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Lights flashed as a tiny little blaster bolt was dodged by Ranma. After about two hours of this, the weakened girl was breathing heavier and sweating from exertion. Turning towards her master, she moaned pitifully, "Kuno, why am I doing this again? I don't see how dodging all the time will help me control myself better."

Looking back at her with a frown heavy on his face, he answered, "For the last time, call me master. We are training your control by shifting you into a battle situation."

The girl jumped over another bolt and asked, "Well if we're just doing that, why don't we spar? I know I'm good at that."

The samurai responded, "I know that Ranma. That's precisely why we are pretty much skipping most of your physical training all together. I daresay your father has trained you far beyond the limits of any Jedi training. You would have probably even been a challenge to Master Windu himself. I am having you dodge blaster bolts to get you more used to your next bout of training - live fire."

Ranma paused for a second at that, which caused the little practice droid to land a solid hit on the red-head. The training ended with the shot and the droid floated over to Kuno's outstretched hand where it turned itself off.

"You're going to shoot real guns at me? Isn't that a bit much?"

"I'm not going to shoot at you." Ranma sighed in relief. "Ryoga is."

Just then, a bolt flew out from the shadows towards Ranma. With wide eyes, she jumped out of the way and dropped into a defensive stance. Ryoga stepped out into the open and drew another pistol from his belt.

"Ryoga, are you out of your freakin' mind?"

He grinned maliciously and said, "Chill squirt. I won't aim for your vitals...probably. I am still new at this."

He started in at his new fast-draw technique, forcing Ranma to bounce around the room like a pinball. Since she was so devoted to the act, she didn't notice Ryoga lean slightly toward Kuno and ask, "And you're sure those little switches on the bottoms of these guns switch them to 'stun', right?"

Kuno answered, "I don't recognize the model of those pistols, but yes, the stun switch is a standard safety feature for all guns as far as I know."

Ryoga looked relieved as he put more effort into blasting Ranma. "Good. It would be bad if my rival got seriously hurt by a stupid training exercise."

Hopping around the room, Ranma began to slow slightly. 'If I don't keep moving, those shots are really going to kill me!' Panic started to rise in her chest. 'I need to move faster!'

Her speed started to rise.




Ranma blurred from view as she pushed herself over the edge. 'What? Even ki doesn't let me move this fast.' Everything seemed to slow down to her eyes. She turned her head slightly and visually tracked a blaster bolt as it lazily floated by her face. 'Is this the power of the Force, too?'

Watching from the sidelines, Kuno smiled.

'Good. Not only did she stop herself from panicking, but she also learned how to use the Force to augment her body. Very good. I doubt even Master Yoda learned such things as quickly as she has.' He reached over and tapped Ryoga's shoulder, signaling him to stop. He spun his pistols and put them all in their holsters. Turning towards Ranma he saw her lying face down on the floor.

"Oh crap! Ranma!" Rushing over to her, he rolled her over onto her side and lightly slapped her cheeks. "Ranma! Speak to me! Did I hit you? That idiot Kuno said they were on stun!" At that, she snapped up and slammed her fist into his cheek.

"YOU BASTARD! I thought you were seriously shooting to kill me!"

"You don't seriously think I would shoot you, do you?"

"It came to mind while I was dodging bullets!"

"Where's Kuno?"

Don't change the sub-" She blanched and said, "Actually, you're right. Where is Kuno?"

In the Cockpit

Kuno sat down in his chair as he prepared for landing. They were just breaching the planet's atmosphere when his padawan floated in with Ryoga. As the latter sat down, Ranma floated over toward the 3D navigation computer which listed the planet that they were setting down on.

"Hey Master. Why are we stopping on this Dagobah place?"

Kuno swiveled his chair around to face her. "I'm very glad you asked Ranma. We are here for two reasons. One: I need to speak to a very wise and powerful person. Two: you need to speak to this person so that they may see that there is hope yet in the galaxy."

Ranma paused for a moment at that before saying, "...That sounded really cheesy Master. What are you, a fortune cookie?"

Trying very hard to mask the large sweat drop on his head, he turned back toward the view screen. "As soon as we set down, I need you two to follow me very closely. As bad as Corruscant was, Dagobah is far worse. You could be eaten."

Ranma shrugged. "It can't be much worse than being eaten by the Orochi." The two boys just stared at her with questioning looks on their faces. "Long story."

Kuno just looked away and said, "Yes, well, you can tell us all about it some other time. We're landing."

On Dagobah

The trio walked cautiously through the dense flora of the planet's surface. Every now and then, Kuno would pull out his light sword and wave it toward shadows where large eyes loomed. Many times something scurried/slithered over a foot, and twice Ryoga had shot at Ranma for jumping out and scaring him.

Kuno just sighed and continued marching forward. "We're almost there. Just a bit-" He didn't have a chance to finish his statement as an enormous...something...burst out of the nearby water and grabbed Ryoga with a massive webbed claw.

Ryoga yelped and was dragged under the water. Ranma screamed out, "RYOGA!" and made to dive in after him, but Kuno held her back. Ranma turned and yelled at him to let her go, but he held her still and said simply, "Just watch."

Ranma turned and watched as the turbulent water went still, fewer and fewer bubbles rising to the surface. Finally, they stopped altogether. The water was completely still, and as Ranma felt her eyes start to water, she started to turn away. Suddenly, there were three blue flashes, and then the water started to rumble again.

Ranma's eyes stared wide with relief as Ryoga emerged holding the tail of a large animal that looked something like a cross between a crocodile and a whale.

"Hey guys! I have no idea what it is, so guess what's for dinner!"

He was distracted from saying anything further as he was suddenly slammed to the ground by a red projectile. The redhead beat the stuffing out of the lost boy as he sputtered, wondering what he did wrong.


Ryoga was at a loss as he tried his best to calm the girl wailing on him when she suddenly stopped. He looked down and noticed that she had him in a death-grip hug around his waist. Looking closer he also saw that there were tears in her eyes.

"You and Kuno are all the family I have. I don't know what I'd do if one of you.. one of you...hic..died."

He reached around and hugged her back. "Geeze. Don't worry you crybaby. It'd take more than that pollywog to take me down."

The girl immediately sat up straight and rubbed her face. "I-I wasn't c-crying! You just splashed some water in my eyes is all!"

Ryoga grinned and responded, "Right. Sure. Splashed you. Got it."

Ranma flamed red and used the Force to float nearer to Kuno, who was barely concealing a smile behind his hand.

"What're you grinnin' at Blue Rain Cloud?"

"Oh nothing, nothing."

Suddenly, something in the shadows said in a raspy voice, "Quite a vibrant youth, she is. Eh, Master Rollith? Hohohoho."

Kuno smiled as he turned to face the voice. "It is nice to see you again...Master Yoda."

"Hohoho. Nice to see you too, it is. Visitors, did you bring?" Yoda turned toward Ranma and Ryoga. "Oh Master Rollith. Sense much to come of these two, I do. Inside, let us go."

Inside Yoda's Hut

The little gnome-like master hobbled around the hut serving everyone a cup of tea. Absentmindedly, Ranma sipped a bit of it and all but spit it out again. Yoda chuckled and said, "Like my tea, you do? Made from Cromla eyeballs, it is." he said as he downed an entire cup.

Wisely, Kuno pushed his tea back while saying he wasn't thirsty. He looked towards Yoda and asked, "Master, you said that Ranma and Ryoga would be important in future events?"

Suddenly, Yoda grew serious. "Yes. Much to come of these two, there is. Meditated here for years, I have, and seen I grave thing, I have." Turning towards Ranma, he asked her, "Experienced much, you have. However, no fear do I sense in you. A courageous youth, you are. Tell me child, what have you learned so far?"

Ranma stared back into the little green man's eyes, an easy task, as he was just about the same height as she was. Opening her mouth, she said, "Master, I have learned...that if Kuno is a fortune cookie, you must be a fortune cookie factory. I mean, with how you talk, you could just tell me 'good morning' and I would be tempted to ask for my lucky numbers!"

As Kuno stared at her with horror and Ryoga rolled on the ground in laughter, Yoda just stared at her. Finally, he said, "...Ohohohohoho! A great sense of humor you have! Hard to find in such times as these those are. Ohohohohoho." Turning back to a shocked Kuno, he chuckled and said, "Found quite a padawan you have. Full of youth and confidence she is. Need my help in training her, you do not. Hohohoho. However, wish to test her strength, I do. Hohoho. Come child."

Yoda hobbled out of his hut and over to a hidden path in the trees. Stooping to follow, the teens found themselves back at their ship. Due to landing in the mud, the ship had sunk down into the ground, and the strongest of Earth machinery wouldn't be pulling it up any time soon. Yoda hobbled over to it and turned to Ranma.

"Your ship, I presume?"

"Yep, that's it all right. Sucks that it sank into the mud, though."

Yoda smiled and said, "Good. Get it out."

He was probably expecting her to complain of how deep it was, or that she had no chance of getting it. He was not expecting her to say simply, "Ok"

Puzzled, the aged master Jedi watched as the young redhead reached out with the Force and grabbed the ship. As the ship was much deeper in the mud than he had at first thought, he started to offer just a bit of help, being more than impressed that one so young was already so powerful. However, a large nut fell onto his head, prompting him to look up. What he saw made his eyes go wide. The branches on the trees were bending up just from the side forces produced by trying to move the ship. Not only was it stuck in the mud, but it had also been stuck there by a vacuum. At this point, Yoda wasn't sure an imperial star destroyer could pull out the ship without yanking out a crater in the planet as well. However, it seemed the redhead was doing almost exactly that! Looking around, the master saw the very roots of centuries-old trees struggling to stay in the ground. A slightly younger tree was already pulled most of the way out and was hanging on by only its deepest roots. Turning back to the girl, Yoda gaped when the redhead said, "Almost there...it's being really stubborn. Aaaaand...Got it!"

As she said this, Ranma yanked her hands upward, and with a boom, the ship exploded out of the ground, sending dirt and mud flying into the air.

Ranma gently set the ship down on the ground in a dry spot and wiped her forehead.

"Whew! that was a bit tougher than I thought it would be!" She turned back to Yoda and saw him staring at her with wide eyes and an open mouth. "What?"

He quickly regained his composure. "Ahem. Very impressive that was. I think you are more than ready to continue." Turning around, he looked up and watched as Kuno and Ryoga fell out of the trees surrounding them.

"Master Rollith, feel that the girl is ready, I do. To Hoth, she must go." Getting off of the ground, Kuno said, "Very well Master. We will depart at once." Leaning down his whispered, "So...uh...what do you think of my padawan?"

Yoda looked up at Kuno and in as serious a voice as he could manage, he asked, "What feed this girl, do you? Whatever it is, get myself some, I must."

With that, the ancient master Jedi hobbled away, chuckling.

Ryoga got up and after gathering Ranma under his arm asked, "So what do we do now?"

Kuno herded them into the ship and said, "We head for colder weather."

Somewhere Near Fellucia

A serious looking man strode into a secret communications room of his ship. His shaved head gives him a military look and his dusky clothes seem ragged and worn. He steps over to a large communicator and kneels before it. An image of a Man covered entirely in black with a helmet and respirator attached to his chest appeared and looked down at his ward.

The young man finally speaks. "What is your wish, my master?"

The man in black answers, "Plans have changed and I think I have found a suitable final target for you to hunt. The emperor has spoken lately of a child who is well-versed in the ways of the Force. She could be a hindrance in our plot against him. Find and kill her."

The younger man nodded and asked, "What, pray tell, is the name of my target, Master?"

The man in black pauses to breathe in and out a few times.

"Her name...is Ranma."

The man stands and bows. "Consider her life forfeit, Master. I shall depart at once."

"Very good, Starkiller. Do not fail me. You know the price."

Starkiller walked to the door as the image flickered away.

"Yes, my master..."

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