A random person was something she definitely was not.

If there was anything Shawn learned from this case it was how strong his feelings were for Juliet. The fear he experienced when he discovered she was missing was so extreme, that nothing came close to being the same feeling. Not when Gus walked into a bank and found himself in a hostage situation. Not when Juliet had been undercover at the roller derby, or when she was being held by an ax welding Alice Budney. Not when Lassie had been accused of his shooting. Not even when Mr. Yang had his mom.

It was true that he'd known Abigail longer. Since high school. But he'd gone through more with Juliet. Lots more.

Death. There had been lots of death. They'd gone through weddings, Civil War reenactments, comic book conventions, college undercover assignments, singing reality shows, chop shops, horse derbies, undercover marriage, mummy curses, high school reunions and creepy Friday the 13th like campgrounds. They'd covered pretty much everything.

He felt bad lying to Abigail, saying Juliet was just a random co-worker, but he couldn't admit anything. Not yet. Not when he wasn't sure of his feelings. He loved both of them. He respected both of them.

He was in a bad spot.

What the hell was he going to do?