ten years. How had those years passed so quickly without her? They were the worst ten years of my life.

"Eddie?" I cringed as the name echoed in my ears and looked up as Tanya walked into my bedroom. I had been up here for hours just staring at the ceiling, dreading when she'd arrive. "What time does that thing start tonight?"

"In a few hours, but I'm just going."

"I want to come with you and meet all your high school friends."

"Tanya, no, it's strictly the Forks High School graduating class no fiancées, no boyfriends or girlfriends, no wives, only the people who went to Forks." She plastered a pouty expression on her face and sat on her knees beside me on the bed, her gaze looking down at me worried.

"Why are you hiding out in your room?"

"Because I just wanted to lie down for a while Tanya." She laid her hand on my chest and laid down beside me, her engagement ring glistening back at me.

"I think we should move the wedding up to like two weeks from now." My eyes went wide, but she didn't see.

"Tanya, we can't do that. All our friends are back in Cambridge and that's what we have planned. You'll just have to wait a couple more months."

I shut my eyes and tried to drone out her voice as a vision of Bella came into my vision. The way she looked back in high school. Her natural loose curled brown hair that reached past her shoulders, her deep brown eyes, she was beautiful in every way but she never saw it and I'm sure what I did to her didn't help that matter. She always asked me why I was dating her comparing us to Beauty and the Beast, her being the beast. I always told her she was speaking nonsense, but she never believed me. I sat up and I looked over my shoulder at Tanya who was looking at me confused.

"I'm going for a drive before I go to this thing so I'll see you tonight." She put on another pouty face and got back on her knees waiting for me to give her a kiss but never getting one as I walked out of the room.