A/N: Why Kripke doesn't put this in the show is beyond me.

Word Count: 100 each section

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: Twitch. I don't do schmoop, but I think Dean in swim trunks will probaably make you very happy. It worked for me. Two connected drabbles, one half nekkid hunter and his bitchface kid brother.

"CANNONBALL!" Dean bellowed.

Sam flinched. It wasn't exactly Dean's command voice. Yeah this was loud, but joyful too.

Joyful. Huh.

Sam froze. He heard a loud splash and then children giggling outside. Someone applauded.

The credit cards had been damn good lately. They were staying at an upscale Holiday Inn this time.

The place had a pool. A large one.

Sam laid the book face down and went over and opened the door. Everything he saw made him grumble. Dean. Black swim trunks. Hmph.

Dean was goofing off. Sam was busting his nuts researching.

Sam's right eyebrow started to twitch.

One more to go.