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When the clapping died down Merlin could tell Alvarr was furious, but so was she, how dare he treat Gwen like she was replaceable, like she didn't matter. She was her closest ran out the council room, not because she was being dramatic because she was trying to calm herself down she closed her eyes and counted to ten, sometimes she had real problems keeping her magic in, especially when she was furious. Sometimes she feared her own power.

"Merlin, Merlin" Morgana followed her finding the young queen sitting on a rock her head in her hands.

"I can't do it Morgana, I can't control it, look at my eyes what colour are they?"

"Gold?" Morgana said shocked.

"I can't help it when my magic is like this, when I'm angry or at any heightened emotional state it comes bursting to the surface."

"Under normal circumstances I would make a comment about the state or your and Arthur's bedroom but I suppose that's not appropriate."

"No" Merlin said her eyes even when gold fixing Morgana with a dissaproving stare.

"You have to do this Merlin, we need you, just stay here and calm down, I'll get some water."

Morgana left and Merlin noticed Gwen standing a way off, "are you alright Gwen?" she asked.

"Are you?" Gwen said unsurely.

"I will be in a minute, are you frightened of me Gwen?" Merlin asked unsurely as Gwen had been a moment before.

"I know I shouldn't be you're Merlin, you've saved us all countless times...it was you" Gwen said suddenly.

"What" Merlin said.

"When my father recovered from the plague, it was you wasn't it."

"Yes, I'm sorry Gwen, I didn't intend for you to get arrested."

"I know, you confessed, it wasn't your fault no one listened."

"I should never have brought you into my world Gwen you don't deserve to be forced into such a place when you have no ability to defend yourself."

"I know you will be a great sorceress Merlin and a great queen, I trust you you just have to trust yourself."

"Are my eyes back to normal?" Merlin asked.


"Come on let's go back" Merlin said getting up.


Merlin returned to the council room.

"I hope there will be no more attempts to test me at the risk of anyone else" Merlin said coldly.

"No, I apologize" Alvarr said.

"It's not me you should be apologizing to, it's Gwen."

"Gwen I apologize" Alvarr said.

"It's alright" Gwen said but still staying where she was behind Merlin and Morgana who had slipped back in the room.

Negotiations resumed and by sunset Merlin had the agreememnt of the council to come to Camelot's aid if called. They wanted the young queen on side, she was powerful and she spoke of tolerence and peace despite the upcoming war, she was their best chance for the end to persecution.

Merlin returned to Camelot a few days later as an accepted member of the sorcerors council with their promise to come to her aid. Merlin couldn't wait to tell Arthur. She had missed him especially at night she'd got so used to his arms around her as she slept she felt cold without him. Yet it had been so woderful to be among her own kind, once Alvarr had apologised and she'd got over her nervousness, to be accepted as she had never been before and to be understood. It made her feel guilty almost unfaithful, a feeling that stopped as finally as the sunset she walked back into Camelot's throne room and knew for certain where her heart really lay, with her king.


Arthur had barely stood up when his wife threw herself into his arms.

"Tell me everything" Arthur says, they were only apart a few days but it seems like forever. Merlin opened her mouth but was interrupted.

"Not now" Arthur says as Merlin opens her mouth to speak. "Over dinner, Bayard is coming".

Merlin leaned up to whispered something in the King's ear, giving the impression it was an important piece of information but what she really whispered was "I missed you, let's ditch this, I want you to make love to me."

Merlin was fully aware of the affect she had on Arthur, who seemed less aware of the affect he had on his wife. It was no great feat to get Arthur to dismiss the council and do as she desired.