This is a revision of Merlin's biggest secret. Set after episode 1 of series 2. This chapter is from Arthur's POV.

Arthur groaned and opened his eyes, he lay on the cold floor of the courtyard bleeding. He couldn't move without pain the courtyard was empty apart from the bodies. Camelot was falling and there was nothing Arthur could do.

He saw Merlin come running into the courtyard,

"Arthur" he called running over to the injured prince kneeling down beside him.

Cedric no Sigan, Cedric was gone spoke to Merlin "who would have believed it? You a sorceror and a powerful one."

Merlin was a sorceror. No it wasn't possible Sigan had to be wrong.

"I won't let you hurt him." Merlin said not denying the accustations.

"And your going to stop me?" Sigan said disbelievingly.

Merlin stood up and walked towards Sigan, "I'll stop you." He said.

"He does not deserve your loyalty, he treats you like a slave."

He didn't treat Merlin that bad. Did he?

"That's not true" Merlin said to Arthur's relief.

"He cast you aside without a moments thought."

"That doesn't matter."

"But it must of hurt so much to be so put upon so overlooked when all the while you had such power "

"That's the way it has to be."

"Does it. Your oung Melrin look inside yourself you have yet to discover your true power I can help you. Think Merlin to have he world appreciate your greatness to have Arthur know you for what you are."

"That could never be."

"It can be if you join me. Together we could rule over this land, Arthur will tremble at your voice, he would kneel at your feet."

"I don't want that."

"You'd rather be a servant?"

"Better to serve a good man than to rule with an evil one."

"So be it. If you will not join me I will became you and harness your power to my will."

Blue mist came from Sigans mouth and sourrounded Merlin.

Merlin began chanting in a strange language and the mist went into his mouth. Merlin fell to the floor shaking and Arthur felt his heart leapt.

Sigan had spoken to Merlin like an equal, this made Merlin one of the most powerful sorceror's ever. If Sigan and Merlin joined together Camelot was doomed.

Merlin laughed but it was Sigan's voice not Merlin's "I couldn't have forseen this either, Merlin's a woman" Sigan laughed. Merlins body started shaking again and Merlin opened his eyes. He held a blue stone in his hand.

Merlin ran back over to Arthur. "Arthur are you alright are you awake."

"I saw the whole thing Merlin. I know your a sorceror and a woman."

"How do you know I'm a woman?"

"I think you have some explaining to do. You killed Sigan."

"Yes please let me explain before you hand me in to your father."

"I'll listen."

"I'm taking you to see Gaius unless..."

"Unless what?"

"I could heal you myself. Gaius's chambers are overrun with the wounded and it would be alot quicker."

"Do it" Arthur said.

Merlin put his hand over Arthur's wound and whispered a few magic words. Arthur felt a warmth spread over him and in amazement felt his wound heal.

"So you're one of the most powerful sorceror in the land?"

"Arthur I'm the most powerful sorceror who ever lived. Sorceress I guess. You know I'm really a girl."

"I will want a very detailed explination later, then I will decide what to do with you. I cannot overlook this you understand that."

"I await your decision sire," Merlin said calmly. "I understand you don't trust magic, but trust me. I would never use it against you."

"I know come on lets go inside before my father starts thinking I'm dead."

Arthur and Merlin walked into the great hall, "you killed him not me" Merlin whispered in Arthur's ear.

Arthur's eyes widened "how many times have I or someone else taken the credit for your work?"

"So many one more won't make a difference". Merlin shrugged. Arthur knew he didn't really have a choice if he didn't want Merlin dead. Which he didn't. Merlin made him happy, she was his best friend, she treated him like an equal when everyone else treated him like a superior accept his father and Morganna who treated him like an inferior.

"That's him sire. The prince has already arrested him." A peasant cried out to the king. "He's the sorceror who killed Sigan."

Arthur's heart leapt into his mouth Merlin couldn't die. He loved her.

Oh god he hadn't realised before.

He loved Merlin.