Special thanks to Kathleen, for being an awesome beta and suggesting the title

Ezra had barely entered the saloon mid-morning when he noticed Vin and JD sitting together at a table. Well, it was hard not to notice with JD gesturing violently for him to join them.

Surprised at the realization he actually wanted to join them, he crossed the room with a practiced air of indifference. "Are you being attacked by an imaginary swarm of bees or is this your version of an invitation?"

JD pulled out a chair. "You've got to hear this, Ez. Vin says someone got the draw on Chris!"

"What? Was he injured?"

Vin leaned back in his chair. "Nah, nothin' permanent. He's cleanin' up in the bath house."

"Cleaning up? What in the world happened? I thought you two were completing a simple errand for the Judge."

"Yep, picked up some papers in Eagle Bend." Vin nodded his thanks to Inez, who placed a mug of beer, a mug of milk, and a shot of whiskey on the table. Each man grabbed his drink of choice.

"So what happened?" JD insisted, wiping his milk moustache away with his sleeve.

"Ya know, kid, if I wasn't there, I would never believed it. It came outta nowhere. No warnin', nothin'." Vin stopped and took a long swig of his beer.

Now Ezra was intrigued. "When and where did this calamity occur?"

"Early this morning, a couple of miles outside of town. We were just mindin' our own business when it happened. I've never seen anythin' like it before and doubt I'll ever see somethin' like that again."

Ezra hid his smile behind his glass. He never knew that Vin was such a skillful storyteller. He had JD on the edge of his seat. Hell, Ezra himself was hooked.

"Chris had just finished tellin' me a funny story about some trouble he and Buck had run into a few years back when it happened. I don't know who was more surprised, me or Chris. It happened so fast. One minute he was laughin', the next he's yelpin' and wipin' his face."

"His face? He was shot in the face?" JD gasped.

"Well, shot's not the word I'd use. But yep, that bird got him clear 'cross the face."

Ezra nearly choked on his whiskey. JD looked from Vin to Ezra, and back to Vin. "I don't understand."

"The bird relieved itself upon Mr. Larabee's face," Ezra managed to get out.

Vin watched as JD worked through what Ezra meant. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. JD sputtered, "You mean, a bird . . . on his face . . . it sh . . ."

"Sure did," Vin cut in quickly. "Mighty fine aim, too. And it seems that this bird was ailin' a bit."

JD jumped up. "I've got to tell Buck! He'll never believe it!"

Vin winked at Ezra. "Just tell him a little birdie told ya!"

Unfortunately, this is based on a personal traumatic experience that my family loves to bring up and torture me with!