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(Fifty Years Later, Forks Washington, Bella's POV)

As we entered the old house, I took a deep breath. Over the passage of time, all scents had faded but for mold and must. Everything was covered in dust, but with our speed we were able to clean it up in no time. Considering the story behind the house, about the father and daughter who mysteriously disappeared, it wasn't surprising that nothing had been touched.

In fact, it was helpful.

As Charlie and I ran around, cleaning the house, Renesmee spoke with Edward outside, being regailed with stories about how we'd met, while the rest of our family were at their mansion of a house, cleaning up there.

There was a giggle. "You mean she thought you were a ghost?"

If I could blush, I probably would. "Edward!" I groaned, shaking my head with a smile.

He laughed a little. "Yeah. She thought I was a kleptomaniac, too."

I paused in my cleaning, my eyes narrowing. Two can play at this game.

"Do I dare ask why?" Renesmee giggled a little.

I dashed out onto the porch and leaned into my now grown daughter. She'd stopped aging at eighteen, and had long, deep reddish brown hair, with my brown eyes and a flawless pale complexion. She'd also formed my figure, much to Charlie and Edward's chagrin.

Apparently she was too perfect, and even Emmett began joking around about getting out the baseball bats to fend of the human boys.

I bit back a snort. All they'd have to do is growl, Alice have a vision, or Edward read the boy's mind. Baseball bats weren't even needed.

"He kept stealing my clothes." I crouched down and ran a hand through her hair. "I was down to about three full outfits left, and to the point I'd either soon be going shopping, or going to school naked. I tried to explain that to him, and he laughed." I shot him a dry look, and he had the decency to duck his head in embarrassment.

"But you guys fell in love." She sighed wistfully. "I wish I had that."

"You'll find someone." I kissed the top of her head, and wandered back into the house. If your dad ever lets you. I went back to cleaning, tuning everything out as I remade my old room into something I knew Renesmee would like. I had to try not to laugh when I realized Alice had rubbed off on me. I'd gone and done some massive shopping, and was now looking around the newly remade room. Arms wrapped around me and I did laugh. "Looks like something out of a fairy tale." I muttered, shaking my head.

Lips pressed lightly to my throat, sending a heat through me. "Charlie finished cleaning out his old room, and I just finished making it up for us. He's gone to the cottage, and the others are at the house."

I nodded, a smile making it's way to my face as I turned in his arms and kissed him lightly. "I love this." I brushed a hand through his hair. "Having our family, being here with you."

He smiled back. "As do I, love."

The only other obstacle we'd really needed to overcome was a little minor interference from the Volturi. They'd wanted to know about my abilities, and found out about Renesmee. There would have been a battle, but it was made known that she wasn't an immortal child, and they backed off. Well, it also helped that Kate had taught Charlie and myself how to control our abilities, which gave us a big bonus, and Alice had a vision about their interference.

We'd gotten all sorts of vampires together, most human-drinkers but some other vegetarians, and together we formed a surprisingly strong stand against the Vampire rulers, and they'd backed off.

I sighed happily, kissing Edward again. We were together, we were complete, we were safe, and we were home.

(Renesmee's POV)

This place was amazing. While it lacked the warm weather and sun Isle Esme had, it was nice in a calmer sort of way. I could feel the tranquility of the path, as I stepped down it, smelling faint hints of freesia and wet dog.

I winced.

It wasn't a nice smell, the wet dog that is, and my father had warned me about it, but it was faded and old. I walked down the path, looking around and smiling a little as I tried to imagine my mother as a human, walking down this path to school and meeting a mysterious figure.

It all sounded so romantic and mysterious, like something out of a fantasy novel. I wished it happened to me. I couldn't imagine it, starting out fearing for my life, and then falling in love with an inhuman creature. It all seemed...impossible. Even though I was half vampire, and the living proof of it all.

I smelled a distant fox, and left it be, not really all that hungry.

As I walked down the trail, a new smell hit me, fresh and close by.

It wet dog, but musky in a desireable way. As I looked up, I saw a young man walking down the path. His head was down, showing short black hair, and his skin was darkly tanned. He was very tall, probably close to seven feet, and strangely enough walked around without a shirt, dressed only in a pair of jean cutoffs. He was also very muscular, and very handsome.

I took a step forward, but didn't notice the twig under my foot before it snapped, and his head shot up.

The almost black eyes startled me. His expression was surprised. "Oh, I didn't realize..." His voice was low and soft, then it trailed off and his eyes widened. They filled with something, and then I felt it.

It was....really undescribable. Kind of like strings shot out all over me and seemed to attach to me, pulling me towards him, feeling like they were binding me to him. Suddenly, he seemed...more handsome. His eyes seemed to sparkle, and he smiled, showing off brilliant white, even teeth. I'd never seen anyone so...

"Hi... I'm Jacob. Jacob Black."

Something in the back of my mind kept screaming 'Danger! Danger!' but it seemed faint as I smiled back. "I'm Renesmee. Renesmee Cullen."

His eyes widened suddenly, filling with recognition and horror. Abruptly, his body seemed to explode, and I found myself facing a giant, growling wolf.

The warnings seemed to get louder, and before I realized what I was doing, I hissed ferally and spun, racing back to the house as fast as possible, my mind instinctively calling to my father.

Only one thought seemed to repeat over and over.

Be careful what you wish for.


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