Okay, so first off, hiya readers! *Waves enthusiastically* Alrighty this is an AU fic of a fic, Optimus Prime 007's beautiful and amazing stories about Kaceystar, the daughter of Optimus Prime and Elita-One. So I was reading the first chapie of Hold on before it's too late, the latest Kacey fic, and her and Nitro were discussing a way for Kacey to get a mech. Nitro said Kacey should pose as Blaze, so I thought, 'Wouldn't that be a good AU fic? Kacey gets with a mech, Hoora, breaks her Spark, OH NO!, and she goes to Bee for comfort after it happens.' And thus, tada! Lolz I've never done a Transformers fic, or an AU fic, but I did my best. This will probably be a two chapter story, by the way. Please review!

(Written with Optimus Prime 007's permission.)

I do not own Transformers, or any OC's in the Kaceystar stories.

Chapter 1-She is love



It was a cold winter night on Planet Earth. I had noticed that Kacey had been very...different that day. Like she knew something bad was going to happen..or had already happened. When I asked her what was wrong, she just shook her head and walked off.

Kacey had came to my room about an Earth hour later, and as soon as I opened the door, she went into tears.

Apparently, Kacey was going crazy for a mech that had just landed here. You see, it was some brilliantpersons idea for Kacey not to be Kacey, because mechs might intimidated, which I-they were. So Kacey was Blaze around the mech. She told me that they had actually been 'getting along well' and 'getting close' which made me extremely jealous to no end.

I had never been so pissed off in all my existence.

Kacey was in my arms, sobbing. "I m-mean," She chocked out. "Wh-Why would h-he do th-that? I d-don't ev-en kn-know w-what I d-did wr-wrong!" I looked down at her and rubbed small circles into her back. "You did nothing wrong Kacey. You did everything right. He was just a fragging mech-wreaking slaghead, that's all." She sniffled again. "B-but I mus-must h-have done s-something w-wrong!" She looked up at me with an expression that made my Spark break into millions of tiny pieces that would never come back together until I killed that mech.

"Kacey," I lifted her chin up, so she would look at my through her tears. "It was that mech that did everything wrong. And to cheat on you like that, then he's got to be the stupidest mech I've ever seen! I mean if Optimus got a hold of him-"

"No!" She commanded. I crooked my head at her as she shook her head with extreme speed. "You c-can't tell him!" I understood. She would get in trouble for pretending to be Blaze. "Please," She whispered and touched my cheek, which sent my Spark rate through the roof.

I swallowed hard, and nodded. She smiled softly. "Thanks Bee," She kissed my cheek. But to my surprise, her lips lingered for a little while longer than usual. Usually it was half an astrosecond, then it was over. But this time, it was actually Earth seconds.


My world stood still the entire time, and I almost leaned toward her as she pulled away. But she kept her hand on my cheek, which made time come back, but it was still slow and only moved when her hand did.

Kacey just watched me for a little while, as I stared back. She put another shaking hand on my other cheek, and pressed her fore plate against mine. She breathed slow breaths into my parted mouth. So fragging close.

She would probably only be doing it for comfort. After all, that's what most femme's did. Mech breaks their Spark, they go to the next mech for comfort then break their Sparks. At least that's what Ironhide told me.

Pft! What was I doing? I'm not taking femme advice from Ironhide! Well I didn't really have that many options when it came to loving Prime's daughter, and keeping it secret. Leo knew, but there was no way in Pit that I was going to ask him, Kacey's brother, what to do. I didn't have to ask, I mean yeah I had never really kissed a femme, but still.

Yet here I was, sitting up with Kacey in my lap, not even an inch away from my lips. I didn't move though. No matter how desperate I was, or how long I had been waiting, I didn't want to force her into anything. However I was praying like a mad-man for her to just lean forward a little..then it would happen. I saw her optics shutter close and I shut my own slowly.

Then, it finally happened, and my twenty seven orns paid off.

She pulled my cheek plates forcing me to lean in, and her lips were pressed to mine. I wrapped my arms around her lower waist and pulled her closer. I felt her Spark rate increasing with my own. The kiss-Best kiss of my life, even if it was my first one-became deeper. A lot deeper.

Was it my Spark-Day?

My coolant fans couldn't keep up with me and air wouldn't move through my vents, so it took every ounce of control for me to break away from her. Both of our chests were heaving-and Sparks singing. I stared down at nothing for a while, and then slowly, looked up at Kacey as she looked up at me.

Her arms fell off of my neck, and I swear I wanted to just fraggin' cry like a Sparkling. Her shoulders sagged and she looked down. "I'm...sorry," She said simply.

This was it, I had to tell her. It was a now or never situation. I tell her now, or forever hold my peace. I in held silently, and lifted her chin up to my optic level. "I'm not," I whispered. Her eyes got wider slightly, and brightened. Her right hand went to my cheek plate, and rubbed idle circles into it, and I leaned into her touch and shuttered my optics peacefully. "Your not?" She replied softly. I waited a few astro seconds before shaking my head softly. It felt like an eternity before I saw her reaction.


I dropped my arms from his neck, and sagged my shoulders, getting ready to leave and cry some more, which was so un me like. I looked down sadly, feeling the tears come back, and I was ready to sob.

"I'm...sorry," I told him.

How could I have done this?! I just ruined my friendship with the one mech I cared about most in my life. It was over, gone, forever. Primus, why? Why did I do that? I should have just ran to my room and cried my optics out to no end like I planned on doing. I would probably offline myself without Bumblebee, I mean he meant everything to me. He was my best friend. Right?

...Well...after what we had just done...it seemed a little...a lot...more than that.

I felt Bee pull my chin up so I was staring into his baby blue optics. "I'm not," He whispered.

Oh...my...Primus..this wasn't happening. Couldn't be happening.

I knew, right then, the way he said what he said, that he loved me. I could just tell. The way his Spark was singing to mine, that was another thing. I lifted one of my hands and touched his cheek plate before rubbing small circles into it.

"Your not?" I replied softly. He seemed a little tense, as if I would be mad at him. How the Pit could I be mad at him?!

I just wanted a mech to love me. Like really love me. I wanted a mech that I could spend the rest of my existence with. One that loved me, no matter who I was. One that didn't care Optimus Prime and Elita-One were my creators. Plus a cute aft and doorwings, just saying.

Then it hit me.

Bee loved me, kinda obviously.

I wouldn't mind one bit spending the rest of my life with him.

I had known Bee sense I was little. If he loved me then, he had to love me for me.

And my father had pretty much raised Bumblebee, why would he care if he was my father? (Besides the fact that he would blow Bee to smithereens if he saw me with him right now.)

He had a cute aft.

And door wings.

He was perfect for me.

Bee shook his head now, after all these thoughts had gone through my processor at the speed of light. A ghost of a smile crept on my face, and I tried again to hold my tears back. "Do you...love me?" I whispered in a tone that he knew what kind of love I was talking about.

His fingers interlaced with mine now, and I held air in my vents, praying to Primus that he would say yes.

"Yes," He said proudly, determined, and nobly.


OMG! Haha...Oh yea, by the way, I named this chapter She is love after the song, 'She is love' after 'Parachute'. I dunno, I heard it and it reminded me of this so....:P Alright, so coming up in the next chapter, Bee and Kacey's relationship progresses. A Lot. How will Optimus and Elita find out about the relationship? And how does everyone else find out? That's where the funny parts begin. I'll post soon, please review!