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Chapter One: The Arrival and Introductions

Zidane Tribal could die a happy man (well technically genome) right now. He could honestly and easily die an extremely happy man.

Here at their Dissidia hangout were girls. Hot girls. Extremely hot girls. Six extremely hot girls. Okay – sure, they weren't here for him, but still…they were here.

"Hello ladies," he said as smoothly as possible. "My name is Zidane Tribal, one of Cosmos' chosen warriors. Welcome to Dissidia. May I get the names of you lovely ladies?"

"I'm Maria," the young woman with long, wavy violet hair said with a smile. A bow sat slung behind her back. "Aren't you cute?"

"Hello, oh beautiful Maria," Zidane said gracefully. Cute? Zidane had definitely not been aiming for cute. More along the lines of sexy and sophisticated. Oh well. Cute still meant that she liked him.

"I'm Rosa, and this," the blond woman said, indicating the bundle in her arms, "is Ceodore."

She has a baby…which means she has a husband. Zidane's disappointment lasted only a second. It was probably a good thing she was clearly taken. He did not want one of his fellow Cosmos Warriors killing him for flirting with this woman. Besides, she was a bit older than him.

"He's so adorable," the five other girls cooed, surrounding the baby.

I'm adorable too, Zidane thought, tail twitching back and forth in agitation. Finally the girls turned their attention back to him.

"I'm Lenna," a girl with pinkish orange hair said.

"Hello, lovely Len…"

"Lenna!" an energetic voice exclaimed, as a blur pushed past the genome. "You came!"

"Of course I came," the girl replied. "I wanted to see you."

The blur was none other than Zidane's partner-in-crime, Bartz Klauser. He embraced her gently, sending Zidane a pointed look that said "Mine."

Zidane shrugged in return, looking at the remaining three women. Four out of six was not so bad. At least none of the other four had boyfriends…rather, they did not obviously have boyfriends. Therefore they were fair game.

"I'm Tifa," the young woman with dark hair and reddish brown eyes said. Zidane definitely appreciated her…aspects.

"I'm Rinoa," the woman with dark hair and eyes said. The name rang a bell somewhere in the back of his head. He had heard that name somewhere…but where?

"Hello, Rinoa and Tifa. You don't happen to be sisters, do you? Because you look a lot alike. You're both equally beautiful." Actually they looked a little like Dagger. A strange feeling coursed through his body at the thought of his girlfriend, the Queen of Alexandria, but he pressed the feeling aside. Since he could not identify it, it must not be very important.

"Actually, we're both from totally different worlds," Rinoa said with a laugh. "But I suppose we do look a lot like sisters."

"We just met a few minutes ago," Tifa added.

"And I'm Yuna," the last girl with heterochromatic eyes said.

"Hello, Yuna," Zidane said, bowing elegantly. His tail wagged back and forth unconsciously. So many pretty, single girls. (Okay, he was not sure if they were single, but still…for now he considered them single.) "Would you lovely ladies like a tour of our little hangout?"

"If Cosmos' residence is little, I'd like to see what you call big," Bartz muttered. "Hey Zidane, isn't Garnet coming later?"

"Yeah," Zidane muttered quickly, "but she had some business in Alexandria to attend to first." That strange feeling soared through him again. "I feel weird once you mentioned her."

Bartz smirked. "That my friend is called guilt. It's this nagging little emotion that will get inside you and literally tear you into a thousand writhing pieces."

"Like when you said Faris was prettier than me?" Lenna demanded indignantly.

Bartz writhed under Lenna's intense gaze. "…No one's prettier than you. What are you talking about?"

"I know what guilt is," Zidane said. "But that can't be it because I have nothing to be guilty of." He turned his attention back to the ladies following him. "The building looks impressive on the outside, just like you all. Cosmos is really classy when it comes to decorating tastes. I'd show you all the bedrooms, but mine is a mess, and I'm sure everyone else's is also. I'd hate for such lovely ladies to see such mess."

"Try cheating on your girlfriend," Bartz muttered.

"I'm not cheating on Dagger!" Zidane exclaimed.

"You're flirting with all the girls here."

"Yeah, but that's not cheating."

"I call it cheating," Maria muttered.

"Besides, I haven't exactly flirted with every girl here." He opened the front door, motioning the girls inside with an elegant bow. "This is our front entryway. We just use it to collect mail and stuff. We actually rarely use this as the entrance."

"And just beyond this hallway is the kitchen," Zidane said. "That's where I spend most of my time."

"No, you spend most of your time wooing Terra," Bartz muttered.

Zidane glared at Bartz as he entered the kitchen. "Hey Warrior! Everyone, this is the Warrior of Light. He's like a legend here."

"Hello," the Warrior of Light said, addressing all the women. "I hope Zidane has not been too much of a flirt with you."

"A bit," Tifa said, "but he was very nice to offer to show us around."

"How long has the sub been in the fridge?" a voice asked.

"Cloud's sub?" the Warrior of Light asked.


"Only half a day, but I wouldn't touch it, Cecil."

"I'm not going to eat it. It looks moldy-ish, that's why," Cecil replied.

"Well Tidus was complaining that Shantotto magicked half the food in the refrigerator," the Warrior of Light responded.

"Tidus exaggerates everything," another voice commented, as a youth with silver hair under an orange turban entered the room. "Hello Maria, when did you get here?"

"Oh, just a few minutes ago," the archer replied. "Zidane has been showing us around."

"Then he probably hit on every single one of you," Firion replied with a sigh.

"I'm not that bad," Zidane said. "So is Maria your girlfriend?"

Both Firion and Maria blushed. "Actually, we're just close friends," Firion muttered.

"Oh," Zidane said. "Well in that case…" He slid over toward Maria only to be whacked on the head by Firion as the weapons master placed himself between Maria and the genome. "What was that for?"

"Don't you have a girlfriend?" Firion growled.

"Well yes…" Zidane muttered. "Great, I feel all weirdish again."

"That's probably guilt," Firion said. "Girls will use it against you. Trust me, I know."

"Well you did forget my sixth birthday," Maria muttered.

"I was only six," Firion protested.

"All my six-year-old hopes and dreams just flew out the window," Maria said.

"I said I was sorry like sixty times," Firion said.

Rosa cleared her throat rather loudly. Cecil looked up quickly. "Oh, Rosa!" he exclaimed. "I'm so sorry I didn't notice you. I was looking for something safe to eat, but that's not really an excuse is it?"

"No, it isn't," Rosa said. She walked over to Cecil. "How have you been?" she asked.

"Fine," Cecil replied. "How's Ceodore?"

"Great," Rosa replied. "He took the journey rather well." She handed their son to Cecil, who cradled him in his arms.

"Firion, Warrior of Light, this is my wife Rosa and our son Ceodore," Cecil said.

"It is a pleasure to meet you," the Warrior of Light said.

"Don't tell me you believe Tidus about Shantotto messing with the food," Firion muttered. "He always exaggerates everything."

"That's my boyfriend you're talking about," Yuna said heatedly.

"Sorry," Firion quickly muttered, "but he is a bit of a drama queen…king."


"Most of the stuff in here looks off," Cecil replied, indicating the fridge.

"I'll show you," Firion said. He pulled out a container holding leftover fried chicken. "This stuff is fine. See." He pulled the lid off. Immediately, the food contents growled rather angrily. Firion quickly slammed the lid back down on the container after a stunned second, tossing it back into the fridge. "Let's just leave the stuff in the refrigerator alone," he muttered.

"Agreed," Cecil and the Warrior of Light said.

"So how'd your match with Cloud, Squall, and Tidus go?" the Warrior of Light asked.

"Horrible," Firion replied. "Tidus totally creamed me. I may have a slight edge in regular sparring matches, but when it comes to video games, Tidus pwns."

"Where is Cloud?" Tifa asked.

"Yes!" came the energetic reply from another room. "The almighty Cloud has been defeated. Looks like you're the last one standing, Squall."

"That sounded like Tidus," Yuna muttered.

"That was Tidus," Firion replied. "He, Cloud, and Squall are in the lounge. Come on, I'll show you."

Cloud, Tidus, and Squall were all seated on a sofa in the lounge, playing some fighting game. A controller sat untouched on Cloud's last due to the fact that he had just lost his last life.

"I believe our guests are here," the Warrior of Light announced calmly.

Tidus glanced over his shoulder, forgetting to pause the game. "Hey Yuna!" he exclaimed. "When did you get here?"

"A few minutes ago," the girl replied with a smile.

"Well I'm glad…hey!" Tidus turned to glare at Squall – who had killed him while he was distracted. "That's not fair. Do I kill you when you're distracted?"

"Yes," Squall replied coldly. "Besides, it's just strategy."

"But our resident blitzball player has a point," Cloud observed. "That was cheap."

"Oh, I don't deny that it's cheap," Squall said. "I just believe it also counts as strategy."

Zidane and Bartz exchanged a conspiratorial glance before exclaiming, "Squall!"

Squall cursed, jerking Cloud and Tidus in front of him to act as a shield. However, the two simply ran around the blonds to tackle Squall to the ground. "Get off me!" he exclaimed.

Rinoa burst out laughing at the sight of Squall on the ground. He glared up at her. "I'm glad one of us finds this funny," he commented dryly.

"I'm sorry," Rinoa gasped, wiping tears from her eyes. "But you should have seen your face. It looked something like this." She made a face halfway between horror and annoyance; it mirrored the expression Squall had when Zidane and Bartz had screamed his name.

"Impressive," Cloud muttered.

"Do his thinking face," Bartz said.

Rinoa frowned slightly, perfectly imitating a brooding Squall. "Yes!" Bartz exclaimed. "You have awesome Squall-imitation skills."

"Well I've been told so before," Rinoa said.

"Well that's…"

"Get off!" Squall snapped at Zidane and Bartz, who were still on top of him. The two scurried off him as he rose to his feet. "What were you two doing?" he asked.

"Giving all these pretty ladies a tour," Zidane said. "If a group of hot girls shows up, I'm gonna spend time with them."

"Don't you have a girlfriend?" Squall asked.

"Well yes," Zidane admitted. "Funny, I feel weird now."

"That's called guilt," Squall explained. "Girls use it to dig under your skin and make you feel like a worthless piece of trash."

"I've got nothing to be guilty of," Zidane replied.

"How about cheating on your girlfriend?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That's taking it to an extreme. I am not cheating on Dagger."

Squall just shook his head and walked over to Rinoa. "So how have you been?" he asked.

"Good," she hummed, smiling. "I missed you."

Squall started to smile (catching everyone's attention). However, before he could say anything, Zidane butted in between them. "How did you do that?" he asked Rinoa.

"Do what?" she replied.

"Make him smile!" Zidane turned to face Squall. "How can she make you smile? Bartz and I have been trying everything for the past three weeks to get you to smile."

"I don't think hanging me upside down from a tree is going to make me smile," Squall retorted.

"I thought it was funny," Bartz replied. "Even Cloud laughed."

"The kid's got a point," Cloud commented. "That was hysterical."

"You wouldn't have found it funny if you were the one in the tree," Squall said.


"Still," Zidane said. "Who is she and what makes her so special?"

"She's my girlfriend," Squall replied.

"Well I guess that…so this means you're not gay?"

"What!" Squall exclaimed, furious. "Where did that come from?"

"I honestly figured you were gay. Bartz and I even made a bet…I lost."

"Don't drag me into this," Bartz warned.

"Zidane," Squall growled.

Zidane backed away from the gunbladesman nervously. "Well, I didn't mean anything by it." He suddenly turned to face Bartz. "Does that mean Cloud's not gay either?"

Cloud twitched, but regained his composure. "Squall that's no reason to kill them…wait. Define: you thought we were gay. Did you think we were both just gay or did you think we were gay with each other? Because, there is a huge difference in those two statements, and one will end up with you very dead."

Zidane swallowed nervously. "Like I said, I didn't really mean anything by that statement." Glancing nervously between the two men approaching him menacingly, Zidane quickly scurried up to the ceiling, hanging from one of the overhead beams by his tail.

"Zidane, get down here," Cloud ordered.

"Are you gonna hurt me?"


"Then, I'm staying nice and safe up here."

"Cloud, just let it slide," Tifa said, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"She your girlfriend?" Zidane asked.

"Yes," Cloud said tersely. "Don't you have one?"

"Well yes…there's that weird feeling again."

"Then why are you eying mine? And that feeling is guilt."

Tifa just laughed, shaking her head as she directed Cloud to one of the couches. "Cloud, you are so paranoid. By the way, everyone, I'm Tifa Lockhart."

The front doorbell rang. "I bet that's Garnet!" Zidane exclaimed, propelling himself to the floor. "You guys can start the introductions while I get the door since all these lovely ladies know who I am." With that, he rushed out of the room before Cloud or Squall could get him.

He rushed to the front door, flinging it open. "Garnet!" His excited face fell when he saw who it was. "You aren't Garnet."

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