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Slow Fade

He was her first love. Sora, her older, loving brother. She had loved him with as much love as a little girl could ever muster. He took care of her when her parents wouldn't, he fed her, bathed her, dressed her, and gave her as mush love as she gave him. She would never ever need another as long as she had her loving older brother. That was until he was taken away on that fateful day. She had never been so heart broken in all her life. When her parents had rejected her, it had not been near as painful as when cruel fate took Sora away.

She lost her best friend that day, but a small ray of hope appeared on the horizon of her shattered world. Ichigo. He was at the hospital the day of the accident. He was about her age. She didn't know what it was, but she liked this boy. Maybe it was his bright orange hair, his warm smile, or those kind eyes of his. All she knew was that she had lost her first love that day, but had just as quickly gained another.

She loved Ichigo, that much was true. She loved his orange hair, his overwhelmingly kind heart, his gentle eyes, his smile that could make her melt in a heart beat, and his determination. Ichigo never gave up on anything, especially when things got hard. There wasn't a thing about Ichigo that she didn't love. He was the only man that she was ever going to love. She had given him her whole heart, and hoped that he would one day return the affection that she had given him. She would had silently vowed that she would do everything she could to keep that smile on Ichigo's face. She had hoped that Ichigo would invite her to go out with him sometime, and constantly fantasized the scenario of him sweeping her off her feet and taking her on top of a nearby hill to star gaze the night away. That was until Rukia showed up.

Rukia was a nice girl. She was very pretty, and very straight forward about everything. She liked Rukia, but the problem was, Ichigo did too. She tried to dismiss it as Ichigo just being friendly, but she was just fooling herself. Ichigo loved Rukia. She could see it in his eyes as he gazed at Rukia across the room. She couldn't take it anymore. Why was this happening to her? She could feel her heart being forcefully ripped from her chest as she watched Ichigo interact with Rukia. What had she done wrong? What was wrong with her? Was she not good enough for Ichigo? She felt sick to her stomach. She couldn't stand watching the two of them anymore. Ichigo was her love, not Rukia. She had loved him long before Rukia had ever shown up. She stopped in her tracts. What was she thinking? She shouldn't be thinking such thoughts. She loved Ichigo, and that meant she would just have to let him go. The though sickened her ever more. Let go of Ichigo? She couldn't bring herself to do such a thing. But then she remember her vow. She had promised to keep Ichigo happy as best that she could. She cried, defeated. If she really wanted Ichigo to be happy, then she would let him be happy with Rukia. She felt empty. This feeling was similar to when Sora had died. The difference was there was nobody here to comfort her, no sweet orange haired angel to offer her sanctuary. Just her and her broken heart. She realized that eventually her heart hearts would heal over, but it would never be the same. It would always be tender, always reminding her of what she has lost. But for now she would just have to settle for staying in the background. Observing Ichigo's happiness, while slowly fading away from the inside out.

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