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Shrek Piece

Starring Luffy as Shrek

Nami as Fiona

Usopp as Pinocchio

Zolo as Puss in Boots

Chopper as Donkey

And Sanji as Gingie

Luffy: Hey look, Sanji! I'm an Ogre!

Sanji: Um, why are my buttons gumdrops?

Luffy: OOH, gumdrops!

Sanji: Don't you touch my gumdrop buttons! o.o' where did that come from?

Nami: AAAAAAAUUUUUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanji: What troubles you, my dear?

Nami: My skin…it's…it's…it's GREEN!

Luffy: Aw, calm down. You're just an ogre…

Nami: …I'm an OGRE????!?!?!?!!!!?!?????

Luffy: oops.

Nami: AAAAAAAUUUUUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanji: So…that means she's Fiona.

Luffy: Huh? Sanji, Nami's Nami, not Fiona

Sanji: No, I mean she's FIONA…you know, from the movie!

Nami and Luffy: o.O wtf…?

Sanji: You know, the movie starring Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz about the ogre named Shrek. (for some reason, the name escapes me.)

Nami and Luffy: O.o ftw…?

Sanji: Never mind

Luffy: Wow. Nami, you're kinda attractive as an ogre

Nami: …WHAT?!

Luffy: I'm just sayin…

Sanji: *grabs Nami* Nami's mine!

Nami: Hey, your buttons are gumdrops!

Sanji: *pushes Nami away* Don't touch my gumdrop buttons! O.o where is that coming from? This is weird…

*Zolo and Chopper come in*

Zolo: *Spanish accent* Hey there, Shrek… //wtf why is my voice like this?//

Luffy: Shrek? Who's Shrek? *giggles* Shrek…it sounds like baby shampoo.

Chopper: No, YOU'RE Shrek.

Luffy: Oh, I am?

Chopper: Says so at the top of the fic…

Luffy: *looks up* Oh, yeah…

Usopp: *runs in* SHREK!

Luffy: Shrek? Who's Shrek?

Zolo and Chopper: -_-'

Usopp: You gotta help me! My nose is growing longer!

-awkward pause-

Luffy: Looks the same to me…

Nami: Me too.

Sanji: Me three.

Luffy: So, who are you, Zolo?

Zolo: I'm Puss in Boots

*everyone laughs hysterically*

Zolo: …I'm Puss in Boots

*everyone laughs hysterically*

Zolo: Um, what's so funny?

Sanji: Let me get this straight. Basically, you're a PUSS?

Zolo: Um, yes.

*everyone laughs hysterically*

Sanji: So you admit you're a PUSSY?

Zolo: *angry* YES! IN BOOTS!

*everyone dies lauging*

Zolo: . What is so funny?!

*Nami awakes from the dead to explain to Zolo the humor of him admitting that he is a pussy*

Zolo: …Sanji, I'm going to kill you…

Usopp: Save his buttons for me, Zolo!


Everyone: o.o

Sanji: What is UP with this? Why do I even HAVE gumdrop buttons? And come to think of it, why am I made of low-quality gingerbread?

Luffy: And your hair is frosting!

Sanji: WHAT?! *grabs mirror* O.O IT IS! My beautiful hair…

Mirror: Please don't cry on me, buddy.

Everyone: AAAH! A talking Mirror!

Mirror: I am a magic Mirror. Ask any question and I will answer correctly.

Luffy: …AAAH! A talking Mirror!

Mirror: …is he always like that?

Nami: You have no idea…

Mirror: Ask me any question, and I will give you the correct answer.

Luffy: Okay. Mirror, will I find One Piece and-

Mirror: No, you have to start with Mirror, Mirror!

Luffy: Mirror, Mirror, will I find One Piece?

Mirror: Your question has to have rhyme and rhythm.

Luffy: Huh???

Nami: Luffy, can't you do ANTHING right?

Chopper: You mean Shrek.

Nami: Whatever.

Chopper: Like this, Shrek: Mirror, Mirror, answer true: What's the sum of two and two?

Mirror: Four, four, now ask no more, cos' I've told you the answer and that answer is four.

Everyone: Oooooh…

Luffy: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh……so WHAT do I do?

Nami: Like this…Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the richest one of all?

Mirror: You, you, yes it's true, the richest of all is you you you.

Everyone: O.O Wow…

Zolo: My turn! Mirror, Mirror-

Chopper: I am bored…

Zolo: -who will strike down Mihawk's sword?

Mirror: You, you, yes it's true, the guy who beats Mihawk is you you you.

Everyone: ^_^ cool!

Luffy: Okay, I think I get it! Mirror, Mirror…uh, what rhymes with pirate?

Everyone: LUFFY!

Chopper: SHREK!

Luffy: Luffy doesn't rhyme with Shrek…

*everyone facefaults*

Luffy: I got it! Mirror, Mirror you shiny thing, who will be a pirate king?

Mirror: You, you, yes it's true, you'll find One Piece and the king will be you!


Sanji: Mirror, Mirror, buddy pal, will I meet the perfect gal?

Mirror: No.


Sanji: No?

Mirror: No.

Sanji: That's it?

Mirror: Fine. HELL no.

Sanji: No rhyme?

Mirror: Very well, then: No, no, no no no, no no no no no no no.

Sanji: *distressed* At least I'm still attractive…

Nami: Hey Mirror, I've always wondered what the true meaning of life is.

Luffy: That's easy. Forty two.

Nami: Shut up, you cretin.

Mirror: Actually, Luffy is right.

*everyone stares at Luffy*

Zolo: but…but…

Sanji: FORTY TWO?!

Luffy: *grins* Cool, huh?

Chopper: It was like, the secret of the UNIVERSE, and LUFFY knew it…

Nami: *smug* You mean Shrek.

Chopper: Whatever.

Luffy: who IS this Shrek guy you keep talking about?

Mirror: Who's next?

Usopp: Mirror, Mirror in the wood, who's the guy whose looks are good?

*Mirror screams and shatters into millions of tiny pieces*

*Everyone stares at Usopp*

Usopp: Uh…*bends down* Shards, Shards on the ground…

Sanji: Nice work there, Pinocchio…

Usopp: Shut up, Frosting Top!

Sanji: Frosting Top? That's the best you got?

Usopp: Listen, right now my head happens to be made out of wood.

Sanji: Whatever, foo. Don't make me bust out my jazz hands. Remember what happened last time?

Luffy: Yeah, with all the naked mole rats?

Usopp: (quivering) s-so many naked mole rats…s-so NAKED…

Nami: All of you shut up or I'll shove Sanji's gumdrops up your-


Everyone: O.o…

Sanji: Alright, this is starting to freak me out…

Luffy: What's that? *points*

Chopper: That's a dragon, Shrek.

Luffy: Oh. *pause* What's a dragonshrek?

*collective group groan*

Chopper: NO, it's a dragon.


Everyone: DRAGON?!

Dragon: Rrooooooaar! *breathes flame*

Zolo: RUN!!!

Sanji: Stay and fight, you pussy!


Usopp: Sanji, it's melting your buttons!

*Sanji goes berserk and kills the dragon*

Sanji: Nobody messes with the gumdrop buttons!