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Note : This idea isn't so original, I'm sorry, but I had readers wanting to see Renesmee and Bella's change, so.... SEQUEL to 'The Path'.

Summary : What if Edward and Bella's marriage wasn't initially as happy as they led us to believe? What if, when Edward accidentally hurt Bella their wedding night, the results were worse than the books led to believe? Not an abuse fic. Edward/Bella pairing. Sequel to 'The Path'.

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(Scene/POV Changes)


(Bella's POV)

I was...nervous to say the least. The ceremony had come and gone, and in the space of a breath, I was whisked out of the house, driven to an airport, and currently on a flight to... Wow, I didn't even realize until just now I had no idea where we were going to. Probably back to Isle Esme, considering it was supposed to be safe. I'd been changed out of my wedding gown, thankfully, and was currently dressed in a black dress that curved to my body, but wasn't tight. It had short sleeves, a modest neckline, and a knee length skirt.

Sitting on the plane, I shot a look over to my husband...

Husband... Husband... Wow, that's a difficult thing to get used to. I thought as my cheeks flared and I looked away. I'm really married to the most amazing man around. I...am married, and...on my way... My thoughts returned to their previous course, and my blush darkened as I bit my lip. The honeymoon...

"Bella? Are you alright, love?" A frigid hand covered my own, gently.

I wanted to lock myself in the bathroom and never come out. I was embarrassed beyond belief. Truthfully, I was excited about spending the night with Edward, but I was also a virgin, so I was afraid of it. I knew it was usual for girls to feel this way, but it didn't reassure me in the slightest. What if it was painful? Well, duh, of course it was going to be painful, but... What if he couldn't handle my blood? What if I...didn't please him?

"Second thoughts?" The question was quiet.

Blinking out of my embarrassment, I recognized Edward's question and slowly turned my head to him, letting my eyes narrow as I went. "Why can't you believe I love you?" I asked, shaking my head and pulling my hand out of his grasp. "It's always 'second thoughts?' or, 'I can't understand why you'd settle for me'." Folding my arms over my chest, I stared into his liquid honey eyes. "Why can't you just believe I'm happy to be with you?"

I turned away sharply, when I felt the typical feeling of burning in my eyes, signalling my tears of frustration. I didn't mean to get so upset, but I sincerely hated that Edward never seemed to understand how I felt. Or why. And he continuously insisted on questioning me about it, rather than accepting it like he should.

"Bella, I didn't mean..." There was a low sigh, and I heard a rustle next to me. I felt Edward moving about, but I kept my eyes closed tightly, trying not to let the tears out.

Huh, only our first night as husband and wife, and we're already having fights.

Cold hands wrapped around my waist, and I startled, gasping as my eyes shot open. I watched helplessly as Edward casually lifted me and settled me into his lap. Of course, he had to make it look like he was struggling with my weight, from the angle he grabbed me, considering he'd had an audience since we climbed aboard this flight.

Speaking of an audience, I stared pointedly at the flight attendant, who looked about ready to shove me out the door while the plane was mid-flight. She flushed angrily and turned away, huffing about her work.

I settled into Edward's lap and sighed as I leaned my head against him. "I'm not having second thoughts, but I wish you'd stop questioning me about that. I don't even know how to explain..." I took a deep breath. "It hurts me when you talk like that." It was a whispered admittion, but I felt Edward's arms tighten around me.

"I'm sorry. I just felt you stiffen up, and when I looked over, you looked doubtful and troubled."

Curling in against him, I felt the familiar blush rise and cursed this topic. I knew there was no way to calm him down, without telling him the truth, which I really didn't want to talk about. At all. Period.

Gathering my strength, I pulled back and looked Edward in the eyes. He needed to know how serious I was about this. "I'm....worried about tonight. I don't...really know what I'm doing. Or, what to do." I admitted, wondering how many shades of red my face was cycling through. When Edward's eyes narrowed in confusion, I sighed again and closed my eyes. "The honeymoon?"

He stiffened up, and I heard a low hiss.

Opening my eyes, I saw the unbridled lust and fear in Edward's eyes. "I don't know if I can do this." He frowned. "I...promised to try, but Bella... If I do something wrong, if I hurt you, you have to promise to tell me, and if it becomes too much..."

Shaking my head, I curled back into him, noting vaguely that a few women on the plane were watching us jealously. I felt a small hint of satisfaction at that. I could understand their perspectives, but this man was mine. They knew that, and hated it.

I knew that, and I loved it.

"We'll try." I confirmed, nodding against him before pressing a chaste kiss against his throat. "That's all we can do, right?"

In response, Edward's hold loosened on me, but he remained sitting stiffly, and I wondered if...now that I had brought up my doubts, was he having his own?

Mentally shaking my head, I sighed silently. It doesn't matter. We're going to make this work.

(Edward's POV)

Once we made it back to Isle Esme, I could tell we were both almost vibrating from the tension. There were many tangible emotions in the air; lust, fear, confusion, worry, desire, love... Even while I was fully in control of the demon within me, I still worried about losing control of some other faculty and hurting Bella.

So, as she decided to take a shower, before we were going to go swimming at that, I decided to go ahead out and wait for her. It would give her privacy that she longed for, and take me from the nervous energies within the house.

I stripped down on the beach letting the warm tropical air brush against my body, warming it slightly. Then I slowly walked into the water. It was a clear night, with a stunning full moon that made everything seem to glow.

She really loves me. Her clear offence earlier was startling, but I knew it was just because I needed a little more time to get used to this. My beautiful wife. Looking up to the moon, I wondered what I had done to deserve such a beautiful, smart and caring woman. I will never hurt her. I vowed silently. I can't hurt her, she's my miracle.

The sound of footsteps approaching startled me out of my thoughts, but I refused to turn around, even as I smelled her intoxicating scent and heard the sound of clothing hitting the ground. Her scent was stronger than usual, probably from her shower, and as I listened, she slowly slipped into the water. Belatedly, I wondered if she knew my own lack of clothing.

But then, it was lying on the beach in plain sight.

She waded out slowly to me, and last moment I turned around to her. She had ducked down only seconds earlier, keeping her body from view. Even in the light of the moon, I smiled as I recognized her blushing cheeks, as she gazed up at me through her lashes. Her hair fanned around her shoulders, where it fell into the water.

Nothing was said. Nothing needed to be said. I simply stared at her a moment, and she smiled before closing her eyes and standing up straight. Her body glistened in the moonlight, enhancing all her slender curves and the youthful firmness. Her pale skin shone like diamonds in the light.

Vaguely I wondered if this was what she saw, when she looked at me.

Slowly, I walked over and took her chin in my hand, before I leaned down and kissed her lightly. Her taste... If just the taste of her lips was so sweet, I feared for my sanity with what would come next. Still, I had promised her, and this was one promise I was going to keep. Leaning in further, I deepened the kiss, wrapping my free arm around her waist and pulling her closer.

Perfectly the weather here was warm, as was the water. I felt her shiver against me, and goosebumps forming on her skin, but she kissed back, wrapping her warm arms around my neck.

Every curve of her petite little body was pressed against me, making me hyper aware of her, and it was impossible not to respond, even as a low growl ripped it's way through my throat. Bella's grip tightened, and I shifted quickly, taking her up into my arms and almost racing back to the house, leaving our clothing lying strewn across the beach as I went.

As I laid Bella out on the bed, I couldn't help but smile at my wife, my angel.

We're going to try.


Note :This story is rated 'T', so for all those looking for more details.... *Blushes* Um, there are lemon stories on fanfiction, I'm sure. LOL. This is the only remotely intimate scene in the story, as my muse all but died out five chapters into the story, and the rest of it was spent completing the extension.

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