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"Alright kid, why don't you start from the begining?" Detective Flack requested.

Henry rolled his eyes in exasperation. "There is no begining," he stated, "I came outside, heard a scream, saw a woman being pushed into a car. Stabbed first. I'm probably not the only witness -"

"No, you're probably not. But, you're probably the only one who didn't flee the scene. That means, you're the only one I'll be taking a witness report from. Now, what'd this woman look like?"

"Lucy. I think -"

"Elaborate, kid."

"Don't call me kid."

"Hey. You wanna take this down to the station?" Detective Flack threatened.

Henry rolled his eyes again.

His worry for Lucy had not yet been set aside, for Flack had been at Henry's side almost instantly, clearly having heard about the stab-and-abduction. He was fully clothed (Emily nowhere to been seen) and obviously meant buisness. He refused to listen to Henry, even confiscated his phone, and instead inisisted on questioning him.

"Hey Flack, what do we have today?" Danny Messer inquired upon arriving at the scene. Seeing who Flack was standing with he added, "Well well. If it isn't the boy who stole my little girl for the summer. How you doing, Henry?"

"Good -" Henry began.

"Henry here is a witness. Tell Detective Messer how helpful you're being, kid." Flack said, grinning horribly at Henry.

"Ah, take it easy on 'im, Flack." Danny chuckled.

Henry decided Danny Messer deserved to know that his daughter may be the victim, "Lucy -"

"That's enough out of you. Now, what'd this car look like?" Flack asked.

"Black. Expensive. Where's Aunt Emily?" Henry decided answering questions would get his cell phone back faster. He also decided Aunt Emily was more likely to listen to him.

"Hey. I'm asking the questions here. Now what are you in school for, kid? What do you want to do?"

"BAU. Same as -"

"Yeah yeah yeah, got it. Let's pretend you're an FBI agent right now. You're going to have to answer my questions with some respect, ok kid?"

"Sure. While we're at it, if I'm an FBI agent, you're going to have to refer to me as Agent LaMontagne, not kid."

Danny snorted. "He's got you there, Flack. Now, is this a case in need of me, or should I go elsewhere?"

Flack motioned to where the sidewalk had been blocked off. "Knife was dropped over there."

"Gotcha." Danny nodded and went to it.

"Get outta here, kid." Flack said to Henry, tossing him his phone.

"Yessir." Henry muttered, nearly crashing in to Emily Prentiss as he caught the phone and turned to leave.

"Henry!" Emily jumped, adding sternly: "I don't want you involved in whatever crime just occurred."

"Too late. I'm a witness." Henry chirped, almost proudly.

Emily sighed. "Of course you are."

Henry nodded brightly, remember Lucy, and flipped open his phone.

Relief washed over him as she answered, but her tone instantly alarmed him once more.


"So tell me everything that's happened since you left. Are you feeling...better? I - I don't know, Jessie. How are you?"

"How am I? I'd be a lot better if I had a hot boyfriend like yours! Gosh! Tell me everything. I want details." Jessica exclaimed.

Lucy giggled shyly, "What is there to tell? He's incredibly sweet..."

"Uh-huh," Jessica nodded.

"A real gentleman..."

"Go on," Jessica urged.

"Attractive, as you saw..."

"C'mon, Luce! Juicy stuff! Is he a good kisser? How -"

"Stop right there," Lucy said, holding out her hand, "I do not kiss and tell. You know that." she grinned.

Jessica rolled her eyes, "Yeah, yeah," she replied breezily.

"Wait -" said Lucy suddenly, cutting off both their giggles.

"Wha -?"

"Holy shit! Look over there!" Lucy exclaimed, pointing.

Jessica saw it too, now. A woman howling, sobbing, falling to her knees and pointing wildly at a man holding a kicking child, "He has my baby!" she yelled, "Someone, stop him!"

"HEY!" Lucy yelled from where she stood, not too far away, "STOP! NYPD!"

But it was too late. The man jumped into an inconspicious, but obviously pricey car, black in colour, and it sped off.

Lucy ran up to the hysterical woman and tried to console her, but it was impossible. Jessica dialled 911.

"You - you said NYPD?" the woman hiccupped, "You - you're with the police?"

"What?" Lindsay murmured, "No. No...I don't know why I said that."

Police sirens could be heard whirring in the distance and soon they pulled up in front of Lucy, Jessica, and the woman. Lucy crossed her fingers and hoped for Don Flack, but the cop who exited the car was female.

"Ma'am," the cop addressed the woman, who now had mascara streaks down her cheeks, "I'm Detective Parker," she flashed her badge, "What happened?"

"My - my - my son, Jeffery, he - he- he..."

"Take a deep breath, ma'am. Why don't you start from the begining. Can you tell me your name?" Detective Parker requested, all but ignoring Lucy and Jessica.

"Mo...Monique Derson."

"Alright, Mrs. Derson. Now, what were you doing when your son was abducted."

"We - we...abducted! Oh my god!"

"Mrs. Derson!" Detective Parker barked impatiently. Lucy flinched. She vowed never to be so heartless to a woman who just lost her child.

"We were just walking down the street!" Mrs. Derson wailed, "Just walking! The man came out - out - out of nowhere!"

"So you...fought back?" Detective Parker prodded.

"No, no - I screamed. And then this young woman here," Mrs. Derson looked upon Lucy as one may look upon their saviour, "She yelled she was a cop. That scared him - scared him - scared him off, I think. He -" she hiccupped, "Jumped into a car with Jeffery."

Lucy had Detective Parker's interest now. "You're a policewoman?" she asked sceptically.

"N-no..." Lucy admitted hesitantly.

Detective Parker smirked, "Riiight." she called out to one of her colleagues to stay with Mrs. Derson and question her before moving on to Lucy, pulling her aside.

"Your name?"

"Lucy Monroe-Messer," Lucy replied strongly, hoping the detective would recognize at least one of the surnames. She didn't.

"Miss Monroe-Messer, what reason do you have for falsely claiming to be part of the NYPD?"

"I - I don't know!" Lucy exclaimed, caught up with being referred to as Miss Monroe-Messer. Her lengthy last name often cause people to choose one - something which bothered Lucy to the extreme - or skip over it altogether, and just call her 'miss'. "I guess..." she attempted to explain, "It was instinctual."

"Instinctual." Detective Parker repeated, just as sceptical as before.

"Yes!" Lucy insisted, "Both my parents are NYPD! I'll be one one day, too! I just, I just panicked!"

Most people can tell when a person doesn't paticularily like them, and Lucy could tell that about Detective Parker now.

"I think I'm going to have to take you in for questioning." Detective Parker decided. Lucy shot Jessica a worried glance - Jessica had been standing nearby, eavesdropping on the conversation - and then, her phone began to buzz.

She shot Detective Parker a glance, decided the detective couldn't get anymore fed up with her, and answered.


"Lucy! Thank god!"

"Henry? Is something the matter?"

"No, no, not if you're ok - are...are you ok? Lucy? You sound...worried."

"Something awful just happened, Henry. Some little boy just got kidnapped, and now I have to - it's a long story. Do you think you could contact Don somehow, or my dad?"

There was a pause, and Lucy looked up at Detective Parker, who was frowning. "Hurry up, Miss Monroe-Messer," she said disaprovingly, like a grouchy schoolteacher.

"Here he is, Luce -" Henry said, and then: "Lucy? Whatsa matter?" it was her father, and Lucy flooded with relief.

"Dad, I...I witnessed an abduction and said I was NYPD and now I have to go down to the police station and -"

"Whoa whoa Luce, talk a bit slower, babe. What's goin' on?"

Detective Parker said, "Is that your legal guardian?"

Lucy glowered. She was twenty years old, not two. All the same, she nodded, and the moment she did so, Detective Parker snatched the phone. As the detective and Danny Messer began arguing back and forth, Jessica hurried to Lucy and whispered, "Are you in trouble?"

"I don't know," Lucy replied, "I just - that poor boy! And his poor, poor mother!"


Henry stood by Danny Messer as he yelled into the phone. He made a mental note never to break Lucy's heart. And if he did, to leave the country ASAP. Danny Messer was terrifying when he was mad.

"Are you kiddin' me? I've been NYPD for nearly forty years. You tellin' me you're takin' in my daughter 'cause she calls NYPD! Who knows what that man woulda done if she hadn't!"

A pause.

"Questioning, I understand. What you don't understand is that my Lucy ain't a suspect but a witness, and you better not be treatin' her -"

Another pause, shorter this time.

"Well you ain't treatin' her nicely else she wouldn't be askin' for me, would she? Naw naw naw. Lucy could hold her own if it were questioning. She knows all the regulations -"

Another pause, longer.

"Lucy? I'll be right there. Don't you worry 'bout a thing, sweetheart, you just answer their questions, alright? -- What's that? No, no, I can get someone else to -- Are you sure? Alright. Alright. I love you too. Tell ya what, I'll send Henry, how 'bout that? Ok. Ok. Bye."

Danny handed Henry the phone. "And you make sure she doesn't get in trouble for anything she hasn't done." he added.

Henry nodded, "Yes sir."

He wondered how he was expected to find out where Lucy and Jessica were, but at this point, he was too scared to ask.


"Henry!" Lucy exclaimed happily, running to him and hugging him tightly. Henry hugged her back, just as tightly, and kissed the top of her head.

Detective Parker had left, after taking Lucy's name and a witness report, along with Jessica's name and a witness report that was, for the most part, identical to her friend's.

Mrs. Derson had departed as well, to call her husband, to anxiously await the return of her son, to do whatever else it was that those unfortunate, fractured families did once their child had been taken from them.

Jessica said, "I'm going to head home, Lucy. I'll call you later, alright? This has been...to much excitement for me."

"Oh, Jessie. I'm so sorry, I -"

Jessica shook her head and smiled, so the two hugged and said goodbye.

Once Jessica was gone Lucy looked up at Henry, whose arm was wrapped around her shoulder as they walked down the street. She said, "Henry...you don't know what it's like, I..."

She trailed off and Henry said nonchalantly, "Actually, I saw a woman stabbed and kidnapped not too long before I called you. That's why I called you. I thought she was you."

"Henry!" Lucy yelped, "Why didn't you tell me sooner?!"

"I -" Henry began, but Lucy was muttering to herself.

"What are the chances? What are the chances...?"

"She was around our age, though, not a little boy. Anyway, she was stabbed, too, not picked up and tossed into a car -"

"But what did the car look like?"

"Huh? Oh. It was...black. Expensive."

Lucy shuttered and whispered hauntedly, "So was the one I saw."

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