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Naruto squared off against Kiba, the Inuzuka having a smirk plastered on his face. Naruto didn't think he could win but was ordered to do his best so he prepared to fight the chunin.

Kiba came at him with a right hook but Naruto felt something off about it and pulsed his chakra as he skipped backwards. True to his deduction he saw that Kiba was actually moving slightly faster and to the left of where he originally thought. It was a very subtle genjutsu but all the more effective because of it.

Naruto quickly went on the attack with a combo of kicks and knees towards the Inuzuka. Kiba retaliated with a swipe at his chest, hoping to cut him with his claws. Naruto saw it coming and grabbed the wrist and tried to break it only jump away from a strike towards his throat.

Naruto felt several genjutsu trying to land on him but just kept pulsing his chakra but saw Kiba trip, from what he assumed a genjutsu and pounced at the opportunity. He quickly had Kiba in a headlock and in a submissive position.

"Winner is Naruto," called out Kurenai when she saw that Naruto had indeed won.

"You got lucky genin," said Kiba with disdain.

"I know. Plus it did not seem you were trying very hard, otherwise I would not have lasted so long against a chunin such as yourself," said Naruto calmly.

"I have to disagree on that one Uzumaki-san. Kiba was trying very hard and you seemed to be winning despite the fact more genjutsu were launched at you then at him. I would have to say that you probably could have taken him down faster if they were not thrown at you," stated Shino from where he stood.

"This is true. And since you decided to doubt yourself Naruto there will be a punishment. You are fighting your next match now and you will do it with one hand behind tied behind your back," Kurenai smirked at his wide eyed expression.

"Hai sensei. It will be as you say," Naruto said as he pulled out some ninja wire and had Shino tie his right arm behind him.

"Shino, you will now fight him, same rules as before," said Kurenai as she started the match.

Shino and Naruto went at it for several minutes before Naruto landed a palm strike to Shino's elbow that bent it the wrong way. Before Shino could recover from the shock of pain Naruto had kicked out one of his knees and proceeded to use the elbow of his tied up arm to hit Shino in the temple and knocked him out.

Naruto had been visibly more shaken by the genjutsu's that were being caste during the match but had still not fallen for them. He had always gotten out of them remarkably fast but the few glimpses he saw of them had given him a visible scowl from what Kurenai could see.

"Well this is disappointing. I thought a chunin could take out a genin much easier then I am seeing now. I must say that it funny that a genin can fight two chunin's back to back and come out on top both times. Well I believe we should see if Naruto can continue the streak or if the female of the bunch will be the one to break the cycle," stated Kurenai as Shino awoke and got a smug look when all three boys scowled at her.

"You do know that neither Kiba nor Shino tried their hardest so why are you making a big deal about this," asked Naruto? Everyone proceeded to scowl at him.

"First of all they were trying very hard. Secondly you have not learned to just accept the praise yet have you. Fine the next match you will have to keep the arm tied but also fight in your boxers," stated Kurenai with a hint of malice but also amusement at everyone's face. Naruto got over his shock and proceeded to take off his pants revealing black boxers that were very form fitting and caused both women to blush.

"Can we proceed with the match please, I want my pants back and the wire is getting in the way of circulation to my arm," complained Naruto.

Hinata got into her stance against him and waited for the match to begin but not without a heavy blush on her face. When the match began they circled each other for a while before starting out with some probing actions. Both threw of a few minor genjutsu before Naruto came in with several kicks and jabs. Hinata went to block but suddenly saw Naruto with no boxers on and proceeded to faint with a nose bleed and smile.

Naruto stared down at his opponent with confusion. He had not hit her and she probably would've been able to counter attack soon but she just passed out and he assumed it was caused by a genjutsu. He looked over to Kurenai with a questioning look as she proceeded to laugh.

"I put her in a genjutsu where she sees an image of her affection in the nude. I never thought it would get this reaction from her," Kurenai laughed out.

"Who is her crush?" asked Shino.

"Don't know the genjutsu works of the brains image of their crush. I do have an idea though," Kurenai said with a smirk. Naruto meanwhile was getting out of the ninja wire and putting on his pants.

"Naruto you are done for the day and you did quite well. Here is the scroll of genjutsu to learn and here is the scroll with your assignment for the week," said Kurenai as she sent two scrolls towards the blonde.

"I will get right on them," he said with a bow and left.

"Ok, now you should tell us who that was and why you had him pose as a genin to beat the shit out of us," stated Kiba.

"Oh, but he was a genin Kiba and he was in your class at the academy. He even took the same chunin exam as you did when Suna and Oto invaded. He forfeited in the preliminaries and when his teammates made chunin became a free genin with no team," stated Kurenai.

"I never saw him," stated Kiba.

"I do not believe I saw him either Kurenai-sensei" stated Shino.

"What she said is true though. He was always there he just blended in. he is very good at that," squeaked out the now conscious Hinata.

"Wait, you know him?" stated Kiba.

"That is enough. We will be discussing how he beat all three of you during our next few practices. Until then I have an assignment for you three. It will test you tracking skills. I have had some difficulty tracking Naruto, so I will assign you three to do it for me. He has a head start so I figure you should all go. This will last until our mission Saturday, is that understood," said Kurenai.

"Hai," all three stated before they leapt off to find the elusive blonde.


Naruto was currently at his apartment cooking dinner before he had to go to the hospital for his medical training with the other participants. He was currently opening the scroll on medical jutsu and his other scroll on genjutsu. After reading them for several minutes he was going to open his mission scroll when he realized he was going to be late for his time at the hospital and rushed off.

When he arrived at the hospital he was quickly sent to a room with a large pool full of fish and several kunoichi of various ranks and one Tsunade Senju.

"Glad for you to join us Naruto. Everyone this is Naruto and he has been deemed to have good enough control to learn the medical arts. He will be behind you all but as we need every medical personal available he will train along with you," said Tsunade as the girls all looked at the shirtless blonde boy who waved with his smile in place.

"Not that I mind but why are you shirtless?" asked of flushed kunoichi.

"Senju-sensei ordered this as a form of punishment," stated the blonde until they were called to take a fish and keep it alive.

Most of the girls seemed to struggle with this lesson but a few seemed to have been practicing it longer and had an easier time. The one that shocked people the most was the fact that Naruto was not assigned one fish but two. This was a much more difficult task but was compounded by the fact that Tsunade had set him up with two different sizes and kinds of fish. This made him struggle as with each hand he had to give a different flow of chakra.

When the training was done he was beat mentally and physically. His chakra while large had been drained noticeably from the control efforts and concentration he had put into the task.

He had gotten home and dearly wanted to sleep but decided to take a look at his task for the week. He paled when he read the note it wasn't one task but two and he feared both of them.


Task 1) Go on a date with Hinata Hyuga. This includes a fancy restaurant, movie and a stroll in a park.

Task 2) Attend the council going over the new proceedings for the academy. They will meet Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. This is an ongoing mission and you are required to attend if not on a mission.

Tsunade and Kurenai.


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