A/N: Okay, here's the first chapter. This takes place probably around the 4th season, and the five kids I refer to in a minute are Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, and the twins. Matt is off at college while Mary is in New York with Eric's parents since they sent her off after her vandalization of the school gym. I know this actually takes place later in the show, and that it was not just the incident with the gym that made Eric and Annie send her off to live with the Colonel and Ruth, but for the story's sake, let's just stick for now with what I have.

"Hey, honey, what was that surprise you wanted to show me earlier?" Annie Camden asked her husband as they lay together in bed late one Friday night.

"Oh! I almost forgot. Hold on just a sec," Eric says as he jumps out of bed and goes into the small walk-in closet. He comes back with an envelope and hands it to his wife.

"Go ahead, open it. I hope you like it. I wanted to treat you to some type of relaxation, so---"

"Two plane tickets to the Bahamas?? Oh, Eric, I love it!" Annie exclaims as she gets off the bed and jumps into his arms. "One question, though. What about the kids?"

"Don't worry about that. Morgan and Patricia says that the kids can stay with them while we're gone,"

"Are you sure they don't mind? I feel bad for almost just dumping the kids on them."

"I'm sure, sweetheart. They said that it wouldn't be a problem."

"This is great! I can't believe we're going to the Bahamas!" Annie says excitedly as Eric kisses her passionately.

"And guess how long we're going to be there? Two weeks! Two whole weeks to ourselves!" Eric announces, not waiting for her to answer.

"That's great!" She replies, trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible, but Eric sees right through it.

"Aren't you happy about it?" He asks, now disappointed.

"It's not that I'm not happy about it, because I am, really. I'm just nervous about the kids, that's all," she answers,

"Oh, honey, they'll be fine. I told Morgan that if there was a problem he could call us and that we would be there as soon as we could. I am bringing my cell phone, but only in the case of an emergency," he says, wrapping his arms around his wife trying to comfort her.

"Are you sure they're going to be fine?" Annie asks, still a little apprehensive about leaving the burden of their five children on Morgan and Patricia's shoulders when they have enough going on with their own kids to worry about.

"Yes, sweetheart, I'm sure. Now, come on, let's get some rest. We have a huge day in store for us tomorrow since we have to pack, drop the kids off at the Hamilton's, and make sure the house is all cleaned up," Eric says as he climbs into bed next to his wife and wraps his arms around her. He kisses her gently on the lips as they both fall into a peaceful sleep.