Teddy Lupin peered around the platform, looking for a familiar girl with long, blond hair. He ran his fingers nervously through his hair, bright turquoise for the occasion, and bit his lip in anticipation. God, he had missed her so much when he was at camp. Harry had sent him so he could hone his keeping skills at the Quidditch summer camp, and it was a blast. But he hadn't seen Victoire in over a month, and his heart broke just to think of her soft laugh and perfect smile. He had realized something of the greatest importance when he was lying in his cabin, alone in his bunk at camp. He loved her. He loved Victiore more than anyone could ever love somebody. He missed their late night wanderings, and he missed making all sorts of excuses just so he could hold her hand in his. He missed feigning insomnia so he could stay up the whole night and talk to her in the common room. Teddy was torn reluctantly from his thoughts by a tap on his shoulder, and he spun around sharply to see Harry and Ginny, along with James, Albus, and Lily. Lily ran to him, putting her little arms up so he could lift her up. He spun her around, and she laughed wildly before Teddy set her down again.

"Again, Teddy! Again! Again!" Teddy laughed and tickled her until she couldn't talk due to her giggling and squirming.

"I missed you, Miss Lily! You've gotten big!" Lily smiled up at him, showing two missing teeth.

"I know! Someday, I'm going to be as big as you!" Everybody laughed, and Teddy bent down to hug her tightly before Albus ran up to him.

"Teddy! You've been gone forever!" Albus stopped in front of Teddy before reaching up to hug him. "Why didn't you come with us after camp let out yesterday?"

"He had to visit his grandmother, Albus." Harry said, glasses glinting in the morning light, "You get everything you need from Hogsmeade, Teddy?" Teddy nodded and looked at James.

"What, too big to give me a hug, James?" Teddy scoffed, holding a hand to his heart as if James had wounded him deeply.

"No!" James smiled before hugging him. "But, I am going to Hogwarts next year!" He cried. Ginny groaned as she watched her son skip happily around the platform.

"All right, you lot." Ginny said, looking at the clock to her left, "We need to get to the platform in ten minutes so Teddy isn't late for his last year of Hogwarts!" The children followed Teddy as he walked to platform nine, trying to talk over each other as they told him about everything that had happened while he was gone at camp. Teddy batted his hair out of his eyes before stepping through the barrier that led to platform 9 ¾, the kids following close behind. Soon

after they stepped through, Teddy saw Ron and Hermione, with Hugo and Rose. Teddy watched as Rose and Albus immediately ran to each other, talking about when they would finally go to Hogwarts too. Teddy watched them with a grin until he was struck by a force so hard it felt like he was hit by a train. He stumbled before regaining his balance, and turned around to see Victoire, beaming up at him and hugging him tightly. Teddy immediately hugged her back, and smiled so widely he thought his face would shatter into a million pieces.

"Teddy!" she cried, and finally released him from her warm hug. "It's been so long! And you're so tall!" Teddy grinned sheepishly as he looked into her deep blue eyes. "Let me have a look at you!" Teddy did a turn so she could see how he had grown about three inches over camp, and she smiled widely.

"Your turn!" He couldn't stop himself grinning when Victoire spun for him, sticking her tongue out at him before she came to a halt. "You're still short." He teased, and Victoire punched him lightly on the shoulder as he chuckled. Warmth flooded through his stomach as he looked down at her. She was so perfect, so achingly beautiful and kind and funny. He felt his expression soften as he stared longingly at her pink lips, fighting hard so he wouldn't kiss her in front of the whole family. Ron, especially, would never live it down. He broke his gaze reluctantly from Victoire to look at everybody behind him, who were all staring at him. Harry smiled knowingly as he held Ginny's hand, who winked cheekily at him. Ron was just gazing at them, bewildered while Hermione looked between the two, a puzzled look on her face. The kids were still romping around, and Teddy felt his face burn with embarrassment as Victoire looked at him, a curious look on her face. Bill and Fleur arrived, looking at the scene with curiosity on both their faces. Teddy felt his hair brighten even more as his cheeks continued to redden with embarrassment.

"Hey Bill, Fleur." He hugged Fleur and gave Bill a, very manly, one armed hug. Teddy looked up at the clock and jumped. "Merlin's pants! Victoire, we've got to get onto the train in two minutes!" He hugged Lily, Albus, and James goodbye before walking to Harry and Ginny. Ginny enfolded him into a warm hug.

"Have fun your last year." She whispered into his ear, and he felt his cheeks pinken once again as he she gave him a knowing look.

"Bye Teddy" Harry said, hugging him before holding him by the shoulders, "And try not to make too much trouble this year." They both laughed at the ridiculousness of the statement while Ginny rolled her eyes. Teddy grinned as he grabbed Victoire's hand to lead her to the train.

They hopped on the train just as the doors closed behind them. Teddy looked at Victoire and laughed at the close call, well aware that her hand was still in his but reluctant to release it. Victoire laughed with him before they started walking down the train corridor. "Are you going to sit with your friends?" She asked, widening her blue eyes and looking at him. Teddy's breath hitched in his chest, and he had to remember how to breathe properly before he could answer.

"Yeah, I suppose." She nodded her head before looking for her compartment. "I'd like you to join me, though." She smiled widely up at him and squeezed his hand.

"Really?" Teddy nodded and she beamed at him. "That sounds fantastic! Can my friends come too?" She bit her lip nervously. He knew that she'd by uncomfortable alone with only him and his fellow seventh years.

"Sure! The more the better!" Victoire kissed him on the cheek before peeking into the compartment he knew her and her friends always sat in. He raised a hand to touch his cheek disbelievingly as she told them the plan of going to hang out with Teddy and his friends. Three girls he had only talked to a few times exited the compartment and he lead them to the compartment he always used in the back of the train. He slid open the door to see his three best mates; Patrick, his blond hair longer than the last time he had seen him, Colton, who was busy talking to Patrick about the Quidditch teams this year, and Alex, who was lounging on one of the seats, his black hair splayed on the seat below his head. Alex was the first to see him, and he stood up immediately to greet him.

"Teddy! Good to see you, mate!" He grinned at him before turning to the girls who were standing by him. "And hello, ladies." Alex winked at the girls before Teddy rolled his eyes and shoved him out of the way so he could enter with Victoire. Colton and Patrick looked up quickly when they saw him enter, and Colton waved cheerily to the girls.

"Hey, Teddy!" he hugged him quickly before sitting back down next to Alex. "How was Quidditch camp?" Teddy saw the girls take seats either next to Alex, Patrick, Colton or Victoire before he answered.

"It was fantastic!" He said enthusiastically, splitting into a grin, "But I sure missed everybody!" He coughed nervously as Patrick looked between him and Victoire and raised a brow. "Shove off, Pat." He mumbled, and Patrick grinned triumphantly and rummaged in his trunk for something. Teddy looked sideways at Victoire, who was chatting happily with her friends as she held his hand. A rush of pleasure rushed through him as she squeezed his hand. Merlin, that girl would be the death of him.

As the train grew closer to Hogwarts, he and his mates were introduced to Victoire's friends. Allison, a rather short, sweet girl with wavy brown hair was introduced before Marissa, a slightly pudgy, loud girl with straight, dirty blond hair. Victoire's last friend, Heather, was rather pale and had super curly strawberry blond hair. Colton and Marissa were talking animatedly about Quidditch and arguing which team would win the cup that season.

"What are you talking about??" Marissa cried, shaking her head in denial, "Puddlemore will so beat Wimbourne! They don't stand a chance! Even the Cannons could beat Wimbourne!"

Colton widened his eyes and ruffled his short brown hair. "You're tripping!" He exclaimed, opening his arms for emphasis and accidently smacking Patrick in the face, "The Cannons will come out in the bottom of the league, again!" Marissa shook her head again, refusing to hear his reasons of why Puddlemore would win the season. Teddy rolled his eyes at Colton. The stocky Hufflepuff took Quidditch way too seriously, and would not rest until his point was made. He smirked at Victoire, who rolled her eyes and delicately traced patterns on his forearm with her finger. Was she trying to torture him? Teddy bit his lip and turned his attention to the other side of the packed compartment. Alex was flirting with the girls, no surprise there; he was always acting confident and cocky. If he wasn't careful, one day he's get punched in the face, or something worse. Teddy snickered as Alex snaked his arm over the back of Heather's seat, who in turn swatted his arm away and started up a conversation with Pat. That boy will never learn. Teddy smiled down at Victoire, who had rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes sleepily. This year was going to be a great one.


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